Anthropologie Summer Reviews

I was in San Diego the other day and somehow I was able to convince my husband that I needed to go to Anthropologie. Not wanted but needed. So he took me. And I went.

And I tried some stuff on. Not all of the stuff, but a lot of the stuff. Enough of the stuff.

I even broke my word and bought a stuff.

It was an accident.

It tricked my sale-only-heart with its full-priced-gleaming-only-one-left-in-my-size-and-I-shall-perish-if-it-is-not-in-my-closet-sheen.

I think next time I shall bring sunglasses.

That sheen is tricky stuff.

I need immunity.

Is there a hidden idol for that? Best look in these clothes to see if it’s there:


First, what did I wear? It is the Talisman Peasant Dress I bought on sale with my birthday discount and a gift card.

It is easy.

And I like that. Especially when I am leaving the house at six in the morning.

Of course after I left Anthropologie and my son and husband picked me up, my son looked me up and down and said, “Have you been wearing that all day?”

“Um, yes,” I said. “And yesterday.” TMI?

“Oh. I thought maybe you accidentally stole it.”


Then I remembered the conversation we had the day before when the two ladies at the shoe store were distraught over a shoe box that someone had switched their old shoes in for the new pair.

But I had to ask him, “You don’t think I would do that, do you?”

“No. But I can see you accidentally doing that.”



First I tried on the most gorgeous dress. It is the Azure Lace Dress. I have had my eye on this dress for awhile. I love the color.

Love it.

This is the dress my husband liked the best out of all of the things I tried on.

Of course, I am waiting for sale and I also have the size six petite in my wishlist for a bit of a shorter cut after I saw this blogger wear it that way. I think it is genius. The picture above is a regular size six.


Then I tried on a dress the salesgirl put in my dressing room. It was my size and I loved the color, so I figured, why not? I did not try the other neon green dress she left.

I really liked the Azalea Stitched Dress. Not enough to purchase it, because it was not completely “me,” but enough that I did caress it a bit in the dressing room.

What? You know you do it, too.



Then I tried on the prettiest dress called the Nanda Maxi Dress. I adored it (a nicer way of saying I caressed it, too… I might have a problem). It still cost a little too much for me, because it is sleeveless and the top does not quite sit right. But it did get added to my wishlist. I am wearing a size small. The Suzani pattern inspiration is gorgeous.


I admired the color of The Rokin Dress online and it did not disappoint in real life.


I will say if you are busty or hippy you might want to size up. I am wearing an 8 in these pictures. It is a sturdy dress and I love the pattern. The bodice is a bit odd as shown in the previous picture.


I really like it paired with a Pilcro Denim Jacket. I am wearing a medium and it is the size I would purchase.


I gladly put on the Solana Swing Dress that I have admired for over a month and the only disappointing thing about it was the price.

Because of its simplicity I would need it at a reduced price. I am wearing a medium and I like the oversize look.


I especially like it with a denim jacket (same Pilcro Denim Jacket from above).


I also tried the jacket on with the gorgeous Petaluma Skirt, because it was on the last chance rack and it happened to be my size (small), but I did not bring a top in to try with it.

This skirt is so pretty. I had kind of yawned at its appearance online (I know! How rude!). I thought it would be just like all of the other feminine tulle skirts out there.

But it is not tulle.

And it is a-mazing in person.

I drooled over it. I do not think it is quite me, but romantic feminine stylists will love it. I can see both Deniz from Dressed Up Deniz and Liz from With Wonder And Whimsy styling this skirt with grace.

A surprising 10 out of 10.

I might have to have it one day.


It had to happen.

One moment I am posing in a ladylike skirt.

And the next moment, I get so hot and sweaty I refuse. Refuse. To put on pants.

Never mind.

No one will know.


I’ll just take pictures like this.

Tricked you, didn’t I? Not.

Yes, I am so stealthy with these awful closeup shots of this beautiful Prateria Top.

I all ready own a very similar top, ahem, called the Frangipani Top (link goes to my post styling it). It is in my wishlist. I can be patient.

For information’s sake, I am wearing a six and wishlisted an 8. I have large arms and I found the sleeves to be tight in my regular size. It is a beautiful top.

However for just a little more, you can get the dress version.


“All right. All right. All right,” said in my best Matthew McConaughey impression.

This dress is a swing dress. It is going to, hmmm, what is the word I am thinking of… Oh, yes, swing away from your body. It is not meant to be figure hugging. It is not that kind of dress. It is supposed to have a balloon shape. And it has to have tight arms and be short to offset the fabric and show a hint of a figure. I also happen to know you can drink half of a bottle of wine, and eat a quarter pound of pasta salad and two slices of pizza and still look exactly the same before and after that little bit of gluttony.

And that is All right.

This is the dress. The one I could not leave without. It is called the Inez Swing Dress. The one that made me break my sale-only rule just days after posting I had a sale-only rule. It is my only purchase of the month at Anthropologie that cost more than $9.95.

