The First Kiss Of Autumn


One’s first kiss is usually not special. At least mine wasn’t. I was seventeen.


First kisses can go either way.


I was not going to go on another date with my husband after our first date (I was twenty one and it is a long story for another day), but he asked if he could kiss me when he dropped me off back home. I did not have the heart to say no. He kissed me. And I happily never went on another date with another person.

He knew how to seal the deal.

As he tells it, he knew that if he kissed me I would go on another date with him. And he was right.

We were married four months later.


Free People’s First Kiss Dress is definitely on the positive end of the first kiss spectrum. It is one of my favorite dresses. I purchased it last year (previous post here).


It now comes in more colors but I continue to love the black and white.


I paired the dress with Anthropologie’s Vegan Leather Bomber Jacket (previously styled here).


If I were ever to make out with an inanimate object, this jacket would be it. Wait. That might be too much information. Can we forget I said that? Kiss that thought good bye.


It is absolutely perfection. Lightweight. Slimming. It looks great more fitted like I purchased it (size medium) and looser the way my daughter wears mine.


Are any of your fall items kissable? I love so many of my cozy items.


Which other items do I love? I will have to leave that a mystery for now.


I don’t always kiss and tell.

23 thoughts on “The First Kiss Of Autumn

  1. That dress and that jacket! Pure perfection. Your husband takes really great photos. I love all the different shots he gets. Love the first kiss story. My first kiss was fine…my first kiss with my husband was mind-blowing. Hands down the best first kiss. ( We were 16 and 18, so I had a few other “first kisses” before he was my final kissing partner)

    • Thank you Alicia! He does usually take great photos, but today the poor guy got sick and wouldn’t let on. All of the pictures were so blurry. After I saw them I ordered him to bed. : )

      Your first kiss story is so sweet! I love when young love turns into such a deep and wonderful love like you have with your husband. It is inspiring.

      Have a great Friday!


    • Thank you Deniz! It got hot here in California again and it will be awhile before any of us get to wear sweaters again. I hope you get to enjoy yours! : )

      Have a fabulous Friday!


  2. OMG OMG OMG! I cannot tell you how much I love this outfit and photos! So beautiful!!

    I giggled the entire time Freddy and first kissed. We had been friends for over a year and I just… well… giggled through it. Come to think of it I spent our whole wedding ceremony giggling too.

    • Thank you Cynthia! That was a fun photo shoot! : ).

      I love that you giggled! It is so cute! I laughed during our wedding, too. I always get the nervous giggles! you and I would be fun at a party! : )

      Have sweet dreams!


  3. I love stories about how people met and first dates. It’s very entertaining.
    That dress is very pretty and that jacket fits like a dream. It’s nice that it gets a lot of use since your daughter wears it too.
    Have a nice evening,

    • Thank you so much Stacey! I love reading about how people met, too. I like a romance story.

      And thank you about the jacket! One day your daughter will wear your clothes, too. It is both fun and terrifying!

      Have a beautiful Friday!


  4. Oooooooohhhhh, LOVE the 3 dresses in these last 3 posts!!! This one is especially gorgeous & gorgeous on you!! Lucky you for such a pretty pop back dress, & I agree about the sleeves, you can wear it more w/ short sleeves as well. Where did you get the striped one that you wore in the meatloaf post? It’s so my style for fall & winter! My husband loves meatloaf too, actually, so does my father…..maybe it’s a male trait? Me, not so much! Probably bc I don’t eat much meat, & then only chicken, turkey, & fish, so we make our meatloaf w/ ground turkey, but it’s still too meaty for me!

    Happy Autumn to you friend!

    • Thank you so much Rebecca! You know I have found a huge difference in different kinds of ground turkey. Trader Joe’s ground turkey is very gamey tasting. I do not like that. I always add worcestershire sauce to my ground turkey meat to add a more meaty flavor! I guess you should not try that. ; )

      The dress is called something like Two Button Sailor Chemise from Anthropologie. It was an old sale purchase. I bought mine for $30 a few years ago. I have seen it on eBay. It would look great on you!

      Have a wonderful Friday!


  5. Hey Jenni!

    LOVE this entire outfit…The jacket and dress with the neutral colors play so good together =)

    I’ve always kicked myself for missing out on this dress!

    I didn’t like the next one as much with the tan mixed with the black and white 🙁

    You and your hubby are too cute!!

    Looks like you are having a beautiful Fall :0) ♥

    • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! : )

      I agree with you. I like this pattern better. Hopefully they will bring it back someday. They do that alot! Especially if it never went to sale and sold out. I like Modcloth’s feature where you can click a button to let them know you would be interested in buying it if it ever came back in stock. It is genius!

      Knock on wood fall has been nice. Of course, tonight we all got hit hard with the flu. I had not noticed I was getting sick all day because I was drinking so much caffeine. No school for the kids tomorrow!

      Have a wonderful Friday!


    • Thank you Heather! I love when the wind actually behaves itself! One time it knocked a fence on my toe. Well, actually that was my neighbor after the wind almost blew it over. It is nice when it works in my favor! : )

      Sweet dreams!


    • Are you kidding sweet Keiko? You are BEAUTIFUL! I would be able to whip up a lunch like you do. You are so talented. And so nice. Thank you so much! : )

      Have a fun Friday!


  6. Beautiful! Rustic romance – your specialty! One of my favorite trends right now is vintage wallpaper florals. This dress is a perfect example. They look antiqued, romantic, sun-bleached, and a bit wistful. So lovely.

    Your styling with the bomber jacket is spot on. I’m on the hunt for a tan one myself to wear over maxi dresses. I’ve been wearing my denim jacket over summer maxis, but I’d like another layering option.

    My first kiss with Kyle was hilarious. Do you remember Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century? It was a made-for-TV Disney movie. It was super cool when I was in middle school. Why I thought it would be cool to quote as a senior on a hot date with Kyle, I’ll never know. In the movie, this boy Greg just adores Zenon and wants to kiss her. And she says, “Zedis lapedis, Greg! If you want to kiss me, just do it.” And that it was I said. Because I was so very lame. And yet he kissed me. Without laughing at me or throwing me a strange look. I think that’s when we both knew it was forever. lol

    <3 Liz

    • Thank you Liz! Oh my goodness! You must get a brown leather bomber jacket! If only selfishly so I can get ideas on how to style it from you. : ). It would go with your style so wonderfully! I hope you get one!

      Your first kiss story is awesome! And Kyle knew you were awesome, too! I knew I would marry my husband and vice versa on our third date when he had heard of my favorite books at the time, the Xanth series by Piers Anthony. We would get along great on a double date! : )

      Have a splendid Friday!


    • Thank you Liana! : ). I will tell you that he rarely kisses me that way. He says he does not want me to get bored with it and he wants to keep me on my toes. So, sometimes I will ask him to kiss me like he did on our first date.

      Have a gorgeous Sunday!


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