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Random outfits seem to be a common theme around here. The week of these pictures (about two weeks ago), I wore a dress covered in ballerinas, a dress belonging in a circus, and a cold weather outfit.



I had purchased this ballerina dress many months ago at full price. I had returned it almost immediately, because I was disappointed in the fit. It is from Anthropologie and called Bourgeois dress. It is showing sold out, but the sizing is way off. I imagine this dress will be able to be found when people realize this. I was about ten pounds heavier the first time I purchased this dress. I bought the large and could not get it to fit. Which is ridiculous. But it finally went down to almost 75% off and I knew I would regret it if I did not try it again. I repurchased the large, and low and behold, it fit perfectly! I am now a size 8. I think this dress runs very small.

I am wearing it exactly as the model. Okay, let me rephrase that. Not exactly like the model. I just paired the same pieces of the outfit shown together. The tights are from Anthropologie. They were originally $38 and I paid $10. The boots were also a sale find. I am really proud of this “clearance” outfit.


When I first started the week, it was cold in California. I cold not wait to get some more use out of my mustard Pilcro pants. (Which, admittedly are a little big. But I could not resist their fabulous price and comfort factor. I should have tucked them deeper into my boots. I apologize for the puddles of fabric). I paired it with an Anthropologie sweater that I purchased on sale for $37. The tank top was also a sale find at $15.



I love this outfit! I definitely feel like I could be shouting, “Come one! Come all!”

This dress is from Modcloth. It is called Anything Rows Dress. I love the fit and flare. The length is perfect. I wear a size 8 US and purchased the 12 UK. The sandals are from Anthropologie, last year. They were Tracy Reese Corchorus wedges.

I am wearing it with a PomPom necklace I purchased back in November. It is from Chelsie on Etsy.

I have found many ways to wear this necklace in the last few months. It also acts as a fun hidden Mickey.

In these photos, I represented a ballerina, a bundled up girl and a ringmaster. What have been your random outfits you have worn recently?

Have a great day!

7 thoughts on “Random Outfits

  1. Oooh, I love the ballerina dress on you! Can’t believe it’s a size large. It must be cut very small! I’m pretty much a size 10 so I’m probably sized out. That PomPom necklace is too cute!

    • Thank you Lorraine! The fit of his dress is just insane. And I do not know that I have full upper arm motion in it! It is the closest thing I will ever come to being a real ballerina. So, I suffer through it!

      I was so excited to wear that Pompom necklace to Disneyland. I thought for sure someone would ask where I got it. But the only person who said anything was a sweet little four year old who shyly whispered “Mickey” as she pointed to it. Hey, I’ll take it!

      Have a great day!


  2. I just tried the ballerina dress on today! I am always a small, and I swearI couldn’t even pull the arms up! Never got it zipped because I couldn’t get it far enough on my shoulders! Very weird!

    • Isn’t that crazy? Hmmm… I wonder if a medium would work for you. I am consistently a medium and had to size to a large. Did they have any at your store? The shoulders and arm area are very weird! Even in the correct size. I still love it, though! For the sale price.

      I hope you can find one that will work for you! I think they will keep popping up, because of the random sizing!

      Have a great day!


    • Thanks Kerri! I was just thinking before I went to sleep, maybe I should not have posted that outfit. I am so rumpled! But isn’t that truly me?!

      I missed you last night! I hope you are having wonderful family time!

      Have a great day!


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