You can’t help who what you fall in love with.


I knew this dress had to be mine. I was having a low self esteem day. This dress made me feel better.

It also brought back memories.


Who can put a price on those?


I am not ruthless enough to turn my back on a dress formed of memories.

I took an eight in it to accommodate my arms. The same arms that hugged this dress all of the way home.

Have you tried on anything lately? Do you ever succumb to temptation simply based on what the item of clothing reminds you of? I guess Sophmore year of high school needed to be reminisced, because it cost me one full priced dress.

I suppose that is better than a letterman’s jacket.

Or the boy twenty two years before who did not appreciate the dress from the past.

Silly Sophmore.

Patches are sexy.

P.S. In June, I posted early summer reviews, in case you missed them.

40 thoughts on “Anthropologie Summer Reviews

  1. I just wishlisted the Rokin Dress and the Solana Swing Dress. thank you!!! you look good in every dresses you tried on!!
    I’ve been eyeing on the Inez Swing Dress too! it’s so you!! and I totally understand you had to buy it!!! I still haven’t tried it yet because I know I’ll want it…. but.. um.. maybe I have to!? lol
    Next time, I’ll try it on……………….. wish me luck!

    • Thank you Keiko! I almost wish I had not tried anything on because I liked everything. I have all ready worn the Inez Swing Dress twice so it will be something I get a lot of use out of. You look good in everything! I am loving those maxis on you.

      Have a great day!


  2. Oh you SO made the right choice! This is by far my favourite of everything you tried on. I’m surprised your name isn’t sew into a tag on the back of this already. “The Jenni Swing Dress…a colourful patchwork reminder of the memories that made you.”


    • Awwww. Thank you Suzanne. I love that dress. I can usually resist most things, but the store only had two left and they were not on display. They had them in the back. And they happened to be in the sizes I needed to try. I figured it was meant to be.

      Are you back? Going to head over when I get home from picking up kids to read your blog. I hope you had fun!

      Have a lovely day!


  3. I KNEW when I saw the Inez Swing Dress hanging in the group of ones to try on – it was “the one”! From what I know of your style, it is screaming “you”! I’ve been “hemmin’ and hawin'” about it myself; now seeing it on you, think I may just have to “swing” by Anthro this weekend and check it out!

    • Ha! I love that you knew! And thank you so much. I am sitting here writing you with the biggest grin on my face. Let me know what you think about it if you do try it on this weekend. It has mixed reviews online so I am curious. : )

      Have a terrific day!


    • Thank you! I appreciate that. You are always so positive. I really like your attitude on your blog, too. Sunny.

      I hope your first week back to school is fantastic!


    • Thank you Heather! That one suzani style dress has rave reviews from expecting moms. I thought of you when I tried it on.

      Have a super day!


  4. I am so glad that you got to go! I was actually able to go to Anthro (alone!) last friday and tried on a few dresses that I just LOVED. I couldn’t take them home, but, man, they tempted me so. I saw the dress you bought and thought of you…it looks fantastic on you.
    Thanks for the reviews. I always love seeing them. You always find stuff I haven’t seen before.

    • Thank you so much Alicia. I wish I had your discipline. I had actually been hoping they would not have the dress when I got there, but then they pulled it from the back when I asked. I was doomed from that moment on. : )

      I hope you are having a wonderful day!


    • Thank you Alice! I appreciate that. It is nerve racking when the camera clicks and you hope no one heard you taking pictures in the fitting room. ; )

      Have a fun Friday!


  5. Was in Anthro recently and saw this dress and immediately thought of you! Looks wonderful on and glad you were able to take it home. Also loved the first dress you tried as well. You definitely need to purchase it. I was quite good when i was in Anthro and only purchased a small travel sized bottle of my favorite Royal Apothic Noble Carnation perfume. Guess I was just not in much of a clothes shopping mood that day.

    • Oh, I wish I was as good as you. I am in those moods sometimes, too. Which is a good thing. : ). That is so sweet of you to think of me with that dress. And you were right! I just love it so much. In fact, I hope to wear it on Tuesday again (I am hoping for casual loungewear all weekend!). I hope I can get that blue dress at a discount one day. My husband just loves it so much. It would be great for a date night. Thank you again!

      Have a happy Friday!


    • Thank you so much Kara! I was feeling so bad that day so I very much appreciate your kind words. It is so nice to hear. : )

      Have a fabulous Friday!


  6. The dress you chose looks so lovely on you, Jenni! The swingy shape and colors suit you so well. I love all dresses you picked, but this one is my favorite.

    • Thank you so much Tatiana. I think it is the year I have discovered the swing dress. It just makes me happy. I am glad you like the one I purchased. I hope to style it soon (with bunches of gnomes!). : )

      Thank you again! Have a lovely Friday!


    • Thank you so much Lucy. And I am so grateful to have found your blog. I love that dress on you. And your idea for the petite version was just so brilliant. I like that you gave your height, too. It is something I always forget to do. Thank you again! I hope to score it one day in the petite version thanks to your inspiration. : )

      Have a wonderful Friday!


