“…Roar. Oh. Oh. Oh…”


“I’ve got the eye of the tiger…”

“Hungry Eyes”

The Evil Eye

Eye’m Watching You

The Eye of Mordor

Is There Something On My Back?

Yes! Mothers Do Have Eyes In The Back Of Their…Backs?

As you can see (he he), it was hard to come up with an appropriate title for this post. There were so many. So many ways to perturb and confuse be a dork.


I love this wrap by Mara Hoffman. It is called Eye Shawl on most sites (them obviously having decided that it did not need an appropriate punny title. Grown-ups. Seriously, how hard would it have been to add two words? Eye Shawl Be Back. Three puns in one! Oh, the missed cringes opportunities). I scored mine for a very fair price from Anthropologie (they called it Maricopa Wrap ) when it went on sale.

I had watched it and watched it. I would show my husband its picture and exclaim that our love affair would never happen. It was out of my league. And then repeat daily. My husband loved that part.



And now she’s here! And I love her. And she obviously loves me. I mean just look how she’s hanging on me. Humboldt would never give me such love.


I felt a very spiritual connection to this wrap. Yes. In a weird way. In a good way. But this wrap brings me peace. Really fun peace.

Do you have any eyedeas for the teyetle? Any other eyedeas on how to sty-le it? Seriously, Eye need them. Don’t be jealous of meye creativity, but Eye have worn it with a black shirt, too. Meye ingenuity never seeses to annoy agaze.

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25 thoughts on ““…Roar. Oh. Oh. Oh…”

  1. Oh wow, I recall that wrap from your Christmas wish list, it is so cool. The colors compliment you so well. It really stands on its own, how about skinny navy or black jeans and a simple top. Hope ruffled sweater vest is also not jealous, ha ha. (Couldn’t resist). Happy Sunday!

    • Thank you Jenn. That is so sweet of you. I have thought of the black jeans, but I am not sure which top? Black, white, beige or grey? And ruffled sweater vest got worn twice this week to Eye Shawl’s once. He knows who has mu heart. Although this shawl is one of my favorite purchases. Or can I say gift since it was a Christmas present?

      Thanks again! I hope your week is spectacular!


      • I like the beige top you have on, maybe add a simple pendant necklace? I would just keep it neutral since the wrap is so colorful. You’ll have to try on different tops, but I’m sure the possibilities are endless. Have fun!

      • Thanks Jenn! The possibilities are fun. I love playing around. I just don’t like the mess I have to clean up afterwards. So, I try to just visualize. Sometimes that goes terribly wrong. ; ). Like today I was going to pair my bright patterned dress with my dog cardigan. And my husband had to tell me it was a no go. Thanks for the advice! I appreciate it!

        Have a cheerful week!


    • Thank you Loraine! Oh my gosh, I would love that! I still cannot figure Polyvore out. I went on the site twice in the last week, because I really wanted to try to create some outfits. But I got overwhelmed and closed the tab. I appreciate when you do that so much!

      Have a wonderful week!


  2. You are so good at the word play, Modcloth should hire you! Neato wrap. You really could wear it with any color – blue and yellow come to mind but that just might be me picking up the colors in the wrap. It looks great with jeans!

    • Thank you Cynthia! I always forget that Modcloth has that awesome word play they do. That would be so awesome. I love the idea of picking up the colors in it. I have those light pink velveteen leggings. Hmmm. Maybe. I will have to play with it later.

      Off to bed! Have a great week!


  3. Jenni! Somehow, this reminds me of this cartoon I once saw, of a bald man having eyes tattooed on the back of his head. The caption was, “Well, I’m mostly doing it to scare the kids.” 🙂 This shawl is so very YOU! I say pair it with mustard to bring out those subtle mustardy bits in the embroidery. Even your mustard overalls might work under this, you know? But it would also look hawt over a dress.
    (Also, how about Eye Spy? Or Eye’ll Be Back?)

    • Thanks Gwen! I had Eye’ll Be Back, but changed it to Eye Shawl Be Back. I still have been thinking of this all day. Today I wrote a quick funny story. No puns in it, but I punned the title so much that my husband was like, “No!” And I laughed manically and kept it. I love puns from Xanth. Did you ever read those books?

      Have a terrific Tuesday!


  4. What a gorgeous and unique piece! I love the colors on it – unexpected. I love Mara’s stuff too, but agree that it is usually out of my price range. I remember a swimsuit Anthro carried a few years back with King Tut on the front of it! We love Egyptian history. It is so fun to collect pieces that you have a connection with.

    • Thank you Heather! I can totally picture you in this shawl. I do remember that swimsuit. At least I think I do. I have an image of it in my head, anyway. I love Egyptian history, too. I think her stuff is so interesting! Her swimsuits this year are pretty, too. But I don’t need a new swimsuit.

      Have a wonderful week! : ). Can’t wait for a new post!


  5. I love this! It is so rad. I do the same thing to my husband when I find a piece I’ve gotta have. I update him daily on the price, if my size is still available, how I might style it, etc. I know the piece will be coming home with me once he remembers it. That’s the trick. I have to infiltrate his mind with thoughts of it, and it’s all over. Mine. Allllll miiiiiiiine.

    I really had no idea someone could pack so many puns into such a brief post. Very impressive. And they’re so varied. Eye am very impressed with your eye for wordplay.

    <3 Liz

    • Thanks Liz! It’s a gift I tell ya. A gift. Could you please tell my husband that? I don’t think he quite appreciates the talent.

      Yes. Our lucky husbands. My husband gets to hear all about my wants. Poor guy. But he is always so patient and sweet about it. Thank God! Of course, I do watch football with him. It is a good trade off!

      Have a rad day!


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