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First: I want it noted that this year (2013) from 12/1 to 12/2, H&M is doing a huge online sale. I ordered quite a few Christmas presents early Sunday afternoon. It is 40% off entire regular price order over $50 + an additional 25% off sale purchase + free shipping. The code is 7376. This is a fantastic offer! H&M is all ready a decently priced store. This discount is kind of spectacular. Happy shopping!

Now, on to my story about this store from two weeks ago:

I dropped my daughter off at the mall with her friends. However, the thought of her at the mall by herself made me hyperventilate. Okay. She wasn’t by herself. She was with six other girls. One of whom was seventeen. But still. It’s a scary world out there…At the mall.

So I stayed. That way I could scope out any potential predators. Or stalkers.

Or deals.

Selfishly, I had a craving for those fried cheese sticks at the Corn Dog Stick place. I have no idea if they still sell those there. It’s been almost twenty years since I have had them. On my way to the food court, I stopped in at H&M. I needed a simple long sleeved black t-shirt. I knew they had them here for $12.95. I entered the store.

And there I stayed for the entire time. There are some fantastic items there right now!

If you text your email address to the number in store, you get 10% off your purchase to be used that day only. I think you can also give them your email address at the register. The best part is, after I did this, they also emailed me a coupon for 20% off one item.


They have the best sweater tights there right now. They are spendy at $12.95, but I loved this gold color. And I got them for 10% off, so they ended up being more of a decent price. I believe during the Cyber deal these are now $5.25 in the sale section.


I got my black shirt.


Look at this tube scarf. So easy. The color is brilliant (perfect with the trendy army jackets popular now and jeans). $12.95 (plus discount) = a steal.

They also had: Bunny. Pajamas. Bunnies on pajamas. Who needs sheep? I bought them, but they are in the wash. No pictures. Sorry!

They also have a new “lodge” line with some fabulous Fairisle sweater items. Unfortunately, they did not have my size in a gorgeous dress, but this line is really cute for the right body type (mine not being it).

I never did get my fried cheese (perhaps that is for the best), but I did find some amazing inexpensive pieces.


The only deal I bought for myself with the 40% off Cyber Sunday/Monday sale (besides some basic tanks for $3.57, 2 pairs of $7.46 jeans, a pair of black sweater tights and a scarf) was this vest. I normally do not do the fur thing, but I loved the pattern. We will see what it looks like when it comes. I kind of hate the tie waist. If I cannot fix that, I will not keep it.


The skinny jeans that are on sale for $9.95, are now $7.46 with coupon code!

Have you been to H & M lately? Are you going to partake in their fabulous online offer?

P.S. Johnny Was is also offering a Cyber Monday sale with 35% off purchase with code ENJOY35.

13 thoughts on “H&M Lately

  1. I love the rhythm of your writing. It definitely reflects your initial thoughts…and then the shifts once you have more time to think through something. lol The stream of consciousness if great. And so funny.

    I haven’t done any shopping yet! No Black Friday, no small business Saturday, nothing! It’s because I’ve been working at the new store so I’ve sort of been shopping while I work…but for myself. I need to get things for the other people in my life!

    I’m so thrilled you got the Emeline Tulle Skirt and that you’ve paired it with black tights here. I plan on doing the same…maybe with some velvet pumps and an embellished cardi for the holidays.

    It is Cyber Monday…maybe I can get a little shopping in today! 🙂


    • Thanks Liz!

      I had all ready written the post. And then, lo and behold, a sale popped up. I tried to incorporate it. But, admittedly, this post was all over the place. ; ). I just could not let the deal go by and not tell everyone about it!

      And then, I had my chocolate pie post ready to go, but an hour ago I decided to write a little something for the weekly writing challenge, instead. I am so all over the place!

      We are trying to get all of our Christmas decorations up, sans Christmas tree (we don’t get that until Sunday). It is kind of hard to decorate without the tree!

      I hope your week is less crazy than mine! : )


  2. I absolutely love H&M, but I have had nothing but headaches with their website and customer service. Most recently (a few months back), I ordered a jacket for my mom as a present. Not only was I informed TEN DAYS LATER that the item was out of stock, I never received a refund. I ended up having to call their customer service line more times than I could count to eventually get my money back several weeks later. It was so ridiculous. I don’t have an H&M by my house, so I unfortunately can only shop with them when Chris and I make a trip to Asheville, NC, our nearest store. I hope your online ordering experience goes more smoothly than mine did. They have such great deals online that it makes me sad that it is too much of a hassle. 🙁

    On a more positive note, I do agree that H&M has awesome tights, and I love how you styled the gorgeous Emmeline Tulle Skirt! You’ll have to update us with a picture of your bunny PJ’s soon. 😉

    • Oh my gosh! I read your comment early in the morning and it stressed me out! Especially since now I have additional charges on my credit card from them. I am hoping it is just them shipping things a few at a time and then charging me (like Anthropologie does). I will watch it now, though. Thank you for the heads up!

      I have always had such wonderful in-store experiences, I guess I was thinking it would be the same online. I have never ordered there before. They just started their online store and I was waiting for them to get their kinks out. I hope I waited long enough! I am so sorry for your experience. I am glad it FINALLY worked out. I would be so irritated. My orders (I placed one giant one and then one small one) have not shipped yet, but I am watching!

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Yikes!

      Have a terrific Tuesday!


  3. For some reason I get really stressed out when I go into an H&M. I am not sure why. Maybe because it is always so jam packed full of people. Maybe I am just spoiled by Anthropologie’s atmosphere. In any case, I love love love that Emmeline Tulle Skirt on you and how you paired it with all black. So romantic. I have never heard of sweater tights. They sound really comfy!

    • Ha! It is definitely different than Anthropologie, that is for sure. But it is much cheaper, too. I used to get stressed out there when I would go, but now I just like it. I really like the prices. Now, Kohls? Forget about it. No way. I hyperventilate in the atmosphere.

      Thanks for the compliment. They are also called “cable tights.” I love , love, love sweater tights. And Marcy would claw, claw, claw them. Murphy is a jumper and I have to be on the defense whenever I am in tights. Stressful.

      I hope your Tuesday is truly great!


  4. You look absolutely adorable and chic!! That tube scarf is so cute and I love that color!! THe skirt too…I’m so happy you found that because it looks amazing on you!!

    • Thank you Sayaka! I appreciate it!

      Oh my gosh. My giant, humongous order has not shipped yet. I am getting just a wee bit nervous. Fingers crossed!

      Have sweet dreams!


  5. H&M have bunny pj’s!? My old bunny pj bottoms ripped the other day, so this is amazing news, gotta check it out! If you don’t like the tie on the vest I’m sure you could easily remove it, that vest would look so cute over your rust red free people dress! Sorry, I had two mojitos, one in each foot as we say in Norway, so I think I better stop commenting on blogs now!

    • I love my bunny pajamas, but I don’t think they sell them on the site. I am nervous about my orders though. I was charged for everything, but only 1/3 of it has shipped. I sense a headache coming on.

      Thankfully the vest is one of the items shipped. That is a good idea with the ties. I hope it works when it comes. Whenever that will be. ; )

      Mojitos? Feet? Sounds like a perfect night. And you should definitely stop commenting and enjoy the fun! Just don’t touch your awesome nativity scene. You don’t want to hurt the llamas or the fedoras. Or put the fedoras on the llamas or vice versa. Now who sounds like they’ve had two mojitos?

      Stay warm! And healthy! And filled with mojitos!


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