  7. Oh you TOTES needed to buy that dress, it’s just YOU down to a tee! I’m sure that one will never make it to sale, anyway. 😉

    Also, your son is hilarious. Hehehehe…

    • Thank you Gwen! I adore that dress. I am terrified it will shrink or get too wrinkled. I am a terrible ironer! In fact, my sweet husband does it for me. He had to iron daily in the army, so thankfully he does not mind it. Whew!

      Oh, that kid of mine. He is such a comic. I have pages of the funny things that he says.

      Have a great day!


  8. OOHHHHH, LOVE the dress you purchased, looks great on you! Love your black lace too, perfect for anything! :). I also love the first blue one & the pink one w/ striped skirt. Every time groopdealz or jane have those full, wide striped skirts I’m tempted, but I’m tall & not sure if they’d be long enough. So I keep telling myself I’ll find one in person someday!

    • Thank you Rebecca. I can see that pink dress on you. You will definitely find a striped skirt. They seem to come out with more striped skirts towards winter. Plus, winter skirts tend to be longer so I would look then. I hope you find one!

      Have a beautiful weekend!


  9. everything is so cute! love love love the petaluma skirt paired with that denim jacket! it is really dangerous for me to look at your blog. somehow the shoes the model is wearing with the petaluma skirt are on sale, they are in my cart right now! hahaha!

    • Ha! Sorry about that. : ). I appreciate the compliment! The petaluma skirt seemed really well made, too. And the color was so pretty. I just rarely would wear it so it would not be for me unless I could get it for around $40. I am hoping to score the River Fade Dress this week. It has been full price for SO LONG! It is definitely time. Fingers crossed. Did you end up getting the shoes? I have a pair I want there, too, but I want them for less than $30 so it mignt be never.

      Have a fun weekend!


  10. I can see why you bought that dress at full price. I mean, really. You HAD to! No questions. No remorse. It’s a perfect “Jenni” dress. I myself am freaking out over the Lavendel dress. Freaking out. But where would I wear it and oh my gosh it is $228! I went to Anthro over the weekend and took some pictures to do reviews and I actually might possibly post them. The pics didn’t turn out as badly as usual. I am still trying to figure out where to position my camera. You have it nailed down! I am going to scroll up and look at you in your dress again. I just love it!

    • Thank you so much Cynthia. I can see you wearing that dress. I hope you post the reviews. I love seeing reviews. They are some of my favorites. I do not know how I take pictures. I just do it super quick because I worry they are going to hear the clicking. The San Diego store always puts me in the same dressing room and it has this red spot on the mirror that sometimes shows up in the pictures. That is kind of a bummer. But it is near a couch so my husband can give his input. Believe it or not he loves when I get new clothes.

      Have a super Saturday!


  11. Thanks for the reviews. I agree with your decision on the swing dress. It was clearly meant for you, and even if you’re paying full price, I think it’s worth it if you know you’ll be wearing it lots.

    I think everything you tried on looks great. Added the Azure lace dress to my wishlist…

    • Thank you Liana. I love that dress. I still have not styled it for a picture. I am so behind. Today I am wearing jeans and a henley top because I woke up at noon and had to rush to get to my daughter’s eye appointment. Just got home and I have to start dinner! It feels like a waste of a day.

      Have a fun evening!


  12. i’m currently in love with the azure lace dress, no i will not be pulling trigger on it anytime soon :/
    xo jac

    • I love it, too. Now the petite size is sold out in my size. : (. Maybe I will get it one day. My husband loves it.

      Have a lovely weekend!


    • Thank you Stacey! : ). I love them all. I have a bad habit of not stepping out of my comfort zone when I try stuff on, so I only try things on I love. Which I guess is good. It definitely wastes less of my time. But it also ends up with a lot of wants, too. The Petaluma would be gorgeous on you.

      Sweet dreams!


  13. I actually LOVED you in the Petaluma Skirt!!! So much so, that when I ran across thi blog post this morning when I was catching up on my reader, I tried the skirt on at Anthro today! They had to pull it out the back . . .apparently they pulled them off the floor. I’m hoping that means they will go on sale Monday. . . .because I purchased it today with my bday discount. Crossing fingers for a price adjustment, too. I am planning to wear it with a denim jacket, because I just loved the way that looked on you!

    • You are so sweet. Thank you! I am so glad you liked it and that you got it. Hmmmm. I wonder why they pulled them off the floor. That is interesting. I will have my fingers crossed for you. I am hoping the River Fade Dress will finally get cut. It seems like I have been waiting forever. I was surprised the denim jacket looked so good with it. I did not have a top to wear with it in the dressing room with me, so I threw it on. Happy accident. That skirt is so gorgeous. I am so thrilled you get to enjoy it!

      Happy Birthday! : )

      Have a lovely Sunday!


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