My Black Friday 2014 Scores

Hi! I hope everyone who celebrated had a marvelous Thanksgiving. I think this one was the best one yet. The food was wonderful. Seeing all of my family was great. My sister and I took a set of outfit pictures together (sneak peak posted on Instagram today). And now I am recuperating after shopping this morning. I used to go at midnight with my girlfriends (missed you Bridge!) but have not in the last two years. Instead I slept in for a bit and then hit a few stores. I usually like to go to Target the best. Honestly, the last two years I have gotten there after nine in the morning to find the store less insanely busy and the items that I want still in stock. I really only want the DVD deals and the gift card deal they ran this morning so it was not worth the hassle of staying up all night. Here is what I picked up today, in stores and online, these codes and prices are good for today, November 28, 2014, only:


At Anthropologie, I bought a Buttered Rum Candle and their Fanned Feather Necklace with their extra 25% off today using code HOLIDAY25. I know, that is boring. But there is nothing there that I have to have right now, especially since I decided to keep:


This Tartan Sweatercoat. Love of my life. I just adore this piece. I was going to have my husband give it to me for Christmas, but I obviously could not wait. The outfit post for this will be going up next week, but I wanted to show a bit of it now in case you wanted to see it while the sale was still going on.


At Target I picked up all of these movies for around $60. Whoot! And yes, my emotional state and movie choices are obviously that of a thirteen year old. I have no excuse… Or shame.


Restoration Hardware has their duvet slippers which are my favorite slippers to wear and to give for $16 today.


I went to my favorite local boutique, because they were doing 50% off the entire store and bought a few goodies.


Finally, I wanted to write that I have been stalking the Millie Dress at Anthropologie in black and the same dress in blue at Modcloth for the last few days after I saw someone on Instagram wearing it. It reminded me of my favorite swing dress that I have ever seen that Atlantic Pacific wore awhile back. I was hoping that Black Friday would bring about a sale on the dress at one of those stores. It did not. However, I found out that the dress is by Dear Creatures and so I looked for it on their website. I found it and got it in both colors with their Black Friday discount code DCBLACKFRIDAY for 40% off. I just wanted to share that this shop is doing a Black Friday sale of 40% off their new arrivals and free shipping over $100. My dress was an amazing price going directly through the designer. They have a lot of pieces being sold at other retails for much more at a better price on their direct website today.

Did you shop this Black Friday? I ended up getting much more for my kids and relatives online that I cannot write about here. I tackled a lot of my Christmas list. Did you score anything? Thank you for the sweet comments on my post earlier today. I will be responding to all of your comments tonight. You filled my heart with happiness. Thank you. How was your Thanksgiving? Are you drained the next day like I am? I can never figure out if it is the turkey or the bottle of wine I consumed the previous day that leaves me with dark circles and bleary eyes.

*This post is going up in leu of tomorrow’s Littlest Things post. I must clean this house! I will have a new post up on Sunday. Have a beautiful Saturday!

Instagram: Please Help


Okay, I started an Instagram account (TheGnomeLover). Finally. I am a dinosaur. New technology terrifies me. I hate social media. I know. The irony. But I don’t like the thought of everyone’s business being seen by the whole world in a constant stream of information. I like to take time to contemplate things. I like to think things over. Scrutinize the importance of what I am putting out there. Look for boogers in pictures. The idea of “instant” is scary. Sometimes it takes me a year to edit a story. I like to wait at least a week to publish an outfit post.

This is me being a risk taker.

I’m outta control.

My friend has been telling me that I need an Instagram account for my blog forever. But I was resistant. Then I thought the other day, what if Gnomelover gets taken? What if one day I actually want an Instagram Account, but I can’t get my name??? Panic set in. I tried to register it. Well, it was all ready taken. Sigh. So, I took TheGnomeLover. As in the one and only. Because I like to be as obnoxious as I possibly can.

But, anyway, I kind of don’t understand Instagram. What do you post? When you hashtag, do you use spaces? I just learned the word hashtag last month. And I use the word “learned” loosely. If my kids learned the alphabet like I learned the word “hashtag,” they would still be in kindergarten and my heart would still be whole.

How do you find people to follow? Is there a home page? Is there a search feature?

What are “likes”?

How often is too much posting to Instagram? What are the etiquette rules for Instagram? What if I like to take food pictures?

Am I ready for this?

Am I overthinking this?

If I have a booger or cellulite hanging out, will you let me know?

Gosh. Do I want to know?

Wait. Are these questions even more terrifying than pictures I could post?

I realize I could probably find these questions somewhere online, but it took me a half an hour just to find the button to sign up for an account. I am hoping you might be able to guide me in the right direction.

I think I will post stuff not on the blog and on the blog. Like yesterday I posted a picture from my house that won’t make it to the blog. And a blog picture. Maybe I will post pictures of blog posts coming up. Ollie. Murphy (who is sick. Please send good thoughts his way).

Thank you for your help! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some cave drawings that need to get done before the T-Rex comes around.

