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We went to Comic Con on Thursday and Sunday. My brain still feels split. Into a million pieces and stamped on. So does my back. And my feet. And my heart.


Comic Com is a jolt on all of your senses. It can be pretty much whatever you make of it, but it will always be hot, smelly and crowded. There are panels to go to to hear your favorite authors, actors or actresses speak or to preview a new show coming out. Even the latest movies. Because we always go with our children, we never get to see that side of it. But in a few years we are anxiously awaiting those scenarios.

Everyone associates Comic Con with costumes. There are amazing ones and ones that make you question the wearer. I saw a girl on Sunday wearing a “dress” (more like a tank top) with no underwear. Half of her bare bottom was hanging out of her skirt. I saw a professional photographer actually get onto the floor and take a picture up her skirt (with her permission!!!!!). But I did not take a picture of that. I took ones of the tamer costumes. People spend all year making some of these:











I ended up wearing a “normal” outfit with Harry Potter jewelry. I wore my Harry Potter earrings and Harry Potter bracelet. I did not have it in me this year to go full on. I did however, pose for my favorite video game, “Monster Hunter.”

The funny thing about that is, wait. We have to rewind to thirty minutes earlier when we had lunch:


Let’s pause again (if you are feeling disoriented from this disjointed story, welcome to Comic Con!). We have to rewind one more time, because before we even sat down for lunch, there was a group of beautiful singing vampires outside of the restaurant. They all broke into song and there were about thirty of them. It was really cool.


And they were all gorgeous. With glowing red eyes. And capes.

I need a cape.

And to be twenty again. Is there a costume for that?

Back to the story:


I ordered a carafe of wine. I had about two and a half glasses.


Evidenced here.


So, when I got in line to take my Monster Hunter picture, I was lovin’ on Comic Con pretty hard. There was a group of four girls ahead of me waiting to pose with the fake monster. I was taking it very seriously. I said to the closest girl, “Are you ready for the fight?!”

And she turned around confused. Because what fight? We were about to pose with a foam sword and pretend to hit a plastic dragon.

But I spotted her warrior costume so before she could respond, I said to her, “Yea y’re.” But it was said like Ernest’s cousin in a long mountain droll.

The poor girls left the line.

They were obviously not ready for the fight. Or Comic Con Jenni.


By the way, I was ready.

And, I won.

I met Patrick Rothfuss again later that day. He had no idea I had defeated a monster. It was an embarrassing encounter. I wish I could blame the wine but it was six hours later, so no wine effects were to be had. I will recap that one separately. He was lovely. I was a mess.


This is how I feel after the end of a day spent at Comic Con, too, Dude.

Tomorrow I will recap the fun products, what I purchased, and some more costumes (there were just too many pictures I wanted to share for one post). Have you ever been to Comic Con? Would you go? But most importantly, “Are you ready for the fight?”

24 thoughts on “Comic Con 2014

  1. That is so cool Jenni. It looks like you had an amazing time (I almost wrote fight there after what you said to that girl). What great photos too. I miss conventions, it’s a whole other world.

    Yesterday I found a comic/sci-fi store has opened up in my home town! No more getting into Central London for all-day queues at book signings LOL. The window is stuffed with Dr Who and GoT stuff. Me likes!

    • That is so neat about your store! I hope it ends up getting those signings and stuff. I have never seen Dr. Who but my daughter is obsessed with it. Right now I am so behind in my comments because I started reading a new book and got side-tracked with it all day! Must get back to reality. : )

      Have a lovely day!


    • Thank you Heather. That guy was funny. I said, “Oogie Boogie, can I get your picture?”

      And he said, “It’s Mr. Oogie Boogie.”

      Comic Con is fun!

      Sweet dreams!


    • I will! It has to be around here somewhere, right? I firmly refuse to believe it is hiding at the plastic surgeons.

      Have a Terrific Thursday!


  2. i have been following the con online with every new teaser and tidbit and wishing that i, too, could go and bask in the comic-con glow! very cool post and i am glad you won. that dragon looked wicked awesome! he needed to go down…humanely of course…lol your “costume” was very nice! love the pics and fun you shared here. it’s funny, because i had just seen the interview with the sharknado 2 girl and you got to snap her pic! very cool!

    • Thanks Mark! Everyone loved that girl. I heard someone ask her if her hat was heavy and she said it was starting to be. It had to be with all of those stuffed sharks, but it was super cool. Every year there is a guy who dresses as a centaur with a hobbit on his back. When we arrived I saw him getting ready in the parking lot but I never saw him the convention floor. This happens every year and every year I tell myself I will get his picture. Hopefully we can still go next year and get it!

      Have a happy day!


