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If you celebrate Christmas, today is probably a very busy day for you. I wrapped a mountain of presents last night while the entire family sat down to watch “White Christmas.” We went to dinner at a local Irish pub after I finished making four chicken pot pies (three of which are for dinner tonight). I also made these appetizers and when I wake up today I plan on making Pioneer Woman’s Best Chocolate Cake for dessert.

My father, stepmom, my sister, brother-in-law and nephew will be joining us for dinner tonight. I purchased three dozen premade plain Christmas sugar cookies for the children to decorate and leave out for Santa. I think my three year old nephew will enjoy that. I know Santa will! Tomorrow it is just our little family celebrating the day together. I like simplicity.


I decorated the house the same this year as I did last year with a few new additions.


I strung some wrapping pompoms on the chandelier in the living room. My husband picked this chandelier out a few years ago at a local antique store. I love the mellow mustardy color. I also love that he picked it out. I would never have noticed it. I never look up. I remember when he showed me his find while we were in the store together and being filled with wonder and happiness that I can always count on him to look up for me. It is nice to have a partner who completes you. This chandelier represents that to me. He looks up and for that I am grateful.


My husband came home several times in the last two weeks with sweet surprise gifts of ornaments for our trees.


I changed the slipcover on our couch to accommodate a velvet one I purchased from eBay many years ago. It was a nice change this winter. I made the giant pillow from an old feedbag, but the two Kantha pillows were recently from Anthropologie and the neat feather pillow in the middle is from World Market.


Murphy has enjoyed lounging on the “new” old couch. I wish I could join him, but there is always so much to do!



I love using paper pompoms as flowers in December. They are over the top and last forever. These are four years old. The pink pompoms are actually from Michael’s craft store. They were $4 but with a coupon, I paid $2 a piece. I purchased four and strung them on this vase chandelier from my first apartment.


And on our antique mirror.


Tonight the kids will unwrap their new pajamas. The house will be filled with anticipation, although this is my very first year with wise children, if you get what I mean, so the anticipation will probably not be quite the same as years past. And I have to say, this has very much hampered this Christmas and made it a little less special.


Hold on to those little ones. Enjoy the magic. I, myself, will be looking for Rudolph’s nose tonight. I wish I had taken more pictures… Of the pompom wreath at the front door with the fox nestled inside like two odd long lost soul mates… Of our bathroom where the embroidered hooks hold wreaths and ornaments… Of the garlands above our kitchen sink… But I didn’t. I guess that will have to wait until next year.

If you celebrate Christmas, how do you decorate? Do you do the same thing each year or do you have a theme? Are you ready for the big day? What is on your menu? On Christmas day, my husband makes chicken enchiladas and we spend the whole day in pajamas. I cannot wait!


Merry Christmas to all (if you celebrate, if not, Happy Thursday!)! And I hope you have the coziest and sweetest of days!

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  1. Merry Christmas Jenni! Hmmm, Christmas Dinner in the UK is always the best meal of the year. Of course all the minced pies, scones and chocolates are already being enjoyed. We’ll have a small Christmas breakfast to keep room for the feast later though maybe have a bit of Champagne as we open our pressies! Dinner for us is a big Turkey along with roasted and boiled potato, peas, carrots (no sprouts as I hate them), stuffing, ham on the bone, sausages with and without bacon wrapped round them, Yorkshire Pudding (not a dessert) and bread sauce and gravy too. Then some Christmas Pudding with custard before we fall onto the sofa, never to move again until the television dies. We have all our TV specials on Christmas Day and week too as generally most of the UK is on holiday until January now. We will live of the left-overs for a few days then on the 28th its my birthday and then of course a big New Years dinner too. A week of pure indulgence and happiness.

    Our Christmas tree is decorated with red holly lights and tinsel and baubles and other bits. We have things draped around paintings, mirrors, bookcases and stair rails and a garland on the front door. We have more candles than usual but never use the two most Christmassy candles as they are too nice to use 🙂 and I have a little battery operated Robin redbreast bird sitting on my computer desk all wrapped up in wooly scarfs and hats who periodically whistles to me.

    • Thank you Stephen! Merry Christmas to you! : ). Your food sounds so yummy. I could eat a whole feast of that right now! And I am SO jealous of your Christmas specials! How was Downton Abbey’s? It starts here next week. I cannot wait! Thank you for sharing and always being so sweet! : )

      Have a beautiful week!


      • Hello Jenni!

        Thank-you. It was quite a feast that we we were still eating the leftovers of the next day. It’s my birthday today so I am sure it will be another big-food day. I hope your Christmas went well too. We watched the Xmas special of Downton and it was really good so you will enjoy it. The whole bunch of episodes are very enjoyable with a wedding, some scandals and good stories! My favourite just about is what happens near the very end of the Xmas show, you’ll know it when you get there 🙂

      • HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! Oh my goodness! I hope you got some yummy food! And had a great day!

        Happy New Year!


  2. Your home and decorations are lovely! And guess what…I have the exact same chandelier but it is black! I usually do quite a bit of decorating, but it has just been too hectic here, so our tree and fireplace mantle are only lightly decorated. Looking forward to just relaxing at home today and having a nice dinner at home tomorrow with my mom and aunt. Then we will be heading to visit my MIL in her assisted living facility. My SIL will be spending the day with her. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday!

    • Merry Christmas! I hope your day went beautifully. And thank you about the house. : ). It is utter chaos right now. I have not cleaned up since Christmas. Tomorrow for sure! We usually take our tree and decorations down by the twenty sixth, but this year the trash will not be collected for a week so it is staying up a bit longer than usual.

