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I went to an Anthropologie Holiday Workshop the other day. It was a lot of fun. I plan on combining the two workshops I am going to into one post this year. I have so many posts on backlog that I have to cram everything in. This is what I wore that day (other post with this dress can be found here).

I decided to cram some reviews in at the same time I did the workshop. I also decided to keep the word “cram” twice in two paragraphs. I like that word. I imagine it being said with a twang and anything said with a twang is better. Except for the actual word, “twang.” There is no helping that one. How did this post get so off track? This post contains so many pictures. I apologize for the length of this post, but I did not want to exclude anything or make two posts.

Without further ado, the reviews:


I saw this knit chemise hanging on the hanger with its grey twin. I have enough grey (please remind me of this post the next time I whine about not having enough grey. It is bound to happen. And, of course, I will deny it). So I decided to try on the wine color.

I thought it was a dress.

But now I am not so sure. Did I inadvertently try on another top without pants? This seems to be a too common occurrence. I tried on the small. It fit fine. I have enough of these types of pieces in my closet, so I passed on it. But I would recommend it (with leggings or skinny jeans if you are 5’4″ and taller, and if you are shorter than 5’4″, I think you will be able to get away with tights. I am 5’6″. I am wearing tights. I do not recommend doing that) if you are looking for an easy layering thermal piece in your closet. I also think the different color at the cuff is a cute touch.



I saw The Sherbet Handknit Vest and I was intrigued by the loops. I am not a fuzzy sweater type of gal. I remember when my daughter was two, my sister bought her a bright blue fuzzy sweater. She. Would. Not. Take. It. Off. That was the end of me having any influence in her wardrobe.

She must be rubbing off on me. I like this vest, but I do not have enough colors to match this vest in my closet to purchase it.




This coat. This Mesilla Jacquard Coat is everything (bear with me. This seems to be my phrase of the month). But it is.

The texture. The material. The pattern. The hood. I love it.

You know what would be helpful? If I could remember what size I tried on. I believe it was M/L, but I could be wrong. I know I tried the vest above and this coat in two different sizes. One was an XS/S and one was a M/L. And never shall I know which is which.

I am sorry about my lack of information, naked thighs and bad hair. If I see it in the next store I am in, I will try it on and correct the size issue. I can make no promises on the status of thighs and hair at that time.

If I did not all ready have a similar sweater in almost this exact pattern and color, this would be at the top of my wishlist. But I do (one from long ago and I cannot find its name). I highly recommend this coat. It is gorgeous.

The last picture is me realizing my hair looks ridiculous and my dress might not be a dress afterall. It is good times in the dressing room with me.



I had lusted after The Risen Sun Sweater Dress online. And I mean lusted. Okay. Maybe I don’t mean lusted. That might be too strong of a word (and image), but I could not wait to see it in real life. My store had two in stock. This is a size small. I am sad to say it is not my favorite. I am not a huge fan of the open weave sweater material. It was a lot of fabric on me. The pattern is fun. But this was just not a love for me. I took it off of my wishlist.

I have seen a lot of girls rock this dress on Instagram so I think this will be an individualized dress decision. Best to try it on to see if it works for your body type.


This Iguazu Pencil Skirt was another item that had made it to my wishlist when I spotted it online. I wanted it so badly to work. But, alas, it was too long for me and my saddlebags showed much too much. This skirt will be fantastic on the right body shape. I am wearing a size medium. Another item that was removed from my wishlist. Darn.



I did not have anything to try on with this adorable bunny shirt, called sweetly enough, Hop Along Top, except for the skirt above. I love this shirt. I am wearing a size six. I have very large arms so this type of sleeve is usually a pass for me. It was not the most flattering but it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I love the pattern. Who can resist adorable bunnies? I will watch this one for a sale.




This skirt. This skirt is everything (I did warn you). It has llamas and cheetahs cats or dogs? I cannot figure out the last animal but I do think they are two animals that go so oddly well together.

I also could not figure out the sizing in this skirt. I tried on the medium and the large. I ended up going with the medium. The sweet gals at this Anthropologie generously gave the participants of the holiday workshop 25% off purchase cards. I know! Those girls are everything. I used mine for a few things. This skirt was one of them.

I like to be as confusing as possible. I am wearing two different sweaters in the photos above. The sweater I am wearing in the first picture is the same as the one in the third. It is called The Icehouse Pullover. I added it to my wishlist. I do not have enough grey… sweaters. I need this one. I really liked the fit. I took a medium. The middle picture is The Novelty Pullover on sale (also seen in The Iguazu Pencil Skirt photo). I tried on a medium and it was fine. That one was too busy for me.

What do you think about the headband/turban? I ended up purchasing it and giving it to my daughter. I may or may not borrow it. I am not sure if I look silly in it. More silly than a woman in her late thirties wearing a skirt with prideful llamas and resting cheecatdogs.


