Keepin’ It Real: July 2014

July was such an easy month. I think with the languid weather it is hard to get the gumption up to do much of anything. But we did manage to get ourselves to The Fair, Comic Con, Turn Thirty Seven, and even stopped at The Rose Bowl Flea Market for two hours (post going up on Monday).



I made a bunch of goodies I cannot wait to share soon.


And one I won’t be sharing. Even though the recipe picture was so pretty it breaks my heart, I did not like this noodle recipe from Pinterest. And I only share recipes I love.


My husband began cutting the kids watermelon fries. They love them cut this way.


I read some books I will be doing reviews on soon. I really liked three out of the four books and the one I did not rate the highest is because I feel very strongly that it is not for kids although it is marketed as such.

And we cannot forget Outfit Outtakes. I ended up with more bad outtakes this month than in any other. I guess I got really lucky. It is definitely a huge boost to my self esteem. In fact, because of the nature of them, they garnered their own post. That will go up in the next few weeks, but until then, here are two from this last week’s outfit photos:


I got hit in the face with that branch a mere second before. Thankfully my husband caught this face on camera when it happened.

I am grateful.


My son was on the ATV and I needed to talk to him about safety rules. First I tried being Nice Mommy to get him to stop.


But it didn’t work. So, Mean Mommy had to step in. As she does. Too often.

Last month, I made an outline of what would be going up on this blog in July, but then I never posted my Hulk Hands Part II. That is because I still need to take the picture for that post. I was even hoping to do a video, but at this point, that seems too out of reach (although once the kids are back in school and I finally have the house to myself, maybe that will be a possibility for a separate post). Hopefully I can get the written post up in the next few weeks, because I think it is funny.

Also, I have changed the feature, Littlest Things’ posting dates from Thursdays to Saturdays (except this week it will run on Sunday to accommodate the Overheard In July post going up on Saturday).

Whew! Sorry that was so long and boring.

I do know these posts will be going up in August:

Rose Bowl Flea Market Recap
The Day My Brain Broke (meeting Patrick Rothfuss again)
Chess Squares (a recipe)
Outfit: Goldilocks and The Hundred Bears
The Icky Itchy Incredibly Inspiring Tapestry

How was your July? Was it relaxing? Did it feel like summer?


Ollie loved July. Never even flinched at the fireworks. He loved the relaxing theme of July. Although I suspect every month might be a relaxing opportunity for him.

15 thoughts on “Keepin’ It Real: July 2014

  1. Oh my gosh, I laughed and laughed at the two “mom” pics. SO funny. Pretty sure that every mom has that look. First the nice one and than the “you better obey what I am saying or else” look. But seriously, ATV safety is no joke. He needed the “mean” mom 🙂
    Looking forward to all your August posts!

    • Thank you Alicia! I thought the two contrasts that happened so quickly was funny. He did need the mean mom. It definitely stopped him. The ATV all ready freaks me out so he needed to know he could not take it out of the slow gear. He listened. Mean mommy is no joke. : )

      Have sweet dreams!


  2. Looking forward to your book reviews. Glad Ollie was not scared of the fireworks. My Rocky was not either, but poor Oliver (our friend’s dog) had to wear a thundershirt and was still really scared.

    • Thank you Barbara! I always have wondered about the thundershirt. I had wondered if it works. Poor Oliver.

      I am doing both of the kids books at once in a review going up next Monday or Tuesday. I cannot wait to talk about the books. I think both of them were good for adults, but only one was truly for kids.

      Have a wonderful Sunday!


  3. Luv the mom pics esp bc I am those two mommies as well! I can’t wait to see your rose bowl flea mkt post bc I have literally wanted to attend since I was a teen!!! Yes, I spent a lot of my youth antiquing as a child, but now I really appreciate them, LUV to antique, & have quite the collection of vintage rhinestone jewelry, hats, & hat boxes! My mom & I always say we need to just go sometime…..maybe that could be the “girls’ weekend” I’ve never taken?! If we ever go, I’ll let you know & maybe you cold join us? I suppose that would have been a perfect summer activity since we’ll son be entering the busyness of school & sports! By the way, summer was so fast, I can’t even believe it’s over!

    Happy weekend to you!!! this is our last before school starts!

    • Thank you Rebecca! You would love, love, love the flea market. I do not remember hats. But, then again, I was not really looking for them. I will definitely look next time to see if they are there. I would love to meet you. : ). Summer went the fastest it ever has. I am sad. We have a week and a half left here. But next weekend I am throwing a sleepover party for my son, so it is going to be a crazy week! Plus, I have not bought any supplies or clothes. I got shoes for them this week. So, one thing down!

      Have a wonderful Sunday!


  4. can’t wait to see your post from the rose bowl! so, do you have a fry cutter for those watermelon fries? yum! I loved July. I will miss it. back to work/school soon.

    • Thank you Melodee. I do not have a fry cutter. He just cuts them like that. We used to do that only to pineapple slices because there was a great restaurant in town (now out of business) that did them for the kids that way. They called them pineapple fries and so it stuck. I loved July, too. So sad with you about school starting soon. I am definitely not ready!

      Sweet dreams!


  5. Ha ha ha! Loving the Mom pics! Can’t wait for the Rose Bowl post. But oh my gosh it must have been hot!
    My July was pretty mellow but after the whirlwind of producing that play July made me feel like a lazy bum.
    I keep meaning to do video too but keep putting it off since I am wary of the editing. We should make a pact that we will each get at least one video up on our blogs by the end of September!

    • Thank you Cynthia! We only went from 7:00-8:50. In and out before the heat. Honestly though, I was sweating at eight. It has been so hot! And it rained today. Crazy!

      I do not even know how to post a video and my husband has stated he cannot do it. So I have to figure it out on my own. But I will definitely try. I will let you know if I figure it out. I do know I will have to take it with my iphone because it has the easiest editing apps.

      Have beautiful dreams!


  6. Those Mom pictures are hilarious, but the previous one was even funnier. I mean, I’m half going, “She got a branch in her face! Poor thing!” and half laughing myself silly looking at it. 😉

    And oooh, you should so do a video! It’d be fun to see you “in action”!

    • Thanks Gwen. I wondered if anyone would mention that picture. It was the elephant in the room! I think it is hilarious, too. If that picture isn’t keeping it real, I am not sure what is!

      I would love to do a video. I just need an easy way to do it. I am on my own with it and it is a little overwhelming!

      Have a lovely Sunday!


  7. Fun post! Ollie is adorable as always. The food pictures look interesting. One looks like it might be an appetizer. I look forward to seeing your post about them.

    • Thank you! I love that picture so much. I put it in for you. : ). I cannot get enough of bulldog pictures. Sometimes I will search them on Pinterest. Tonight he got three dinners because Murphy kept abandoning his food to see if he could get anything while I was cooking. He didn’t. And now he is hungry and Ollie is stuffed. But we tried twice to feed him! Silly dog. Hopefully next time he won’t be so picky. Although, each time had real chicken in it.

      One is an appetizer that I serve for dinner with a salad and also bring to potlucks or parties!

      Have a happy Sunday!


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