Whirlin’ Twirlin’ Girlin’


I got it! I found the Free People Mix Print Tunic and I scooped it up!


We have had so much fun together!


I realize that this oversized tunic is not for everyone. But, man, it can really move!


I wore this all day. Usually I get home and immediately get into jammies. This was so comfortable, I kept it on.


We took a walk together.


It was incredible that such a piece could lift my spirits so much!


Do you like oversized pieces? I feel oddly more feminine in them. Like I am a girl playing dress up. They make me feel more dainty. How about you?


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14 thoughts on “Whirlin’ Twirlin’ Girlin’

  1. Waah! You so pretty! I can see why you were happy to get this top, it’s so perfect on you! Love how you added that necklace for a single pop of colour, tres chic! Now I double-dare you to wear it with something other than jeans and show a little leg! 😉 I’m thinking it would look fab over a fitted pencil skirt, actually…

    Oversize almost NEVER works for me, which makes me sad. If someone is small and slim like you, it emphasises all those flattering qualities. But when you have a physique like a Scandinavian lumberjack, oversized things just make you look bigger. The ONLY think I can get away with is if the sleeves of my sweater are a little too long! Bahaha! 😉

    • First, you are not built like a Scandinavian lumberjack. Unless a Scandinavian lumberjack is a beautiful girl with an hourglass figure with great style. Then, yes. I unfortunately have never seen a Scandinavian lumberjack, so if it is the latter, than you are right.

      And second, thank you! Oh man. I gained seven pounds last month. And I have not been good on this trip. Hopefully everything will still fit when I get back! I did swim a bit today so hopefully that worked off one piña colada!

      Have a peaceful evening.


  2. I love this top, it is like the epitome of summer, soft, flowy, sexy but not revealing. And I love the series of photos that feel so vintage! And those sandals…….

    I need to start wearing more flowy tops!

    Angie from reasons to dress, fashion, real mom street style & living as a North American mom in Italy.

    • Thank you! I do feel like summer in this top. In fact, I took it with me on vacation, but I have not worn it yet. To be honest, I have pretty much worn the same outfit two days in a row. I like to keep it simple!

      You look good in everything. I can see you rocking a flowy top!

      Have a happy week!


  3. Oh, I love it! I adore big, flowy tunics! I started wearing them after I had babies to cover stuff…but I kept wearing them after I was back to my regular size. This one is SO pretty on you. I may have to try to stalk it for a sale.

    • Thank you Alicia! I love oversized for much the same reason. It is comfy and hides flaws but it can also be flattering. If I ever see it at Nordstrom Rack I will let you know!

      Sweet dreams!


    • Thank you Ginette! It is exactly your style! I can see you rocking this tunic! : )

      You are so sweet. Have a happy Sunday!


    • Thank you Liana. I brought it with me to Maui but have not had an occasion to wear it. It has been really hot. I always overpack!

      Have a sweet week!


    • Thank you Cynthia! Me, too. Although two days ago we went to the top of a mountain and my husband was like, “Don’t Twirl!” ; )

      There are so many cats in Maui!


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