Fanned Flora Dress


I rarely will pay full price for anything.


But when I saw Anthropologie’s Fanned Flora Dress all logic went out the window.

I fell hard.

In love.

With this dress.

It is called The Fanned Flora Dress from Anthropologie.


Granted I did have an amazing 25% off coupon that I used for it, but it was still more than I usually spend… And it looks like Anthropologie is currently having a promotion featuring 25% off dresses right now (I also love this different sleeveless dress for less than $30 right now. Although the reviews about laundering it scares me), so you would get the same deal! Yay!


It was worth it.

This dress is ah-mazing.

Sorry about the wrinkles. I wore this all day before we took pictures, and it happens. Oh, well. Tis the way it is. Here is the picture of the back of the dress with the zipper some people have had a problem with. I did not have a problem with my zipper or the zippers on the other two I tried on. It might be a problem on a certain batch. I recommend trying this on in the store to check the zipper, size (I sized down to a small), and pattern (which is completely different on each dress).


I have never, ever, ever gotten as many compliments on an item of clothing as I did this dress. An elderly man stopped me in the parking lot to tell me that my dress was just beautiful. “It looks like a watercolor painting.”

That is exactly the reason I purchased this dress. It looks like a piece of art.


Of course, I immediately did the thing I feared the most. I got food on my dress. See that spot?! I need to figure out how to get it out. It is mayo. This girl is a slob cannot resist tuna salad. It is a problem.


I tried on three different dresses to find the pattern I preferred (my original review of this dress can be found here). Each dress has a different pattern placement. I like how my arms on this one match up with the sides. I also prefer the wide space of blue at the neckline. The pattern at the neck is not as flattering.

I also want to note that in the picture of this dress on Anthropologie’s page, the model is wearing a necklace with the dress. I really think that is a mistake. It takes away from the gorgeous pattern and breaks up the flattering blue. Oh, this braid? Why that’s completely different. That’s organic. Come to think of it, so are the wrinkles… On the dress.


I strongly believe this color will look good on every skin tone. I think the swing shape will look good on a variety of body types.

Do you like swing dresses? In the window of the store, they had this dress belted, but I do prefer the swing shape to structure… On the dress.

*I shared this on The Pleated Poppy and Reasons To Dress.

Ginette Callaway: Landscapes

I love art. I like my walls to be crammed full of pretty things to look at. It is important to me. I think a home should be filled with the essence of the people who reside there. It should shout or whisper whatever emotion you are trying to convey. I hope our house screams, “FUN!”


Besides my children’s paintings, I have more paintings by Ginette Callaway than anyone else in my home. I love her impressionistic style and the bright colors that she uses. I have been collecting her art for well over ten years. Last time I shared my bird paintings by her on this blog, including the peacock painting often seen in my outfit posts.

This time I wanted to share some of my landscapes by Ginette.


First there is this beautiful fishing village painting. I love the size of it. I am currently rearranging the art in my house. This is how the art is arranged above our bookcases in our living room right now. She also painted the butterfly on the left.


There is my incredibly fun painting by Ginette of an underwater fish scene.


Miniature paintings are my favorite. This little guy is small and pretty. It depicts a small home in the Bahamas. Man, I would love to go there right now!


And this painting is even smaller. I told you, I love small paintings. This is a lovely quaint city scene.

You can find Ginette Callaway on her website. And she sells her art on her Etsy store.

Do you have art in your home? What is your favorite item on your walls? What would you want your home to say about you?

It’s The Little Things: Waterlogue App


I love a fun app! I have all ready done a post about another app I love here. But there is always room in my heart for more.

I first learned about this app from the blog One Can’t Get Over The Habit Of Being A Little Girl All At Once. It intrigued me. For $3 you can change your photos into watercolors. How awesome is that?

The app is called Waterlogue. It has quite a few different settings to choose from to change your pictures into dreamlike creations. My favorite picture settings in Waterlogue are Bold and Travelogue. Although, I really like them all.


Here is a picture of a tree I took.


Here is the picture Waterlogued.




Some outfit posts made more fun with the app.



My dogs turned into paintings!


This app is highly addicting. As an insomniac, I love it!

I may or may not also be spending my nights turning pictures of David Beckham into “art.” And he may or may not be in a certain state of dress. And I may or may not post this weird paragraph.

Is over-sharing a thing?

It’s the little things: making memories even more fun and special!

Have you tried this app yet? Isn’t it so cool? Do you have any other app recommendations?

It’s The Little Things: On Our Fireplace Mantel

Sweet Brynne asked me last week if I would do a post about the items on my mantle. I thought it was a great idea. I take most of my outfit photos in front of my fireplace, because of the convenience. I love the items on my mantle. Each piece is special to me. I am excited to share!


First, let’s talk about the painting above the mantel in case you missed my post about one of my favorite artists, Ginette Callaway. In 2004, I commissioned sweet Ginette to paint me a peacock for above our newly tiled fireplace.