  3. So glad you had a great time! We’ve talked about going to ours (which was here recently), but the tics are kind of pricey & we weren’t sure if the kiddos would appreciate, or like it rather, enough. I agree those costumes are amazing, so fun to see!

    I read your post from last year meeting Sean Asti. & I’m right there with you, loved him so much, as I did the goodies! I didn’t write to him I don’t think, just to Kirk Cameron! I never received anything back either, not even a standard thank you publicity letter. I too was as crushed as you. I’m so happy & proud of you for going & talking & getting your closure, I’m sure that feels awesome! Cool to finally have your pic w/ him, it doesn’t matter that it was nearly 30 yrs later, still very cool!

    I still feel as though I’m settling in & I’ve been working a lot to make up time, but I finally finished all of our trip posts, so I feel so much better having done that! Now I need to catch up on your blog & read your other comic con posts from last yr!

    Happy Day to you!
    🙂 rebecca

    • I am sorry you did not get anything back from Kirk Cameron. I know the pain. I remember reading other girl’s letters in those teen bop magazines stating they were getting letters back but I think it is obvious they are in the minority.

      I am glad you are settling in. I still feel discombobulated from Comic Con and I did not even have a different time zone like you.

      I am weak.

      Sweet dreams!


  4. Ok just proof read my comment to you, AFTER I posted it & can I just say again that I hate auto correct! I know I wrote ASTIN & GOONIES!!!

    Sorry I didn’t proof it before posting, ah the hurried ness of the morning! 🙂

  5. Oh WOW. I can’t go for that, no can do. I get claustrophobic so these pictures just remind me that Comic Con is not for me. I would go if there were not so many people though, so I do love reading about your adventure and seeing the pictures.
    I am only good for 1 and a half glass of wine but for Comic Con I would need more or a Xanax, which I have in my purse but have yet to try. As long as there are escape routes to fresh air, I may be able to do this.
    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading more about this adventure,

    • It is very claustrophobic. I do not even get claustrophobia and I was panicking. I thought I would drop to my knees at one point because I felt so overwhelmed with the mass of bodies surrounding me and the inability to move. In fact, I left the convention floor and never returned to it after that moment. It was just too scary.

      I wish I would have had a Xanax. Maybe that is what I need if we go next year. : )

      Have a gorgeous Thursday!


  6. Me, me! I wanna go to comic con! For now I will have to live vicariously through you, so I will look forward to your other comic con posts! I’m actually considering going as an independent comics seller, to spread my wares beyond the Atantic… not sure how realistic that dream is, though! (But then I’d also get to meet you, right? So there is that!)

    You were looking so cute that day, by the way! Seriously adorable in that closeup, even more adorable waving a giant foam sword around! You just inadvertedly invented the best way ever to get ahead in a queue – I need to copy that at the London Underground ticket office! 😉 Who knows, maybe that girl thought you literally wanted to have a punch-up with her? HAHAHA!! Also, that girl’s Howl’s Moving Castle costume is the most epic thing I’ve seen in my entire life! Love the Oogie Boogie costume, too – so creative! 🙂

    • Thank you Gwen! I would love for you to get to Comic Con. In fact I am saying a chant to you in the recorded voice of Arnold Swarzenegger to himself in Total Recall, but instead of Mars I am saying Comic Con. “Get your…” Does that make sense? I took some NyQuil because I think I caught Comic Con and am so sleepy.

      Have a super week!


  7. ha! I love the costumes! I love that people have the gumption and inventiveness to dress up!! btw your outfit was so cute with the gladiator sandals! so glad you were able to attend:) my kids always have wanted to go!

    • Thank you Melodee! I love that people do that, too. I wish I could be that brave. My kids do dress up, but they make their own costumes with stuff they have around the house the night before. They are always pleased with their efforts, though. And I like that they do it themselves because they want to.

      Have a splendid week!


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  9. LOL! You slay me : )

    So many wild costumes. Honestly I’ve never gone and never really wanted to go but now after seeing all the cool costumes it might be fun just to people watch.


    • Thank you Suzanne. My favorite thing to do is people watch… And people listen! ; ).

      Have a beautiful weekend!


  10. If I ever got to go to Comic Con, I’d so want to go in costume myself, except at that place I don’t think you’d get away with half-assing anything so I’d have to plan waaaaaaaaaay ahead! The Gaslamp District right by the convention center is really cool too – you guys look like you had fun!

    • Yes, that is definitely the thing, costumes have to be planned way ahead. The other bad thing about costumes is EVERYONE stops you to ask you for your picture. I feel like we dressed up the first year but I honestly cannot remember. It sounds like something I would do. Our kids do dress up every year. They love it!

      The Gaslamp District is so much fun!

      Have a great week!


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