Crochet In An Orchard


Orange you glad I didn’t do a punny title?

It was hard.

So crorchard.


When I purchased this skirt (slightly similar skirt here) at Anthropologie in 2012, I loved it. But I only wore it once, because it is a tricky skirt to wear. The waist screams for a belt, and the dividing line down the middle is distracting.

Nonetheless, I loved it.


I finally found a top that I think works with this skirt. It is from Forever 21. It is $20. You really can’t beat that. I just bought my top a few weeks ago and I cannot find it online now. I bought mine in a store so they may still have one near you, if you like it. I did found a slightly similar top for the same price here.


The House of Harlow necklace was a steal at Nordstrom Rack and the gold cuff was less than $6 at Forever 21.


And this is why I like to hold on to things in my closet. Because I knew one day this skirt would find its match.


Much like myself and this tree.

So, do you hold on to your clothes even if you have not worn the item in over a year? And what else would you suggest pairing with this skirt? I am re-loving it again. I also have it in blue. Because it was a steal, I tell ya. A steal. Any suggestions for the blue? That one is even crorcharder to style. I am thinking my Daydrifter tee. What do you think?

*The affiliate links in this post go to a slightly similar skirt and shirt above. I could not find an exact match, so if you like the Doily Skirt, I would also check eBay.

* I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!

Mama’s Fish House


Whilst in Maui, we decided one day to take a drive to eat lunch at Maui’s most famous of restaurants, Mama’s Fish House. I had avoided it the previous year, because I thought that it was located many hours from our hotel. But in reality, or to put it more bluntly, if I was smart enough to actually know how to look at and read a map, I would know it was a mere thirty five minutes away. That run-on sentence took longer to write than it took to drive there.

In truth, I also wanted to go there because a reviewer of the restaurant, in an attempt to write something negative, declared it was like Disneyland. How soon after reading those words did I decide to go there? Faster than it took to write this word: immediately.


I wore my Anthropologie Songbird Skirt and an older black tee. The shoes are Anthropologie’s Almanac Sandals.

I hope it goes without saying that I would not be writing this post if the food had not been phenomenal. Because it was. It was honestly the best meal I have ever had. We eat one big meal out a day while on vacation and the rest of the meals we either make in our hotel room or catch a quick cheap bite somewhere.

This particular lunch was expensive, but food in Maui is expensive. For example, I grabbed three bags of Hostess Donettes at the grocery store and they were almost $17. They would have been $6 at home. How soon after reading that purchase are you discrediting that I know good food? Somewhere between the word “immediately” and a long run-on sentence, I bet. But trust me.

We had eaten one of the worst meals I have ever had at a different fish house in Maui and the prices were very similar. That made us appreciate Mama’s all the more.


Their poppy bread was delicious.


They brought out a small noodle appetizer compliments of the chef. I will be spending my whole summer trying to replicate it. It was one of the best things I have ever had. Here is what I know it had: cilantro, noodles, carrots, cabbage, lime, and if I were to guess, I would say mirin, fish sauce and sesame oil. I cannot wait to experiment with this. We all scraped our plates (’cause we’re fancy) clean. And look at the cute little fork they served with it. And being the awesome and super sophisticated mother that I am, I let my son eat his entree with that little fork, too.


Blame that decision on the best drink I have ever had. In my life. It is called “The Relaxer.” I drank two of these and this is another thing I will be recreating at home.


The menu changes daily as the fish is caught and it features the fisherman/woman’s name who caught the fish. How cool is that?


We all tried a different fish dish. My family loves fish. We ate fish every day while we were in Maui. Everyone’s favorite fish was the dish I chose. It was a trio of three white fish. And it had Thai curry sauce (the chefs are from Thailand).


The restaurant is also known for their Lilikoi Creme Brûlée. It was on the show, “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.” This was the one thing I did not care for. I like passion fruit and I like creme brûlée. But together? Not so much. It was definitely not bad. Just not my favorite.

I am the only one of us that felt this way. The rest of my family liked it.


We noticed as we were leaving that my son’s napkin remained untouched throughout the meal.

“You didn’t use your napkin?” I asked slightly horrified. I say slightly, because by this time, I had all ready let him eat lunch with a tiny fork and had indulged in two Relaxers. Manners were a moot point at this stage.

“I didn’t want to ruin it. It looks so pretty,” was his reply.

I wish he felt the same way about his pants. But he is right. The napkin was pretty. I suppose it was a fair sacrifice.


We went outside for more pictures. The little restaurant is on a small quaint white sand beach.


I loved the curve of the palm trees.


Have you ever eaten somewhere that you would take a trip again, just to return to it?

We have decided we must return to Maui if only to eat here again. It was amazing. And the service was fantastic, too. This was definitely a highlight of our trip. How long do you think it would take to travel there from my house? The map is saying something crazy, like seven hours (and that involves air travel). I am choosing to be believe that is simply incorrect.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m off to go eat a Donette (not to be confused with a “donut”. I did not earn my fancy palate for nothin’).