Ginette really came through. She painted three paintings and let me choose one. My biggest regret is not buying two. I loved another one as well. Actually all three were stunning. The other one I vividly remember showcased a smaller peacock with a giant fan of feathers in colors of the rainbow, but mostly lavender hues. Gorgeous.

But I love this painting. I love Ginette. The painting makes me happy every day to look at it.


In the center of our mantel is a Lego VW Bus. My husband and son love Legos. My husband has a 1967 VW Bus that we adore. I bought this for my husband as a Christmas present a few years ago. They built it together.

This year, Lego offered a free (my favorite word) mini Lego VW Bus with an online purchase. It happened to be near my son’s birthday. Score!


The felted gnomes riding the dragon and the VW Bus are from Moongoat on Etsy. I love her shop. I have many of her gnomes hidden throughout my house. I cannot resist a felted gnome.


The little girl gnome is from ABC Carpet and Home in New York. It is the most amazing store. Every time I am in New York, it is my favorite shop to visit. I cannot afford most things there, but I have managed to snag a deal on each of my trips.

I had seen the gnome when I had gone on a family trip in June three years ago. She was part of a trio (a scruffy male gnome and a wizard gnome). They were $48 a piece (the store is pricy). I do not know if the gnomes were antiques. They had been loved on. Hard. I obviously was not going to spend $144 on three felted gnomes. I left them behind.

In September of that same year, I took a trip to New York with my girlfriends. We visited this store. The gnomes were still there. Their tags were removed. I asked the sales girl how much they were now. She sold them to me for $10 each. And she wrapped them up so cute.

I gifted them to my husband when I got home.


Every year my husband and I go on a two to three night trip for our anniversary sans kids (this year it is Vegas). On one of the trips, we went to San Francisco. In a small little store in Chinatown, I spotted this amazing rope dragon (my husband collects dragons). I remember he was $45. And he always has a gnome riding him. Although, it may not always be the same one. ; )


About three years before my grandmother passed away, she gifted me this jar of buttons. The jar was my great grandmother’s. Her and I looked very much alike. She was Polish. And I once got chased through the college campus by a little old man who wanted to know the exact place I was born in Poland. Anyway, I never met her. Half of the button’s were also my great grandmother’s. The other half my grandmother purchased off of eBay. My jar of buttons is one of my favorite things in my home. I like the idea of my grandma shopping on eBay. I also like the history of the jar and the buttons.


The green candle hanging from the jar was made by my daughter in the fifth grade. Fifth grade is when the children in California learn about Colonial Times. At our school, they have a day where all of the kids dress up in colonial clothes and participate in activities that they would have done back then. I have been waiting to add a candle made by my son for years. This year he is in the fifth grade. I have made him promise me he will choose candle making as one of his activities. Hopefully, the mantle will have a new addition soon.

And the beehive candle was a Christmas present from my stepmom. It is made from my dad’s beeswax (he is a beekeeper). I LOVE it.


The small blue candlesticks were a Christmas gift from my mother some years ago. I love the color. I love everything about them. They are perfect!

The beaded purple candle holders were some of my first purchases from Anthropologie. I waited for them to go on sale. This was many years ago.


The felted gnome on the jar of buttons wearing the snail as a hat is also from Etsy. This one was done by Eve’s Little Earthlings. I think they are extremely cute.

I think with the snail on his head he looks like the man with the bird on his head from one of my favorite movies, “Labyrinth.”


The little pig next to them is from my favorite video game. The video game is Monster Hunter. The pig’s name is Poogie. In the video game I fight jelly beans (just kidding. We obviously fight monsters. I am quite the Monster Hunter. Not to brag or anything). My husband and I play it together. We each have Poogie in our house in the video game. You can change his clothes. If you pet him right, he does a backflip and little red hearts spring from his head.


I actually have a stuffed Poogie on my husband’s desk in our bedroom. And I am also the proud owner of a blow up stuffed giant piece of meat (also from the video game). Maybe I should pose with it sometime.

Or not.


On either side of the mantle are two little roosters. I purchased them at an antique store a few years ago. They have remains of a cork on the bottom of them, so I assume they used to be wine stoppers. I think their colors are fantastic.


The little chipmunks were painted by my children many years ago from a pottery place in town. We have pieces like them all over the house.


The blue vase was a purchase my husband and I made on a family vacation to Arizona when my son was a year old. It was our only souvenir.

He bought me these orange roses on clearance this week (they are not doin’ so well). One of his favorite things to do is buy huge amounts of flowers for me after a holiday when the stores have a surplus of flowers to get rid of. One year, he bought me seven dozen beautiful red roses for $7!

He is sweet.

Next big after-holiday flower discounts? Easter and Mother’s Day!


It’s The Little Things: Displaying what you love, because the items mean love to you.

What is on your mantle? What is your favorite piece to display?

Thanks Brynne for the great idea! : )