Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey and stuffing
Giving thanks over gravy
Why won’t my jeans close?

In lieu of my usual “It’s The Little Things” today, I will be updating sporadically throughout today with things I am grateful for. I want to keep things in perspective.

My grandmother (who was the heart and soul of the family) passed away in January and today is going to be especially hard for my family. I will first travel two hours to my dad’s house, where my kids have spent the last two nights. We will prep food there (with my sister and her family) and then make our way about 1/2 a mile up the road to where my grandmother’s house is. My mom and her family will be gathered there. My heart is heavy. We will stay an hour and then go back to my dad’s house to eat.

Busy day! What are your plans? Because I feel my day will be filled with a lot of sadness, I am going to focus on the positives.


First up, coffee. Cuban coffee to be exact. Lovely goodness! I could not and did not get out of bed without it.


I made chocolate pie last night. I also made my husband some cranberry sauce. I believe he is the only one who likes it. Today, I will make green bean casserole.

I was also in charge of bringing the rolls and other pies. I ordered a pecan, pumpkin, and coconut creme from Marie Calendar’s. The yummy rolls were baked fresh at Great Harvest yesterday. I am grateful to be able to pick up yummy food and not mess up my kitchen making all of those things. I also am bringing wine. ‘Cause. Big grateful there. I did not even remove it from the trunk last night. I was scared I would forget it. Shudder.


This is what I am wearing for the drive and prep work. I am grateful to have scored these Mother’s Brand Jeans on clearance. If you have not tried Mother Jeans, you are missing out. Imagine my jeans were pulled down right.

Your bum will be grateful.

I am playing around with photo apps! Bear with me!

And we’re off! I hope your day is going great! What are your plans?


We are at my dad’s house. We are about to go outside and play a ball toss game. Here are some pictures I took on the drive to my dad’s house. Isn’t it beautiful? Look at the snow!



Played a game with my daughter. Had fun! The kids helped made these balls by drilling holes in them with my dad.


Then sat outside by the fire with my dad and talked for an hour with a glass of wine. So relaxing and nice. Grateful for this time.


Making green bean casserole on the grill outside. An adventure! We should eat by 5:00!


Turned out great! Of course, I do not eat this. Nor will I try it, but it looks yummy!


We finished the night with pie. We will be back on the road in ten minutes. It was a very nice day spent with family. I am incredibly thankful for the one I have. I hope everyone’s day was great!

16 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Awww Jenni, I am sorry your Thanksgiving Day is tinged with sadness. We don’t have Thanksgiving here but I know that my Christmas and birthday in the last week of December is going to be new and probably sad territory.

    If you want to know what I have been doing all day, I have painted white all the skirting and door frames on the landing and the bannisters/handrails along the landing and top section of stairs.

    Yesterday I painted a feature wall in the back bedroom a rather dark but really wonderful green. It is from a paint store that specialises in 18th and 19thc paints and colours so I was worried if it may not go well with my 1970’s designed home but it is fantastic. I am now having visions of various old fashioned but funky greys, blues and reds in various rooms 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Thank you Stephen! It was great to see my kids today! We are about to go play a game!

      Wow! That sounds like you have been busy. I was thinking, how did he do all this before noon. Then I remembered you are on a completely different schedule. Doh!

      Thank you for your sweet email! I will write you back tonight while I wait for Black Friday sales to start online! : )

      Have a lovely Friday!


  2. You look so pretty! Where is the vest from?? Love it!

    I hope you have a decent day even though it will be hard for you. I hope you enjoy the time with your Dad and then your Mom. Just try to remember all the good times with your Grandma.

    We are celebrating 3 occasions today- Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and my Birthday. My husband is doing most of the cooking and even adapted my favorite cheesecake to make the crust gluten free. Happy Thanksgiving Jenni!

    • Thank you Lorraine!

      It is going to be tough, but it will be okay. Thank you for your kind thoughts and words.

      The vest is the Ruffled Vest from Anthropologie. I broke my sale rule when I saw it selling out. We got mischarged on our water bill two months ago, so for the next two months, they owe us! I made up for it with this vest. ; )

      Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Hanukah! And Happy Birthday! Wow! Big day for you! How fun! I hope it is beautiful and wonderful! : )


  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Jenni!!

    I am so sorry about the loss of your gram and hope that the sadness isn’t too sharp today. How wonderful that you get to spend today with your family. That sounds wonderful.

    We are going to a friend’s house today. I made a pumpkin cream cheese pie last night and today I will make a fruit salad and some cauliflower mash to bring over too.

    Love your haiku and your outfit! Aren’t we lucky to have such beautiful weather today here in sunny So Cal?!

    Marcy sends you a big kiity kiss!


    • Thank you Cynthia. That is very much appreciated.

      Your plans sound fun! Yum! Cheesecake! I cannot wait for the food! Did Marcy end up getting dressed up?

      This weather is beautiful! I am in the mountains at my dad’s house, so it is very chilly! We are about to go outside to play a game.

      Happy Thanksgiving! : )


  4. HappyThanksgiving ! Have a wonderful time with your family.. I’ll wish for your heart..peace.. at the loss of your gramma .. I also had that kind of gramma(Nana) and truly miss her every day.
    Since my daughter is overdue and still not delivered .. This is the first year I haven’t cooked.. we are going out to eat instead…since we are uncertain when this little man will show!:)

    • Thank you Kara. That is nice of you. It does hurt, doesn’t it?

      Oh my gosh, congratulations! You guys must be anxious and excited all at once! How fun! Will this be your first grandbaby? This will make for a wonderful Christmas.

      Have a happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy not cleaning up!


  5. Sorry about your grandmother Jenni, holidays are so hard & so good at the same time 🙂 you just reminded me to go grab my wine from the car as well! Left it out there to chill overnight, we already had hot buttered rum while making lunch 😉 now relaxing with some pinot grigio 😉 happy Thanksgiving to you & your family!

    • Thank you, Lynn. That is the truth. Hard and good. We will be leaving to go to my grandma’s house in thirty minutes. I get to see my cousin’s baby, so that is what I am looking forward to!

      I am glad I reminded you about the wine. Ha! That’s the best! I have had one giant glass of wine. It was yummy! That is all I have had besides coffee this morning. We do not eat until 4:00.

      Enjoy your spirits! I am glad you are having a good day. Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. I am sorry about your grandmother. Grandmothers are very special. I miss mine too. I hope your family is able to enjoy being together and can share happy memories of her.

    • Thank you. Grandmas are the best. I miss mine like crazy. I did not know if I was going to be able to get out of the car at first. I sat there just taking deep breaths. It ended up being okay. I loved seeing my family.

      I hope your day was fantastic and your day today is relaxing!


  7. Happy be-lated Thanksgiving Jenni! I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother. It’s hard to celebrate a holiday when you just lost someone so dear and close to you.

    I must add that your cardigan looks adorable on you Jenni!!
    And those jeans look perfect for traveling.

    • Thank you Sayaka! I hope your day was wonderful!

      Each holiday will be hard, but everyone has to go through this. It just sucks. Thank you for your sweetness.

      And thanks for the compliments! I love that vest. I wore it again today. I want to wear it tomorrow, too, but I am pacing myself.

      Have a great rest of the week!


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