I loved The Tiled Amethyst Dress when I first tried it on. I am wearing a small in the picture. Even afterwards I was thinking about it. As I waited for the paint to dry (how often do you get to use that phrase in its correct form?) on the project I was working on for the workshop, I scanned through these pictures. And I noticed this v in the front of the pattern for the first time. This really bothers me. For this reason this dress did not make it to my wishlist.


I have a confession. When I bought this jacket (post wearing it here), I also purchased this sweater. It is called The Downy Cocoon Cardi. I wanted to see which one I liked better. I knew I would return one. Hands down the jacket won. Arms all in. The jacket. This is an XS/S. The material is gorgeous. But it is very delicate and I found it to be too bulky on my frame. This was removed from my wishlist. I did have the sweet woman checking me out take a picture of it as I was returning it so I could show the fit. I am weird.

The girls there loved this sweater, so I suggest trying this one on to see if it will work for you. I think it can be great on the right person.




Let’s just get to it. Everything. Yep. Anthropologie’s Fanned Flora Dress was the other item of clothing I purchased with my 25% off. The dress that I actually bought I did not get a picture of. (I tried on three). I was in a hurry. The first two pictures (same dress) are a small (and the size I purchased) and the bottom one is a medium. This is something that I highly recommend going to the store and trying on in person. Every single dress had a different pattern placement. I much prefer the pattern not next to the face (as is shown in the small. The medium has the busy pattern on the neckline. I do not think that placement is as flattering). The dress I purchased is a mixture of these two. It has a plain top but the shoulder and middle on down are full of pattern.

This dress has such pretty colors. The blue is vibrant. I think it would look good belted, too (my store had the mannequin dressed that way). I prefer the loose swing dress look.

Have you tried on anything good lately? Anything in your wishlist worth sharing? Have you ever tried on a top and thought it was a dress or vice versa? Did you share those pictures on the internet?

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These pictures were edited using VSCO’s C1 filter on level 3.

38 thoughts on “Anthropologie Fall Reviews

  1. Oh man, that fanned flora dress IS everything. I love it. I can’t wait to see you wear it. I bet it would looks amazing with your new bomber. I am going to try to find that dress soon! Thanks for the reviews. Always fun!

    • Thank you Alicia! I have not even worn it out yet. I keep stressing that I will spill something on it. It is that type of material that will never get a stain out of it. I need to try it with that bomber. : )

      Have a fabulous week!


  2. I LOVE everything you tried on! Everything looks great on you, but I can see how you rationalized your purchases. What kind of project did you make at the workshop(s)? I think I might have missed the ones in my area already – bummer!

    • Thank you Heather! I love that skirt so much! We made pearblossoms. And at another we cut out birds. Both were super fun!

      Have a gorgeous week!


  3. You are way too hard on yourself! You look gorgeous in everything. I particularly loved the bunny shirt, the Tiled Amethyst Dress, and the Fanned Flora dress. Thanks for the reviews!

    • Oh! Thank you Caroline! I really appreciate that. That bunny shirt makes me smile. And I want the wear the Fanned Flora Dress soon.

      Thanks again!

      Have a wonderful week!


  4. You look adorable in everything – even the fitting room messy bun looks super cute on you (: I have been eying the Fanned Flora Dress but I can’t decide. I recently realized that this one dress I really wanted was actually an online exclusive (I thought it was supposed to hit the stores) and is now sold out. So maybe I should reward myself with something else – like Fanned Flora? (:

    – Deniz

    • Thank you Deniz! I think that the fanned Flora dress is going to be a tough one. The good pattern placement will sell out quickly. I wanted to pick mine up so that I had a choice. I love the blank blue. It would be gorgeous on you!

      Have a jubilant week!


  5. I agree with you on the blue dress, the placement makes a difference and I do like the pattern on the bottom better than the top. Really like the tiled amethyst dress on you too! The llama skirt is too cute and when I saw it in Anthro last week, I remembered you liked it and was wondering if you would purchase it or not. Did you notice they had a few other llama items? I think one was a top of some sort. I made it to the store in Charlotte when I was visiting last week and ended up returning something I had purchased online and was able to get several tops in the sale section with and extra 25% discount. I purhcased the Cuyama Tee (color is turquoise, but looks like mint green to me), Tipperary Tee, Skirted Jaquard Tank (kind of out of my comfort zone), and the Venezia tank. Most of these I picture wearing with jeans, but I will try to see what other styling options I can come up with. Oh, and I thought about the sweater with the pom-poms, but it had some wool in it, so I passed (due to limited use in South Florida). The item I returned is the ribbed funnelneck tee, which had a weird fit. I did purchase (online with a birthday discount) the pommed pencil skirt and Susana heels, which I really like.

    • Thank you Barbara! My favorite is the skirt. My husband said that I all ready had a skirt similar but but I had to tell him the other one did not have llamas! 🙂

      I tried on the llama shirt last week. I will have reviews with that one next week. I love the colors.

      I had not noticed the cuyama tee. I had not seen that one before. I need to add it to my Wishlist! I love everything that you picked up. Ooooh! The pommed pencil skirt is so beautiful! I love that one.

      Sweet dreams!


