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Have you heard of A Beautiful Mess? Chances are, you have. And if you haven’t: It is an incredibly successful blog hosted by two fashionable creative foodie sisters. It is what all of us bloggers strive to become. One of the few success stories out of millions of blogs.

I love them.

Their photography is beautiful. Their food is beautiful. They are beautiful.

And they have a new app. I use it all of the time.

That is how I make my pictures fancy.

I am clueless when it comes to editing pictures. And photoshop, forget about it. But this app, I can do.


You can make yourself prettier. Even in a bad pic. Before.



Hmmm. I said, “prettier.” Not pretty. There was really no helping that pic. ; )


You can make your animals talk.


You can add fun borders.


You can make yourself a fairy princess. Because, why wouldn’t you?

Seriously, it is addicting. I love it!

Have you tried it yet? What are your favorite photo apps?

7 thoughts on “A Beautiful Mess App

    • Hi Barbara!

      I will definitely check out kitcam. Thank you so much for the referral. I very much appreciate it. And Ollie also appreciated your comment. He is a sweet little guy. : )

      Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. That looks like so much fun! I really need to get a smartphone so I can take pictures and do all of that fun stuff! Can you believe I still have a flip phone?! Looks like my mom is going to get a smartphone before me even. I am so behind the times!

    • Hi Cynthia!

      I just go my iphone a couple of months ago. The last time I had upgraded my phone had been when my daughter was in fourth grade (she is now in high school). I was so against upgrading. But I love my phone. So much. I do not know how I survived without it. If you upgrade, you will never look back!

      Have a great night! : )

  2. Just on the evidence of your blog alone, it looks a great app. There was me thinking how talented you were with all your artistic doodles 🙂 You’re still talented though, I’m just stupid for thinking you did them on MS Paint!!! They are such a part of your blog though and suit it really well.

    • Hi Stephen!

      Thanks! I am the worst at computer anything! My husband has to do all of my links. I do not even know what MS Paint is. But I bet my artistic daughter would love it! You are definitely not stupid. At all. You just underestimated my laziness. ; ).

      Have a wonderful Wednesday. I loved your blog post about Downton Abbey. I need to get my lazy butt over there to comment on it!


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