Keepin’ It Real: June 2014


June is done. Over. Never to be seen again. Well, hopefully we will see it again. Just not in this exact form. Except for some trials at the end of the month in which my Mommy Powers were tested (and now I have a super clean closet), it was the most wonderful month over here. It kicked May’s puny little monthly corner and I am ever so grateful. I could not have handled another month like May.

It’s time for “Keepin’ It Real” where I usually show outfit outtakes, but this time I will be highlighting filter comparisons between the real photo and the filtered photo, plus a real moment in my kitchen. If you missed last month’s “Keepin It Real,” you can find it here.


First, there is just something about this story that tugs at my heart strings as a parent. It has continued to be on my mind all month. Especially as I traveled from California to Hawaii in the luxury of the inside of the plane. I think of the terror that young man must have experienced on that airplane. The extreme cold with nowhere to go. And I hope he gets a happy ending.


I added a filter to my new feature, “Interpreting A Dream.” It is a feature where I share a funny dream story. I hope it ends up being disturbing and fun. I recently started using filters on some of my pictures. If I do add a filter in a fashion post, I note it at the bottom.

I honestly did not think the filter had changed it that much until I did this side-by-side comparison today. Wow! And, ugh!

I must still be in Dreamland.

I wanted to show the difference between the original picture and the enhanced picture. Filters are amazing. I had hoped to create a dreamy unreal photo. I wanted to make sure it was noted that the dream Jenni is actually a dream. She will be continued to be featured in that post, but she is not the real me!


Here is another one. We took the originals for this outfit in the shade. My face was shadowed. It was nice to find a filter that could lighten the photo.

Since I use my iPad to do all of my blogging, I am limited to enhancements and edits. I do not even know how to edit a photo, but I do love experimenting with filters. The App I use is called Afterlife. I highly recommend it. I am very challenged when it comes to anything technical and this is very easy.


I love making rice krispie treats. Especially with this recipe. It doesn’t get any easier. They were piled high on my cake stand, but now one day later they are almost all gone. Somebody ate one for lunch, one for dessert AND one for breakfast the next day.

“Eer duern’t know nom nom who is eaemting them nom.”


Cooking tacos in the kitchen. I originally bought that top as a shirt when I was heavier, but now it has become my favorite nightgown. I probably slept in that shirt and put shorts on to make dinner.

This shirt is pretty much my uniform. I am wearing it as I write this. For the second day in a row.

It doesn’t get more real than that.


My mom made me an early birthday present of my very favorite thing: her lasagna! It was the best gift ever. She gifted me the pan, too. Isn’t it great?

Thank you Mom!


So, I made the rice krispie treats above. I gave each of the dogs a tiny piece. Well, Ollie swallowed his without even tasting it. And Murphy waited for Ollie to eat his and then set about guarding his own. This went on for two hours. This is what a punk Murphy is… Ollie was laying there minding his own business and Murphy carried his treat and sprawled out next to him to guard that piece of treat in front of the hungry monster.

Ollie finally left the room.

Murphy finally ate the treat.

It is high drama over here.

Coming Up In July:

Interpreting A Dream: David Beckham Meets My Jelly Roll
My next outfit post going up on Wednesday features this dress. I haven’t named (or written! Doh!) the post yet.
Hulk Hands Part II
Breaking Bread
Living Room Changes

How was your June? Did you make anything? Go anywhere? Do something fun?

16 thoughts on “Keepin’ It Real: June 2014

  1. I loved reading this post Jenni!! Your dogs crack me up. Too funny that Murphy teased Ollie with her rice crispy treat but ate it as soon as Ollie left the room. It never amazes me how much animals act little people. And I too have a old comfy shirt that I wear around the house ALL the time. My husband keeps threatning me that he is going to accidently throw it away one day, lol! Have a wonderful day Jenni!! 🙂

    • Thank you! Those dogs are so crazy. I accidentally stepped on Murphy in the middle of the night last night. He was probably guarding something. ; )

      Don’t throw it away! I love comfy old clothes the best! I think we all have items like that in our closet. I don’t want to ever get rid of my blue one. It is dirty now, so I am making due with a t-shirt.

      Have a great week!


    • Hey Brynne! My birthday is on the eighth. Too soon! I am not ready! My mom is out of town, so she is gifting me early. It was so yummy! : )

      Have a wonderful Wednesday! I hope you have had a relaxing week.


    • Yes, he really, really does. He has had a tough life. He was starved and when we got him from a rescue, he was skin and bones. He always hoards a portion of his food because he is scared there won’t be any more. And he likes to mess with Ollie! : )

      Have a happy week!


  2. oooh, love that dress from Forever 21….and loving your new stuff (interpreting a dream…)! I have been so busy (how is that possible with school out?)….I’ve missed too many great posts! happy end of June 🙂

    • Thank you Melodee. We have been so busy, too! I just got home a bit ago from the fair. I am so behind, too! Where is this summer going?

      Have a terrific week! Enjoy this break! You deserve it!


  3. Looking forward to your dress post!

    It was interesting seeing how the filters change things. I’ve never gotten the sense though that you use a ton of filters… all of your photos seem very genuine to me.

    June was ok. I am just grateful that we didn’t flood again this year.

    • Thank you Liana. It is up in a few minutes!

      I do not use a lot of filters. Mostly because I am lazy. But also because I like the look of real pictures, too. The photos tomorrow do not have a filter added.

      Yay for no flooding!

      Have a super Wednesday!


  4. I am a huge fan of rice krispies HUGE fan! About a month ago my boyfriend went to Costco and he found a family size box with 56 individually wrapped krispies and he got them for me – he thought that if I actually got through that box I would be so sick of eating rice krispies! Incorrect. It took me 3 weeks to get through it though 😀 I am definitely going to try your recipe (:

    • Oh my gosh! I am so with you! That recipe makes a double batch, so you will be set! I am now out of treats. : (. I need to make more! Three weeks?! You have incredible self control!

      Have a happy week!


  5. I feel a strong need to make some rice krispies treats now! Don’t you love the effects that filters can add. The only issue is how to pick!
    I hope you have a great birthday. We are big fans of July birthdays in our household. Both my boys were born in July…so lots of celebrating!

    • Thanks Alicia. Wow! Two July birthdays! Lucky boys! Do you combine the parties? My friend does that sometimes with her March babies.

      It is hard to pick between filters. That is why I rarely do them. It ends up being time consuming and a lot of work.

      Have a beautiful day!


    • He is a meanie, but I love him.

      Thank you Cynthia. So far July has been great (knock on wood). We went to the fair yesterday and have an easy day ahead today.

      I hope you have a great July, too!


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