  6. Thanks for the reviews, hon! Love the two print skirts, especially the llama one. I need more prints in my closet like I need a hole in my head, but they are so appealing! And that dress: Tiled Amethyst! The tile print looks so Spanish or Moroccan! Love 🙂
    Your blue dress in so divine on you. Swing dresses don’t work for my figure, but you rock them! What a luscious colour and print.
    Thanks for sharing your Anthropologie research!

    • Thank you! I do love the print of the Tiled Amethyst Dress. I just wish it was different at the bottom.

      And thank you about tye blue dress. It is my favorite. I bought it two weeks ago, though and I still have not worn it. I am scared to get something on it!

      Have a great rest of the week!


  7. Hey Jenni!

    Well, as always you look great in everything!! 🙂

    I really LOVE that llama skirt a lot! Might be my next purchase… 😉

    My favorite recent Anthro purchases are:

    **Fairisle Sweater skirt**

    **Risen Sun sweater dress**
    I wish you would have loved this dress!! I know you weren’t a big fan once you tried this on but I found sizing down looked less flattering than my usual size…It hung beautifully in my usual size! Maybe if you tried a medium you would have liked it better! The first day I wore this I received so many compliments…It’s a conversation starter kind of dress 🙂

    **Luiza Sweater dress**

    **Mustang Wrap jacket**

    **Higgins Rancher**

    **Rubus Maxi dress**

    I tried a lot of things on lately but had more disappointments than anything…Somehow I still found enough lovelies to take home with me 🙂

    Thanks as always for the reviews…So helpful!!
    Can’t wait to hear more about your workshop!

    Have a wonderful day :0) ♥

    p.s. I’m glad you finally found a leather jacket that you love!! I still have my eye on one from Free People but it needs to go on major sale first 😉

    • Thank you! Oh my goodness! I had to check out everything you scored! They are all so good! I love that Luisa Dress. How did it fit? Are the colors true to real life? I think it is so pretty.

      I have been eyeing that Mustang Jacket but do not know how I would wear it. What are you wearing yours with?

      Have you seen that new Tartan Blanket Coat? I want it so badly!!!

      Have a sweet week!


      • Thanks! I only make it to an Anthropologie store maybe 4-5 times a year so I always make it worthwhile when I go!
        I hate paying for shipping online but rely on shopping online in between my
        trips 🙁
        My wishlist was a mile long so I thought I would find much more to love but only the items above came home with me and they are first things in awhile to really knock my socks off from Anthro!! =)

        The Luiza Dress is gorgeous…The colors are the same as online.
        Perfect colors for fall and winter I think, with a brown or black belt and boots 🙂
        Have you seen the maxi skirt online in the same material? I. Want. It. Soo. Bad.
        Is it too much to have the dress and skirt of the same material?
        That’s how much I love the print!

        The Mustang Jacket is very warm and soft…Much softer than I expected.
        I would say definitely size down at least one size, depending on how you want it to fit.
        It is a slouchy fit and a little fussy but once I figured out how to fold the neck and button it up it is so lovely on 🙂 I will wear it over any top with my skinny jeans tucked into boots but I think it would be great over a jean skirt or maxi skirt too!
        Free People sells this same jacket but with a different print…If it ever goes on sale I might be tempted to buy that as well 😉

        I haven’t seen the Tartan Blanket coat until now! Thanks for bringing that to my attention…That is promptly going on my wishlist!! =D It is so pretty!

        Our fall and winters can get really cold so I’m always looking for some cute coats and blanket sweaters to get through the season!

        Have a wonderful week :0) ♥

        p.s. Looking forward to your next reviews!

  8. yikes, so many cute things! I have the Risen Sun sweater dress on my wish list….just received my bday coupon….better go to the store…haha! love the pencil skirts, too, but see what ya mean about having to try everything on…although everything looks so cute on you! I just splurged on shoes (tom’s booties and sam edelman leopard flats) so it’s next month for clothes hahahaha!

    • Thank you Melodee! And Happy Birthday! I think you will be going to the same store that I went to.m they had a small and a medium in the hack. They were hidden in the dressing room so you might have to ask for them.

      And boots are always the best purchases! I am swooning over Anthropologie’s Frye Boots right now.

      Have a fabulous Friday!


  9. I want to hang out in the dressing room with you and try on stuff and make awesome funny faces!!!! Did you see that the Icehouse Pullover comes in a pretty coral? I might hunt that one down.

    • Hi! I saw that today! I don’t know what happened. I don’t know why it went to moderation. So weird. I think I just approved it. I will check when I get home. Sorry about that!


      • No worries 🙂 I wasn’t sure what I did because I haven’t had a comment disappear before but it must have been the links I added that changed it! I’m glad you figured it out!! ♥

  10. It was so fun to meet you at the workshop! you look great in these photos but even cuter in person!! LOVE that dress on you!!!

    • It was fun meeting you, too! You are so nice! I am so glad that I went. I wish I could have stayed longer but my husband drove me and he had to get to work that day! I hope we meet up again soon!

      Sweet dreams!


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