Oiseau Maxi Dress


I fell in love with Anthropologie’s Oiseau Maxi Dress as soon as it came out (this keeps popping back in stock. With the 25% off sale, you might be able to call and find it in a store). The bold graphic bird print reminded me of one of my favorite dresses (ironically never shown on this blog), the Indigo Shoal Dress.


However, as much as I loved the idea of it, I knew I would never wear it without having to have some sort of coverage on my arms. The straps were just too thin for my comfort level.


It finally went on sale and miraculously enough, it also happened to be during Anthropologie’s extra 20% off sale price promotion.

I swooped in and grabbed it.

The dramatic ruffled bottom was such an unexpected, sweet surprise.


Because it was September and the end of summer, I did not want to wear it with a denim jacket as I had planned. Instead I borrowed my daughter’s Forever 21 Cardigan.

One of the great things about having a teenage daughter is borrowing her stuff.

One of the not so great things? The borrowing goes both ways.


I had no idea what Oiseau meant when I purchased the dress.

Do you?

Want to take a guess?


It is French for “bird.”


I probably should have made that deduction.

What kind of birds or Oiseaus would you say these are?

I am really unsure about the answer. I just know I like them.


Do you own any animal print dresses?

I believe I own four.

I could be wrong.

Sometimes it feels as though my brain has flown the coop. It needs to come home to roost. That would make me happy as a lark.

Groan. Sorry about the idioms. I really need to quit them cold turkey.

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22 thoughts on “Oiseau Maxi Dress

  1. I’m so behind on commenting on your blog. But I read every post, I promise! Trying to get back into it!

    This dress is so pretty on you, I love the black and white and your daughter’s cardigan looks great with it! I don’t think I’d like having a teenaged daughter borrowing my clothes though.

    I have one animal print dress, it’s Anthro’s elephant print dress from a few years ago. I think it also came out in a bird print as well?

    • No worries Rachel. I promise that I know how life goes. I am a laid back girl. I am often so behind on comments. I am right there with you.

      You know the borrowing of the clothes hasn’t happened a ton (she’s a size zero. I am…not), but the borrowing of the accessories has. And the losing of my earrings!!! Sob.

      I will have to look that dress up. I do not remember the elephant one except for the Raja dress last year.

      Have a wonderful week! : )


    • Awwww. Thank you Brynne! : ). I was cooking up a storm that evening so we ran outside for a quick outfit shoot. I was so unsure how the pictures would look.

      Have a wonderful week!


    • That is so weird! It does look bruised! In two pictures. I did not even notice that. I took those pictures about two weeks ago so I keep looking at my arm but there is nothing there now. I took some cooking pictures that evening so I need to go back and look at those closely. I did not have a bruise that week (except on my leg. I ran into our wooden bench in our bedroom in the middle of the night and I have a chunk missing from the front of my leg. It has been six weeks and it still has not healed). I wonder if my bracelet was turning my wrist green? Hmmmm. Something to ponder.

      Have a happy Monday!


    • Thank you Liana. They were inherited from my husband’s father. They make me happy. Now if only our lemon tree would give us more than two lemons a year!

      Sweet dreams!


  2. Can you believe that I do not have one animal print dress? No cat dresses! I need to fix that but my problem is that I keep waiting for the perfect one to come along and it hasn’t yet. I love the bird print on that dress. So artsy. And the ruffle is adorable.

    • No. No. No. No. I cannot believe that. How do you, the queen of animal lovers, not own an animal print dress?!?! It is inconceivable. I am keeping my eyes peeled for you. I have an idea of your style so if I see something I will let you know. : )

      Have a gorgeous week!


  3. Jenni, this dress on you is the epitome of dreamy. You look gorgeous. Floaty. Totally Anthroed. I bet that cuff did turn you wrist a bit greeny. I have a few necklaces that make me look like a dirty-necked homeless woman after a sweaty day of wearing them 😉

    • Thank you, Molly! I cannot wait to pair it with a denim jacket. I have worn that bracelet so much and I never noticed it turning my wrist green but maybe the camera picked up on something I did not see. Of course I purposely wore a bracelet that turns my wrist green today. Because I love it and cannot not wear it. Necklaces would be tough! : ).

