Christmas in Clothes


So, The Nutcracker? Yeah. Call me an uneducated ditzy fool, but ??? I guess I was completely oblivious to the fact that ballets have NO TALKING in them!!!

“Hi. I’m Jenni. I can’t sit through two hours of nobody talking.”

I am a three year old.

This is payback for all of those times my children would not stop talking and we would play the “silent game.”

Those ballerinas were all, “Silent game this!”

Only without actually saying that.

Okay. Okay. It wasn’t completely silent. There was a live orchestra which was fabulous. I love an orchestra. I took my son down to the pit to watch them set up. That was my favorite part. And his, too.

I have taken my children to musicals all of their lives. I guess I just was not prepared for the ballet. This is odd, because my mother has been dancing since she was a child. Pointe and everything. Heck, I even took consistent classes for eight years (don’t look so shocked). My mother has since moved on to hip hop, but ballet has always been a part of my life. Of course, I had not gone to see it since I was a little girl.

There were parts of it that were incredible. So gorgeous and pretty. Truly breathtaking. It is amazing what some talented people can do with their bodies.

But in the future I will know.

I am too immature to go.


And yes, I am a total fraud in my ballerina dress (also worn here).

Silently sobbing.


This was what I was going to wear to the ballet.


I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that almost every single person was dressed up for the ballet. This is such a big difference from going to a play on Broadway, where only half of the people are in evening attire. This was my other favorite thing about the ballet. The ambience and the outfits.

Only I did not wear this to the ballet.

I wore this on Christmas Eve to host my family. Except, I was cooking all day, and I forgot to take my apron off until after dinner! So, apron + boots = disheveled crazy. Kind of like this post.

The skirt is my Emeline Skirt formerly worn here. And the top is my Peony Applique Pullover, previously worn here.


Let’s sidestep chasse’ away from the hot topic of ballet and move into a topic I am much more comfortable with.


And dressing like them.


I do not know why, but this outfit does remind me a bit of the little fellows. Perhaps it is the cheerful colors. Perhaps it is because I am surrounded by gnomes. Perhaps it is because I had just seen The Nutcracker the night before and I was delirious.

I paired my Anthropologie Threaded Tides Dress (purchased for $10) with my red cardigan from many years ago. I remember I first bought this cardigan, because it was called Guinevere and that is one of my favorite names in the world. It is like “Jennifer” (derived from Guinevere) only more pleasant to say in a lilting way.


The belt is a recent clearance purchase from Anthropologie called Layered Corset Belt. The boots are vintage from the flea market. The white sweater tights are from Nordstrom Rack. The earrings are from Modcloth.

What did you wear this week? Have you ever played the silent game? Are you “winning?”*

* Winning this game does not result from one being silent. Winning this game occurs the moment you convince someone else to actually play the game.

Tip: Don’t ever play against a ballerina.

* I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!

12 thoughts on “Christmas in Clothes

    • Thank you Heather! You would look great in a tulle skirt! And I would love to see your styling ideas. Oh, please get one! I bet you could do great things with it! : )

      Have a great holiday!


  1. that ballerina dress is absolutely adorable. love!

    i think i fell asleep at the last ballet i went to, although the parts where i was awake were very enjoyable. (next time: i would pregame with coffee, perhaps)

    i am amazed at how many quality pieces you find at really low sale prices. requesting a post on your shopping tactics (including your ability to resist when things are NOT such bargains!)

    • Thank you Sarah!

      And that is a great idea! Coffee! If there ever is a next time (perhaps I will take the grandkids) I will definitely inhale some of that beforehand!

      I do find some great sales. I only purchase items I have added to my wishlist. That means I never check the sale and I pretty much only buy them at least half off. I have enough clothes where I can wait for most things. I was not super attached to that dress, so I let it sell out on previous cuts, but I could not resist it when I saw it for $10. And I love it, so it was a happy buy.

      Some things I put in my wishlist that I know I will only purchase if they ever go below $20. And I add every singly pair of jeans I like in my size, because I have found that people tend to return their jeans. They have to fit perfectly. And they get returned a lot. So, I just wait until I can get them at a fantastic price. This has worked for me all year. I managed to snag 2 pairs of J Brand Moto Pants for $20 each. Four pairs of Mother Brand Jeans for $40 each, regularly $240 and up.

      Hmmmm. This is getting long. But I guess the short version is, I am patient for basics I don’t care about. I am patient for most things. And if there are a multiple offering of something (like a tulle skirt), I will add all three styles to my wishlist and when they get to 75% off, pick whichever one is still available. I can’t be too picky. Anything with more than one color in, I add all of the colors to my wishlist and wait until one pops back. Sometimes this never happens. But a lot of the time, it does.

