Pretty Pleats With A Necklace On Top


Way back in the peak of summer I fell in love with The Solana Swing Dress from Anthropologie. I reviewed it here. But I vowed to wait for a good sale price. I very much wanted both colors it came in: grey and pink. I liked the pleats. I liked the swing shape. I knew it was a dress that I could carry into all seasons.


It finally went down to less than $30 during a recent sale. And so I scooped up both colors, and happily awaited their arrival. I even took pictures in one of them while I was extremely sick (still am. I don’t know what to do about this illness) so I could show the dress while it is still available. This dress escorted me to the doctor’s. It is a keeper. Here is the deal, though…


In the reviews, two separate people stated getting any sort of water upon the dress resulted in a permanent loss of the beautiful pleats. I am terrified of even brushing up against the sink in this or going near Ollie, the drool monster. I will try dry cleaning, but I also worry they will want to iron it or steam iron it. Therefore, it may never, ever, ever get washed. That’s not too gross, right?


I ordered both dresses in a size medium, but the pink dress is noticeably longer.


I decided to pair the grey dress with a white long sleeve shirt and wear it more as a jumper with tights.


We took the dogs for a drive and I decided to pose with Murphy.


I initially wore my hair in a new ponytail style, but it was too windy to keep it.



Murphy was being kind of crazy, so I switched to Ollie.


But Murphy looked sad, so I decided to take them both for a walk.


This did not really help, because what they really wanted was my husband. They adore him the best. That is because he adores them the best. Funny how that works.


They finally got what they wanted. My husband is aghast that I took his picture. He doesn’t need to know I then posted it on the internet, too. Let’s just keep that between us. And, yes, I love a bearded man.


And I love a good scarf. I purchased this scarf from Anthropolgie many years ago. It has always been my favorite.


Do you “do” pleats? Do you wear long sleeves under your sleeveless dresses in the winter? What should I do about cleaning the dress? Any suggestions?

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  1. I saw those reviews too and returned the dress because of it. I’d suggest always wearing it over top of a shirt to prevent underarm/deodorant marks and wear a bib when eating like you’re at a lobster restaurant at all times! And Febreze, or the like. It’s a little gross to think on too much, but I have several items of clothing I wash minimally or never!

    • Thank you Sara. I think that is why it reached such a good price. Nobody wants to deal with the laundering of it. I think popbacks of this dress will be laundered dresses that were ruined. I will probably just not wear the dress often. And I might try those self drycleaning bags.

      Have a fun week!


  2. What a wonderful fall outfit. Love the styling with boots, scarf, and tights. Not sure about the cleaning though. I think the cleaners might be pretty expensive because of the pleats. What about home dry cleaning? Good luck.

    • Thank you! That is probably what I will have to do. The home dry cleaning. I know the dress can be thrown on the dryer with no problems because the pink dress came with an odd smell so I threw it in the dryer to try to get it out. I couldn’t so I had to order a new one and exchange the smelly one.

      Have a great week!


  3. Awww…the pups are adorable!

    So sorry to hear you are still under the weather.

    I don’t know about the no cleaning of the dress. Seems a bit crazy they even sell a dress that can’t be laundered somehow.


    • Thank you Suzanne! I agree about the cleaning. It is a bummer. I had previously read somewhere that they test the cleaning of their clothes before they are sold to the public, but this dress must have been overlooked. Either way I love it. I just have to figure out what it wants.

      Have a lovely week!


  4. A little peek at your husband! I too love a bearded man. Apparently Suzanne does not agree with us on this. haha I was just over on her blog where she said that she prefers a clean shaven look on her man and on most men in general. Apparently the theme of men’s facial hair or lack thereof is popular on the blogosphere today!

    I think this look is positively cozy and warm and lovely. You are genius for layering the dress over a long-sleeved top. It’s a trick I’ll have to try. I’m always layering pieces over my dresses, but I have a few long-sleeved tops now. I’ll have to see what I can come up with. It’s a smart way to still showcase the bodice of the dress. Layering a cardigan or jacket over the top always ends up covering the prettiest part.

    I do hope you feel better soon! Snuggle up with your pups and a good book. That always makes me feel a bit better. That, you know, and Kyle doing all the cooking and cleaning when he gets home. That helps too.

    <3 Liz

    • Thank you Liz! I think a lot of dresses work with something layered underneath. I knew this one would work well. In fact, I honestly like it better this way to wearing it by itself.

      Ha! I wanted to represent the bearded men lovers. ; ).