      Have a fun week!


  4. Such a whimsical, surprising print! Those sparrow print dresses are everywhere, but this is such a refreshing interpretation on “bird print.” I love that the print is oversized, too. It makes it all the more unique. This is such a great look for transitioning into fall. I really struggle with billowing, flowing silhouettes. It’s a shame because I think they look so wispy and breezy and relaxed.

    As with everything, I can do billowing and flowing but only if I belt it. And sometimes I want the free bird feeling (*chuckle*) of nothing restricting my waist, you know? Maybe I’ll make this a mission of mine this fall. I’ll try more flowing silhouettes and layers and see if I can find a way to make it work for me. I definitely have all the inspiration I need in your closet and with your outfit photos. I just need to get out of the theory phase and put things into practice!

    <3 Liz

    • Thank you, Liz! I love a loose silhouette, too. I would love to see you style a flowy look. You always think of things I would not think of so it would be great inspiration! I love that bird print. Since it looks like we won’t be getting a true winter just a late fall, I will be wearing a lot of it these next few months!

      Sweet dreams!


  5. Of course I own animal print dresses!! I have the Fetch and Frolic dress with all the dogs. Bulldog on a dress? Yes, please!!! Tried to get the cardigan that was oh-so-similar, but it sold out before my delivery. GRRRR. Also have the Native Birds dress and the Lepidoptera dress (butterflies count as animals, right?). What a fun dress this Oiseau dress is. Love the beautiful print and your styling. I always have to wear a cardigan with my skinny strap dresses too. Need to have that extra coverage to feel comfortable (and makes them work appropriate). BTW, did you see the new Emerald Garden pencil skirt? I loved the pretty painting on the front and could not resist!! I styled it with the Refined Scallops button up (old) for my work outfit today. Happy Monday!!

    • I have the cardigan but not the dress. : ). I did not realize there were bulldogs on it. Now I want to see it again. You are lucky to have it! Butterflies definitely count as animals. : ). I love the Native Bird Dress. I have the orange dog top that was out around the same time.

      And thank you so much! : )

      I looked up the Emeral Garden Skirt after this comment. LOVE! That back is so unexpected and cool. I can picture exactly what you wore. That is a fabulous outfit! So pretty. Thank you for sharing. I am envious of that look. : )

      Have a gorgeous rest of the week!


  6. Why don’t you just look boholicious with your lovely soft hair and birdie dress! I have to say, it’s your borrowed cardigan that really “makes” the look in my book… It reminds me a little bit of hemp, hehe, thus adding to the boho vibe… 😉 Ah, I remember being 15 and sharing clothes with my mother! Good times… I know I have at least two animal dresses – the Fetch and Frolic one with the dogs on, because of Victor being my Poocie (you’ve seen pictures of my wedding cake, right? Plastic rabbit and dog, because that was more fun than trying to find or make a multiracial cake topper…). And of course the bear dress that we “share”. If I own any more, they are all still packed up and I have no idea. Moving house is not for sissies! 😉

    • Thank you Gwen. I love her cardigan! It is also my size because it was the only size the store had. Score! Of course it looks much better on her.

      I have not seen pictures of your wedding cake! Now I must! That sounds amazing! I forgot about our bear dress! Whoops! Make my count five!

      I hope you get unpacked soon! : ). Have a lovely week!


  7. I never noticed that dress before! How fun. I don’t think I have any animal dresses…I have a few sweatshirt/sweaters…but don’t wear them much. My boys love it when I do though. I may need to go hunt some down:)

    • Heather from The Peacock Fairy wrote about her son loving her fish dress on her blog. I bet your sons would love animal dresses on you, too. My kids never pay attention to what I am wearing. I think they are just happy that I am wearing clothes. : )

      Have a fun Friday!


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