did you


I wanted to do a quick outfit photo session before my husband and I went on a lunch date. We were driving to our favorite desert spot for pictures. It is easy. Secluded. Private.

But halfway there, we drove by an orange grove and some interesting graffiti was spotted on a fence surrounding some equipment.

As someone who took two college philosophy courses, I was intrigued with the message.

“did you?” That is all that it said. I admire the choice of lower case letters. It was not aggressive in its innocence. Lower case letters never are. It was simply curious.


As a lover of the obscure, I admired the simple, but deep, question. There are many, many ways you could take the message:

Did you find the pumpkin I buried thirteen paces to the left?

Did you call the police when you saw me graffiti this sign?

Did you regret not getting on that plane to New Orleans?


I went for a more shallow approach, myself. This is a fashion post, after all…


Did you…remember to smile?


Did you…brush your hair? I’m guessing… No.


Did you…drop something?


Did you…get deodorant on your shirt?


Did you…wear too long of a skirt?

Or did you…wear too short of a shoe?

Either way, just tie that baby up.


Did you…wait for a sale price on this skirt for almost two years?


Did you…tuck your pajama shirt into your skirt and hope no one would notice?

Did you…wear it to bed again that night?


Did you…wear this outfit to the chiropractor’s office and then remember too late that you had not shaved your legs in over a week?


Did you…decide to have fun despite all of those things? Well, did you?

In the words of the great philosopher, Aristotle, “Happiness depends upon ourselves.”

Or in the words of Jenni, “Yep.”

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It’s The Little Things: Vintage Folk Belt


When I saw that Modcloth’s next vintage line was going to consist of bohemian pieces, my heart sang. And my stomach sank. Because I was all ready over my monthly clothing budget. Besides, I thought, what are the odds I will get the one piece I want in the collection?

I had wanted a beautiful black maxi skirt with rainbow patches on the bottom.

Their vintage pieces generally sell out lightning fast. They price them very affordably.

And so I stalked the website. Maybe hoping that my odds would be slightly higher than I had thought they would be.

Then I moved on, because I thought my piece had sold out.

One morning last week, just as I was about to go get ready, a banner slid across the screen of my iPad. It said something like, “Earlier access to our vintage bohemian line.”

I jumped over to the Modcloth App. And there was my skirt. Not sold out. I added it to my cart as quickly as I could, not noting measurements or sizing. I just wanted to realize the dream. Being vintage, there was only one of each item being sold.

But there was something else, too. Something I hadn’t counted on.

A vintage belt.

But not just any vintage belt.

A vintage folk belt.

And anything with the word folk in it is automatically better. Isn’t that right folks?

I added it to my cart. Placed my order. And tried not to feel guilty.


It came. And I love it. As my daughter said when she finally saw what I was wearing, “Gurl. That. Is. The. Best. Belt. Ever.”

When I told her it ties in the back and therefore will fit her, too, the grin increased.


I wore it on Saint Patrick’s Day. It arrived right before my husband and I were going out for lunch.

And I love it.



And I love making funny faces whilst wearing it.

I think I am confusing the word folk with dork.


Because it is a fun belt and I like to be a fun gal.

It’s the little things: little accessories that make the whole day better.

Do you have an accessory like that? Any vintage pieces that make your heart sing?

It’s quite all right if you don’t.

Different strokes for different folks.

And all that jazz.

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Pistachio Pudding Pie


This green pie is perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day. Or any other day without a saint in it. And you just want to have a creamy green pie.

As you are wont to do.

But here is where I lose you. I don’t really like nuts. I will eat peanuts. Plain. Salted. By themselves. But I do not want or like them in any of my food. I do not like the unexpected crunch and/or texture. Well, besides a Snickers bar. But Snickers is a perfection above all mundane rules.

If you are a child, like myself, keep reading for a sweet dessert using easy ingredients…

I love pistachio ice cream. And gelato. Or at least I thought I did, except my heart would sob whenever I tried a new brand of pistachio ice cream. I would lift the lid. And see… Beige?! No. No. No. I want the artificial green stuff, please. You can keep your organic, all na-tur-aaaal. Give me dye. Give me sugar.

Give me fake.

I discovered Jello’s Pistachio Instant Pudding the other day ( um, Wha..?!). Upon immediately dumping four boxes into my cart, I stood in the aisle-of-all-that-makes-life-worth-living, contemplating how many more I needed to hoard for my new collection. What if they stop making this? I just discovered it. What if because I hadn’t been purchasing it, they think nobody wants it? How could I go on? But my husband interrupted my panic by asking, “Don’t you think that’s enough?”

“Oh. For tonight? Yea, that should be plenty.” I rushed home and read the back of the package.

“Pistachio Pudding Pie.”

Let me repeat.

“Pistachio Pudding Pie.”

The most perfect three words I had ever read.

I read the list of ingredients as quickly as I could. And, miracle of miracles, I had them all.



3.4 oz. package Jello Pistachio Instant Pudding
premade graham cracker crust
1 and 3/4 cup whole milk
8 oz. tub of cool whip (or similar nondairy whipped cream)

First, I strained all of the disgusting bits from the pudding. AKA nuts.

I did this three times, because I wanted my pudding as smooth as possible.

I made the pudding according to the directions on the package. Essentially it is as easy as beating the milk and pudding mix for two minutes.

I slopped it into a pre-made graham cracker pie shell.

I put it in the refrigerator and patiently waited three hours for it to set.


Huh? What? Who are we kidding? Remember, we have all ready tested my patience for food before during my chocolate pie experience. It allows for thirteen minutes. At thirteen minutes I frantically grabbed a spoon from the drawer. And I skimmed the side of the pie with it. And my thighs wept. No, wait, that sounds gross. And my soul sang. And my thighs secretly rippled with excitement. Or they just rippled, ’cause that is their way…maybe pie is an excellent not such a good idea afterall.


Then I topped it with cool whip, covered it and reluctantly placed it back into the refrigerator.

I made this again a few weeks ago and doubled the amount of pistaccio pudding. I could do this, because I finally had hoarded enough pudding to the point I felt safe using some. I did this slowly over time, when my husband wasn’t with me and have packed the boxes into our pantry hidden from any pantry raiders that might come (or my husband who might commit me). In fact, I am rich in the stuff. So, I was all, two packages? Make it rain. Only instead of making it rain green paper, I let green powder rain into a bowl. I am frivolous like that. But I really liked the doubled recipe. If you are feeling super fancy when you make this, I would double the pudding packages. If you do this, you need to increase your milk to 2 and 3/4 cups. And follow the recipe above.

Have you made this? Do you like artificial green pistachio products or the real pistachio products? There’s no judgement here. I’m just sayin’ if you want some boxes, I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a girl who can get you some. I heard that some crazy lady is buying them all, so they might be running out.

But that’s just a rumor.

I’m sure.


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