      I did just splurge on the Satpura Sweatercoat at full price, the Savant Swing Dress and the Satine Shirt, because I had a generous gift certificate. Otherwise, I would have waited for those, too.

      I missed out on the Narva Dress I wanted. But that is the price I am willing to pay. Or I guess it was not the price I was willing to pay. ; )

      I have a budget for clothes every month. If I did not buy sale, I would only be able to get two or three things. With sale finds I can sometimes triple that. Plus, they retain their sale value if/when I resell them.

      I hope this helps! Have a terrific New Year! Next year you can have champagne. I will be right there with you with no alcohol, because I am so sick. Does NyQuil count? : )


  2. All 3 outfits look absolutely adorable on you!! I returned the Ballerina dress last year and now I’m regretting seeing how cute it looks on you!! I love the 2nd outfit too. The white tulle skirt is so delicate and pretty!!

    • Thank you Sayaka! I returned the ballerina dress the first time too. But then it was $75 and I thought I would regret not getting it at that price. So far, this has been true. I really like it. You would look darling in it.

      And thank you about the tulle skirt. I love it. I love that pullover, too. It was an easy comfy outfit.

      Have a great New Year’s!


  3. I love the ballerina dress on you! Such a lovely and soft silky print!

    It’s probably a good idea to sit near the loud orchestra and then the urge to chatter won’t be an issue at the ballet- so funny! I am most definitely not a talker, so it’s easy to keep silent for the duration of the performance (unless I’m with my mom and sisters- it’s true then we just won’t shut up…we went to a nordic spa last year and drove the staff nuts trying to shush us constantly!)

    • Thank you Sarah!

      I really wished they would have talked. I never talk during plays or movies. But I need the performers to say something. I am difficult. ; )

      Ooooh! A nordic spa?! That sounds heavenly. And that reminds me I purchased a couple’s massage for my husband and myself as a Christmas present to him. Aren’t I nice? ; )

      I need to book that!

      Have a fantastic New Year’s celebration!


  4. Oh my gosh – I love that color combo of your gnome inspired outfit. So vibrant and pretty. Ya know – I get terribly antsy at the ballet. However, I am looking into taking some beginner ballet classes for exercise instead of yoga or running. I have never done yoga or running but they don’t seem like fun. I need to do something so I think I might try ballet.

    • Thank you! I want to wear it again, but it has been so hot! When will we get some cool weather?!

      I think doing ballet is so much different than watching ballet. I would definitely try it. I think it would be a lot of fun. You should totally do it and then blow Marcy’s mind when you whip your leg over her. You should do it just for that reason alone! : )

      Have sweet dreams! Off to take NyQuil!


  5. Great holiday outfits! I love what you wore to the Nutcracker. How could you have considered anything else, what with the twirling ballerinas and all?! I suppose it is a bit on the rose, but I adore it. I wanted that dress so badly when I saw it online, but the reviews about the arms being too tight steered me away. I knew it wasn’t going to happen for me. But I love seeing you wear it!

    That sweater looks great with the Emeline tulle skirt! In the online photos, the colors seemed a bit off, but they pair beautifully. I like that you kept it from being too sweet with the leather boots. Perfect rustic elegance.

    And the gnome outfit may be my favorite of the bunch. The colors are just so saturated and play off each other beautifully.

    I have such a backlog of outfit and holiday posts put together. I’ve been writing and editing all morning and needed a break to go catch up on my blog reading! As for your thoughts on the ballet – I totally get it. I remember being surprised too. I guess I was expecting a musical or something. I saw the Moulin Rouge ballet two years ago, and it was absolutely lovely. The acting was so over-exaggerated and so was the choreography, so it was easy to follow the story. Plus, the sets and costumes were so beautiful that I was enthralled the whole way through. If you’re ever willing to give the ballet another shot, I’d recommend that one! It is much sweeter than Baz Luhrmann’s cheeky film version, though.

    Merry Christmas!


    • Thank you so much Liz!

      Anytime I wear that skirt I think of you. You always wear it better than me. You can think of the whole picture.

      I got my tea set at Christmas! Now I just need to go get some loose leaf tea! Maybe tomorrow. Hey maybe on the last night of the year. Cue the eerie music.

      I am intrigued by the Moulin Rouge ballet. I think I would actually be able to do that! Thanks for the tip! I think that is exactly the word I was and always am looking for, though. “Cheeky.”

      Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too!


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