Pretty Pleats With A Necklace On Top


Way back in the peak of summer I fell in love with The Solana Swing Dress from Anthropologie. I reviewed it here. But I vowed to wait for a good sale price. I very much wanted both colors it came in: grey and pink. I liked the pleats. I liked the swing shape. I knew it was a dress that I could carry into all seasons.


It finally went down to less than $30 during a recent sale. And so I scooped up both colors, and happily awaited their arrival. I even took pictures in one of them while I was extremely sick (still am. I don’t know what to do about this illness) so I could show the dress while it is still available. This dress escorted me to the doctor’s. It is a keeper. Here is the deal, though…


In the reviews, two separate people stated getting any sort of water upon the dress resulted in a permanent loss of the beautiful pleats. I am terrified of even brushing up against the sink in this or going near Ollie, the drool monster. I will try dry cleaning, but I also worry they will want to iron it or steam iron it. Therefore, it may never, ever, ever get washed. That’s not too gross, right?


I ordered both dresses in a size medium, but the pink dress is noticeably longer.


I decided to pair the grey dress with a white long sleeve shirt and wear it more as a jumper with tights.


We took the dogs for a drive and I decided to pose with Murphy.


I initially wore my hair in a new ponytail style, but it was too windy to keep it.



Murphy was being kind of crazy, so I switched to Ollie.


But Murphy looked sad, so I decided to take them both for a walk.


This did not really help, because what they really wanted was my husband. They adore him the best. That is because he adores them the best. Funny how that works.


They finally got what they wanted. My husband is aghast that I took his picture. He doesn’t need to know I then posted it on the internet, too. Let’s just keep that between us. And, yes, I love a bearded man.


And I love a good scarf. I purchased this scarf from Anthropolgie many years ago. It has always been my favorite.


Do you “do” pleats? Do you wear long sleeves under your sleeveless dresses in the winter? What should I do about cleaning the dress? Any suggestions?

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Simply Fun Shift


I had the Salta Shirt Dress in my wishlist for a very long time (I am so sorry, it is sold out and I could not find a similar enough dress to warrant a link. I have seen this dress on eBay). It was one of the items I was waiting for a great popback price on at Anthropologie.


I finally was able to purchase it for a fantastic price and with a birthday gift card.

I was worried because it did not have the best reviews online.

The original dress had layered sleeves.


By now you may have noticed that mine does not. That is because I cut them off. I liked the dress so much more once I did. Buying it for a huge discount allowed me to see the potential in this dress.

Fashion is all about risks, after all.

For instance, once again I left the house with the back of my dress unbuttoned.

It is unfortunately becoming my signature look.


The cute embroidered fox necklace I paired with the dress was a Christmas gift from my Mother. I love it so much. Similar Animal Totem Necklaces can be found from KnitKnit on Etsy here. I love asking for jewelry from my mom, because I always think of her when I wear a piece she has gifted me.

I purchased these boots from Ross when my son was four for $13. He is 11 now. I would call them a good purchase.


Have you ever altered an item of clothing you purchased with scissors? Did it work out or were you left with a mess?

I was happy to have loved the new look of the dress.

But I will admit, I did have a nervous moment or two as the shears hit the fabric.

Thank goodness for vineyards.

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Orange and White Mini


I bought this dress a year ago. It is one of my favorites. It is one of my husband’s leasts. Or, rather, it was last year. It has grown on him and the day I wore this, he proclaimed that he liked it.


I love the vintage feel of this dress. I found some similar vintage options on Etsy here and here.

The dress is by Tracy Reese. It was called, “At Sea Mini Dress” (slightly similar Tracy Reese Dress here and Urban Outfitter’s similar fit here). I have no idea why. Well, actually I do. Did you see my creative title for this post? This dress is impossible to name. I kept trying to think of a title, “Orange… Orange… Orange?” Nothin’. So, I can see why it got a random name at production that has nothing whatsoever to do with the dress. It’s actually kinda genius and I shall be doing it more often.

Oh, that old thing? Oh, that was called. Hmmm. Let’s see, ah, yes, I remember. “See Ants Run Dress.”

Like I said. It’s fool hardy proof.


I layered the star necklace my husband had gifted me for Christmas (blue version here) with the Moon Necklace from the Etsy shop, Lunahoo.


What do you think this dress should have been called?

In writing this post, I have thought of a new one, “Orange Clover Dress.”

Isn’t that clover clever?

No? Well, how about, “Lucky Dress”?

Hear me out. It has a clover pattern and you have to be very lucky not to drop somethin’ on the day you wear this. ‘Cause bending over… It’s not an option. Plus, with the necklaces shown here, you could even exclaim, “Thank my lucky stars!” if someone catches the item you dropped for you.

Have you ever wanted something more just because of its name? I have. Many times. Modcloth does the best job with its naming. Although, Anthropologie had me with Frangipani.


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Christmas in Clothes


So, The Nutcracker? Yeah. Call me an uneducated ditzy fool, but ??? I guess I was completely oblivious to the fact that ballets have NO TALKING in them!!!

“Hi. I’m Jenni. I can’t sit through two hours of nobody talking.”

I am a three year old.

This is payback for all of those times my children would not stop talking and we would play the “silent game.”

Those ballerinas were all, “Silent game this!”

Only without actually saying that.

Okay. Okay. It wasn’t completely silent. There was a live orchestra which was fabulous. I love an orchestra. I took my son down to the pit to watch them set up. That was my favorite part. And his, too.

I have taken my children to musicals all of their lives. I guess I just was not prepared for the ballet. This is odd, because my mother has been dancing since she was a child. Pointe and everything. Heck, I even took consistent classes for eight years (don’t look so shocked). My mother has since moved on to hip hop, but ballet has always been a part of my life. Of course, I had not gone to see it since I was a little girl.

There were parts of it that were incredible. So gorgeous and pretty. Truly breathtaking. It is amazing what some talented people can do with their bodies.

But in the future I will know.

I am too immature to go.


And yes, I am a total fraud in my ballerina dress (also worn here).

Silently sobbing.


This was what I was going to wear to the ballet.


I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that almost every single person was dressed up for the ballet. This is such a big difference from going to a play on Broadway, where only half of the people are in evening attire. This was my other favorite thing about the ballet. The ambience and the outfits.

Only I did not wear this to the ballet.

I wore this on Christmas Eve to host my family. Except, I was cooking all day, and I forgot to take my apron off until after dinner! So, apron + boots = disheveled crazy. Kind of like this post.

The skirt is my Emeline Skirt formerly worn here. And the top is my Peony Applique Pullover, previously worn here.


Let’s sidestep chasse’ away from the hot topic of ballet and move into a topic I am much more comfortable with.


And dressing like them.


I do not know why, but this outfit does remind me a bit of the little fellows. Perhaps it is the cheerful colors. Perhaps it is because I am surrounded by gnomes. Perhaps it is because I had just seen The Nutcracker the night before and I was delirious.

I paired my Anthropologie Threaded Tides Dress (purchased for $10) with my red cardigan from many years ago. I remember I first bought this cardigan, because it was called Guinevere and that is one of my favorite names in the world. It is like “Jennifer” (derived from Guinevere) only more pleasant to say in a lilting way.


The belt is a recent clearance purchase from Anthropologie called Layered Corset Belt. The boots are vintage from the flea market. The white sweater tights are from Nordstrom Rack. The earrings are from Modcloth.

What did you wear this week? Have you ever played the silent game? Are you “winning?”*

* Winning this game does not result from one being silent. Winning this game occurs the moment you convince someone else to actually play the game.

Tip: Don’t ever play against a ballerina.

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