Building A Snowgnome

Oh the joy! In my secret heart of hearts was a dream that I did not think I could even dare to close my eyes to think of. It involved my children playing in the snow. In our yard. Building a snowman.


It doesn’t seem like a big dream, but there it was in my heart of hearts.

So when my husband woke me up on New Year’s Eve excitedly exclaiming that it was snowing, I thought I was still dreaming. It was still dark outside, and it did not seem real.


But it was. In Southern California, it snowed.


We woke our kids up and told them to quickly get dressed in warm clothes and shoes. And we all traipsed outside to play in the snow in the dark. Our silhouettes were lit by the streetlamps and Christmas lights twinkling on the street. It felt surreal and I understood how Harry Potter must have felt when Hagrid greeted him in the lighthouse that very first night.

Anything seemed possible.


My kids built a snowman with my husband that I turned into a snowgnome.

He was much happier that way.

As one always is in a red pointy hat.

Did you build a snowman or snowgnome this season? Please tell me I am not the only one with a gnome hat or two.

*Outfit details: My sweater is one that I purchased from the flea market last month. I talked about it more in this post. Anthropologie has a cool cardigan out right now that is also reminiscent of an afghan or blanket. I also found this one on Etsy. If you can crochet, there are many different crochet cardigan patterns available for purchase there for around $3 so you could make your own. I was very lucky and only paid $30 for my sweater. The sleeveless chambray dress was an Anthropologie popback last year from Cloth and Stone (now sold out, similar shaped dress here).

*I shared this on The Pleated Poppy.

4 thoughts on “Building A Snowgnome

  1. Oh how wonderful & fun!!! I think we had that same cold front storm in AZ that you guys had too bc it was snowing around us & a lot up north & south of us! Sadly, not at our house like yours. I guess it’s just as well bc we’re all battling a little cold, so we’ve actually stayed home for the most part for 4 days & plan the same today. I think it’s recovery for all the busyness w/ Christmas! I do love that afghan sweater! It looks so comfy & unique & pretty! Maybe I should research the rose bowl flea market & come sometime when that same lady might be there?!? But around Christmas I told my husband no more shopping for me, esp since I wouldn’t be out shopping for others & Christmas necessities. However, that didn’t stop me from ordering 7 pair of those amazingly soft, printed leggings from jane & groopdealz…..they were all at least half off, & a few more than half off! I ordered 3 pair of the fleece lined ones (which I normally wouldn’t bc I never get cold enough for that. My mother thinks I’m in peri menopause bc I’m hot most of the time!), but Max will have flag football, outside, for the next 8 wks & I thought they’d be perfect for that & our annual trip to play in snow, which sadly we didn’t make in 2014! Though we went twice in 2013. Well have to try harder this yr.

    so, yes, I, like you go off on tangents, sorry! That makes story telling that much more interesting, right?! 🙂 But I highly recommend those leggings, they are mostly polyester, but also a bit of spandex & feel heavenly & comfy too! I wasn’t sure I liked the printed, nordic ones, until I saw a couple pair in person, then I stalked those daily boutiques for them! They are fun looking too! So I’ll probably wear them a ton for the remainder of our winter.

    Happy new year to you & I’m so happy you all had snow at your house, what a lovely, fun memory! Once I was on my way home from san Diego, on a school whale watch trip, & at a rest stop in the desert on way home, still in CA, it snowed so we got out to play in it!

  2. Oh my gosh! That is A LOT of snow. Holy cow! You must be at a much much higher elevation than me here in Los Angeles. Your snowgnome is super cute. Oh how fun!!! Oh and of course I think it is super awesome that you are wearing a sleeveless dress out in the snow. It’s just so So Cal perfect!!

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