      I would love for my husband to do the cleaning, but he did the dishes last night and nothing got clean, so now I am behind. It is easier for me to just do it. I hate putting clothes away but I actually love doing dishes. Weird, I know.

      I had wine for the first time in two weeks tonight. I must be feeling better. ; ). My daughter is two days ahead of me with this sickness and today she announced that she finally felt better so I am hopeful that in two days I will make the same proclamation.

      Have a fabulous Wednesday!


  5. Oh man. I never even looked at the reviews. I tried it on in store and fell in love, than snagged it for 25% off after it got marked down again. Ugg. Mine even has a few smooth spots due to being shipped and an online order. I was kinda hoping the smooth spots would just fall out. I do love your styling ideas with the under shirt. Never thought about that! I was just going to tuck it away till summer. Love it with the scarf as well.
    Well…if you figure out a good washing trick, let me know!!

    • Oh no! Well, I am glad you haven’t washed it yet! That would be so sad. I just noticed another review was posted about the pleats falling out. I hope you get some wear out of yours in the cold weather. It would be cute with a long sleeve top and super skinny jeans, too. I like that look. I will let you know if I figure out how to clean it!

      Have a super week!


  6. Hope you feel better! Loved seeing your babies. I have to watch the bulldog drool too. I look down at my pants sometimes and there are bully drool “kisses” on both legs.

    • Thank you! I felt a little better today! Yay! : ). Those bullies can move fast, too! The other day, Ollie followed me from room to room and sat next to my feet everywhere. However when I got down on the floor to give him love, he ignored me completely each time. He wanted love only on his terms!

      Have a marvelous week!


  7. feel better! love the dress with the long sleeve top and tights….I’d go with forever dry cleaning….can’t lose those pleats! how funny that your hubby doesn’t know he’s out there on the internet! he’s a sport for always taking your pix!!!

    • Thank you Melodee! I do feel a bit better today. I cannot keep a secret from my husband. I told him a few hours after I put it up. He just sighed. : ). He is a good sport! I really, really appreciate it. It does take less than five minutes to do the pictures, so that helps. But it is still probably not his most favorite thing. It’s a good thing I can cook. ; )

      Have a beautiful week!


  8. I hope you feel better soon. I hate being sick.

    My husband has a beard too. A while ago he asked me if I had a photos of him on the blog. I told him no and I think he was actually kind of disappointed.

    I love your dress. It’s so pretty, and that soft grey is one of my favourite colours. But I am sad about the issue of losing the pleats with water. One of my dog’s favourite things is to drink water (he tends to “chew” the water instead of lapping) and then he will drip water all over me.

    • Thank you Liana! I do feel better today. I hope it lasts. I have two more antibiotics to take before my dose is over. In fact, I will be taking one soon. I even hope to get to breakfast with my husband tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

      Ollie does the same thing with water! I am never letting him near this dress! Thankfully he likes to wipe his face on his girlfriend/bed.

      Sweet dreams!


  9. Oh Jenni, I hope you are better by now. Let’s see… this post was Monday and it is now Wednesday so hopefully you are doing great!
    Your pleated dress is so pretty but maybe it will be just a pretty without the pleat if they all fall out?!

    • Thank you Cynthia! I am hoping that if it ever happens it will be all right. Hopefully I never have to learn!

      I am feeling better today. Not 100%, but more like 80% myself. I will take it! I cannot wait to be 100% again! And I hope you don’t get this! It is going around here!

      Have a terrific Thursday!


  10. I hope you’re feeling better! I have also caught a bad fall cold/sinus infection and it’s no fun. I love the pics with your dogs. Also, I’m with you, I’m afraid of washing certain pieces of clothing and some never get washed. I figure, if they don’t stink, there’s no problem. If that’s disgusting, then so be it.

    • Thank you Rachel! I am so sorry that you have been sick, too. That is what I have. They think it was aflu that turned into asinus infection. Have you had the hot flashes? That is the very worst part of what I have. And the headaches. And fevers. Ugh. Being sick sucks! I hope you are feeling better!

      I don’t plan to wash it for awhile either. I will be right there with you. : )

      I hope you have an easy sick-free rest of the week!


  11. BEAUTIFUL photos of you! I love the movement, lighting and scenery of your pictures…not to mention the clothes!!

    your dogs are adorable. My dog used to love my father the best even though he hated him!

    I also love a bearded man and when he shaves it (once every three months or so) I can’t STAND IT!!!

    He also doesn’t know I post his picture on the internet!!

    Oh well.

    Thank you so much for joining the #reasonstodress linkup, it is now live for this week. Please let me know if you’d ever like to co-host as I would love to have you!

    Angie from reasons to dress

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