The Lazy Mom’s Salad

Who knew? Who knew my kids would have a fondness for spinach? Certainly not me.

I did not try spinach until about five years ago. I was terrified of the stuff. Here is what I knew about spinach that prevented me from trying it:

When eaten your body would become grossly disfigured causing monstrous veiny muscles to spontaneously burst out upon your arms.

When cooked it would shrivel away into a slimy green paste that resembled nothing of its former self.

It is green.

So I stayed clear of spinach. No thank you. “Olive Oil go rescue yourself and stop being so annoying. And, no, I am not eating spinach. Especially to save you.” There I said it. Oh, you know you were thinking it.


But I tried it as a salad. I loved it. It is so velvety and mild. I thought perhaps my children would love it, too.

And they did.

And they do.

More than me.

More than my husband.

More than Pop…

No, not more than him. Their bodies don’t combust for the stuff.

Thank God.

I won’t make a salad unless it is easy. Dinner is all ready so time consuming. Here is how I always make my salad, 3-4 times a week. We never get tired of it.


5 – 6 oz. of prewashed baby spinach (best flavor I have found is Safeway or Vons O Organic) or prewashed romaine lettuce
1/3 cup Italian dressing (whichever is cheapest)
1/3 cup feta cheese

Optional for the less lazy:

Chopped red bell pepper
Chopped sun-dried tomatoes



Dump salad in a bowl. Sorry. Forgot to take a picture of it in the bowl. But here it is before that step. All innocent. It doesn’t even know what’s going to happen to it.


Measure feta. Dump feta in the bowl.


Measure Italian dressing. Dump the dressing in the bowl. Toss.

And try not use the word dump while you are cooking. Just a thought. A suggestion. Don’t take offense or poke my eye out! “A-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga!”


That’s it. Three ingredients. If this salad could talk it would say, “I am what I am and that’s all that I am. Or all that’s in me.”

You could also dump (Sorry. Couldn’t resist) in the optional ingredients at this point. But be warned that most kids don’t like the extra ingredients.

Now go rescue Olive Oil take a nap. Cause that was exhausting.


12 thoughts on “The Lazy Mom’s Salad

  1. Haha! You know Popeye only looks like that because he’s had a phantom stroke! 😉
    This looks easy enough for me to try, and I actually like spinach already, so… 🙂 It goes really well with Asian hot-pot style dishes to, which is how I’ve mainly had it. It’s delicious with tofu, if you think your kids would eat tofu!

    • Funny. I won’t eat cooked spinach, but love raw spinach in a salad. Throw in some balsamic vinegrette instead of Italian, yummy. Red onion also yummy.

      • Thanks for the ideas Bronzi. I don’t eat it cooked either. Just raw. It is SO much better that way! I just watched Iron Cher America last night and the ingredient was balsamic vinegar. I have so many ideas I want to try with it now. It is funny that you mentioned it today! : )


        Have a harmonious Tuesday!


    • Thanks for the ideas Gwen. They actually love tofu. They’ve eaten it with gusto and not known what it is. Sneaky mommy. So, I might have to try it. I have to be honest. I have never made it hot. It still freaks me out hot. Way too concentrated. But I could try it… For the kids…Must be brave!

      I hope your week is going peacefully!


  2. Yay for spinach and feta salad! I make a similar salad. Instead of Italian dressing I dump in 2 spoonfuls of balsamic vinegar/1 spoonful of olive oil. Tomato and onion. Sea salt and pepper. And toss toss toss. All while drinking a glass of wine of course.
    I am going to try your suggestion of sun-dried tomato. That sounds delicious.

    • That sounds great Cynthia! The glass of wine is mandatory of course! It goes so well with the salad. Yum for sea salt and pepper! Imam so out of ingredients for anything this week. I am hitting up Costco tomorrow. Must get mentally prepared for that!!!

      Have a splendid Tuesday!


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