      Have a great week!


  3. just beautiful! I love these posts of your home…your decorating style is just as fabulous as your dressing style! every detail is just perfect 🙂 enjoy today and tomorrow! we, too, have wise children (teens and adults) however they keep that to themselves for the magic of the season 🙂 merry Christmas!

    • You are so nice! Thank you Melodee! I hope you had a Merry Christmas. It was a special day even with wise children. And I am sad that it is over. We just exchanged presents with my mom and stepdad tonight. Thus Christmas is now officially over. : (

      Have a super week!


  4. You have some of the best Christmas decorations I’ve ever seen, Jenni! My absolute favorite thing, though, is that Dr. Seuss-like vase with the pom-pom flowers next to your dining table in the last pic. That has to be the coolest “arrangement” ever! Did you make it? Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    • Thank you so much! I purchased those pompom flowers a few years ago from Etsy. I just love them. They stay up all year long. The vase was a gift from my daughter. She bought it for me after my grandma had seen one at my house she had liked. I gave mine to her and so my daughter bought me a new one. I hope you had a happy holiday, too! : )

      Have a fantastic week!


  5. Your house looks so festive! This year my hubby works Christmas Eve and day, so my daughter and I decided to make one of our favorites, fettucine alfredo, for dinner tommorrow night. Then on Saturday we’ll have our big family get-together. Then we serve ham, cheesy hashbrown casserole, green bean casserole, rolls, pecan pie, and of course lots of other sweets! I usually decorate with lots of greenery and pinecones and woodsy decor, with some scandinavian touches and bits of sparkle here and there. Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas!

    • Thank you! Your decorations sound beautiful. My husband had to work Christmas Eve, too. Thankfully he had Christmas off. I am sorry your husband had to work. It can be so tough. I have been there. Cheesy hashbrown casserole?! Yum! I want some right now! : ). I hope yours was yummy.

      Have a fabulous week!


  6. Merry Christmas! What beautiful decorations. Murphy seems to enjoy them too. I hope you and your family have a wonderful evening and day together.

    • Thank you! : ). Merry Christmas to you, too! Murphy has loved the festivities, but Ollie has been naughty. I cannot wait to get the Christmas tree out of here. He keeps sneaking water even though I had it blocked off. : (

      I hope you had a great day and a wonderful week!


    • Thank you Brynne! Merry Christmas to you, too! I hope it was beautiful! : ). Ours was nice and mellow and I am sad to see another Christmas with the kids at home over. I am trying to appreciate it while we have it.

      Have a gorgeous week!


  7. Merry Christmas Jenni! We have 5 guests in our house tonight & two more coming Friday! My husbands family! It is a bit crowded & chaotic but so much fun to have a bustling house! The kids are asleep & waiting for santa as I type

    • Merry Christmas! Yours sounds chaotic and wonderful. I hope it all went off without a hitch. And I hope Santa came! I love Christmas morning with little kids!

      Have a joyful week!


      • Well it’s still going on. A few hitches, but still a good time. Someone in the house keeps stealing my phone charger

      • Still going on?! Aaaahhhhhh! ; ). Stealing the phone charger? That would make me crazy! I hope you are having fun and are still able to use your phone!

        Sweet dreams!


    • Thank you Dawn Lucy! Happy holidays to you as well. I love your style and you bring a smile to my face as well! : )

      Have a sweet week!


  8. Merry Christmas, Jenni! I love your decorations. I especially love the symbolism of your chandelier. How sweet.

    I have a job where we take turns working stat holidays… so I worked yesterday during the day, but I’m off today. Also, my family traditionally celebrates on Christmas Eve so we had the big dinner and everything yesterday.

    I don’t do decorations as it seems like a lot of work with no kids in the house. And also, most of our Christmas decorations were lost when we had the flood 2 years ago. I do have a ceramic Christmas tree that my mom got while living in Germany in the 1960s… it is about 1.5 feet tall and has little lights all over. I used to love it as a kid. It survived the flood but I need to rewire the electric bits.

    Anyway, hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.

    • Thank you Liana! I am glad you had the day off. My husband worked Christmas Eve, too. We were so thankful he had Christmas off. He was originally supposed to work it, but fate intervened and he miraculously had it off. Did you go to your restaurant? I am so sorry to read about your decorations. But I am so happy that the ceramic Christmas tree survived. I hope you get it rewired in time for next Christmas. That would be so special.

      Have an awesome week!


    • Thank you Cynthia! Merry Christmas! I hope Marcy behaved herself. I have been missing your posts, but I understand the need for a blog break. It can be so so so hard this time of year. I just now feel like I can sort of begin to catch up!

      Have a cheerful week!


    • Thank you! : ). Merry Christmas! We did have a wonderful Christmas. Now it is back to reality. We are grumbling over what to do for a family vacation together next year. I lost. I want Christmas back. ; )

      Have a sweet week!


  9. Merry Christmas! Your house is just perfection! I love all the special touches. I have been getting more and more decorations each year. We DESPERATELY need a new tree. That will be the goal next year! ( I have said this for the last 4 years…)
    Hope it will a magical time for your family

    • Thank you Alicia! I bet they had great deals on the trees after Christmas! Maybe you can still find one! I hope you had am awesome day with your babies. I cannot imagine how exciting it would be with three kiddos under ten!

      Have a Happy New Year!


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