Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


I am not Irish. My husband is. Partly. Mostly. But I am not.


I love a theme.

And a theme revolved around a color?

And little green leprechauns?

Guarding gold?

And rainbows?

How close to a gnome holiday could we be talking here?


Here I am in a green outfit that I put together a few weeks ago. I planned on wearing this today. But it is hot.


So, I am wearing this instead.

I also love to incorporate the green theme into the food. I could just make Irish food. But, well, I don’t really like corned beef. Or hash.

I could make green pancakes.

Or green tuna salad sandwiches.

Mmmmm. Mmmmmm.

Or green butter for toast.


Or green salad.


Or green milk.


Or green pie.


Or Lucky Charms?



Wait! Who are we kidding? We are totally going out so my husband can have his corned beef. It is a must, afterall, on this day.

And then we will come home and eat the mint chip ice cream I made earlier in the week.

What are your plans for today? Are you wearing green? Eating it? I really want to try this Irish Creme Coffee the Pioneer Woman posted the other week.


Or maybe I’ll just have a green shot. No Patron was hurt in the making of this post. I know it is a scary picture.

Cheers! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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17 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    • Thank you Sarah! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you, too! The sweater was a Free People score from Nordstrom Rack in August. I love it. : )

      Have a terrific Tuesday!


    • Aaaaah! Oh. I guess that is okay. : ). My husband and I were walking to our car from where we had just eaten and a couple was walking towards us in head to toe black. It was funny, because we were both wearing bright green. A lot of people were not wearing green today. I just cannot resist a theme!

      I hope your lunch was scrumptious!

      Have a beautiful Tuesday!


  1. I had a feeling you loved this holiday, Irish or not! I’m a little bit Irish! Ireland has been my favorite travel spot of anywhere we’ve been. We are doing some handprint shamrocks today. Hiding & finding our (spray painted) gold nuggets (rocks). Then our Irish neighbors (who are our parent’s age) are taking our whole family out to O’Neil’s restsurant for dinner & a pint. We are lucky 🙂 i tried being festive this morning & made green chocolate mint milk with green straws for the 2 & 5 year olds. They wanted nothing to do with it. The realities of parenthood…

  2. Happy St. Patrick’s day! I’ve actually not done anything to celebrate – I didn’t even wear my green jeans! OR make a green tea latte! But people all over the city were walking around with shamrocks drawn on their faces. So everyone *else* was celebrating. Hope you guys had fun!

    • What?! I thought you would love a theme day! Painted shamrocks! Why didn’t I think of that? That is awesome! Must remember for next year! Maybe I will keep it hidden so I have a secret shamrock. That sounds fun. And mischievous like a leprechaun.

      Have a marvelous day! Thanks for commenting! : )


  3. you are awesome! those sandwiches look delish, and homemade ice cream? you rock! I rolled into school today in navy blue..totally FORGOT (sad face), thank goodness for secretaries with green stickers! have a fun green night!

    • Thank you Melodee. That sandwich was good. I have to confess that I did not make it. It was from a local diner. So many people did not wear green today. I think I forgot last year, but it is one of my husband’s favorite days, so I am trying to be better so he has a good day. But my kids could care less. : ). Green stickers totally count!

      Have a fabulous Tuesday!


  4. My office likes to dress up for holidays. I didn’t want to feel left out so I wore a green cardigan (from Anthro, of course).

    I love that you planned a St. Patrick’s Day outfit weeks ago! Both outfits look great.

    Have you ever tried green goddess dressing? It’s delicious.

    • Thank you Liana! I love that you wore a green cardigan from Anthropologie today! Fun!

      Green goddess dressing? Now I have to go look up that. That sounds so good! I am having serious salad cravings.

      I hope your day tomorrow is wonderful! : )


  5. Love all the green food! I made a corned beef and potatoe soup for dinner. I did forget to wear any greeen, which is weird, since it is a dominant color in my wardrobe. I did dress my daughter in a gifted ” My first St. Patrick’s Day” onesie…so hopefully that will count! 🙂

    • Thank you Alicia! Your menu would have made my husband swoon! Your daughter’s outfit totally counts as green for you, too. I am sure you were holding her for the majority of the day! That sounds like a cute outfit, too!

      Thank you for sharing! : )

      Have a beautiful Wednesday!


  6. Awww! I love it! I too am a sucker for a theme, though I think you’ve outdone me here. I was horrified, as a redhead, that I don’t own more green. Putting together a St. Pat’s outfit was harder than I’d expected. I cooked up my dad’s classic corned beef and cabbage for dinner, and we drank Guinness to wash down the meal. Stereotypical but traditional. I even put together a St. Patrick’s Day pin board to plan out some ideas in advance, but I fell back on tradition and didn’t try anything new. Boo. I love your green and gold outfit. It’s perfectly sunny and springy. And tequila is my drink, so I’m all about the green shot! Looks like your day was festive and magical and fun. As it should be.

    <3 Liz

    • Thank you Liz! I responded before but it looks like my comment was eaten up.

      I love your menu. It sounds so yummy. My husband would have loved it. Unfortunately we ended up being so full we just had chicken and rice for dinner. I did serve it with a green salad and of course, I dyed the rice green!

      You definitely would look amazing in green although I just adore pink on you!

      Have a lovely Wednesday!


  7. I hope you had a great time getting your St. Patrick’s Day corned beef. When I was eating meat I looooved corned beef sandwiches. I wore green yesterday too. It’s my favorite color and I think it is so neat to see everyone out in it. That salad looks super yummy.

    • Thank you Cynthia! I think it is neat, too! I love seeing everyone in the same color. It gives me warm fuzzies inside to think about everyone doing the same thing for one day. I just like it. Because it is sweet and innocent.

      Have a joyful Wednesday!


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