Keepin’ It Real: August 2014

So, to tell you exactly where my mind has been this month (or how much sine wine was consumed before writing this oos5 post), I actually wrote 2004 instead of 2014 at first, for the title of this post. This month has been equal parts flying by and equal parts molasses. Maybe I should describe it as flying through molasses?

August summed up:

Kids started school. Son turned eleven. Daughter got braces off. Bought tickets to see Def Leopard in the fall (whoot! Now what to wear?!). Went over budget. Darn popbacks. Darn fabulous markdowns at Anthropologie. And darn you, Free People for your sales. Bought way, way too much during all of these amazing sale promotions, including this dress, this dress and this top. Spanked self. Cannot even look at a single sock in September. Started saving all of the 5’s and 1’s accumulated at the end of each week for kids’ college in addition to the monthly stipend we deposit for each child. Will be curious to see how much it adds up to at the end of a year. Tried a new pub. Liked it. Have been going twice a week to the chiropractor after migraines revealed neck injury from ten years ago has manifested itself into a neck that no longer curves. Reveled in Genevieve’s Renovation on HGTV and then wondered if anyone else was watching. Became addicted to Jersey Belle after swearing off any more reality t.v. (but she might adopt a baby from a woman she met on the street). Wrote letter to TV Land because I can no longer function without my nightly dose of “Everybody Loves Raymond.” Cursed at the television after True Blood’s horrendous series finale. Apparently I watch too much t.v. Went to every Albertson’s in a thirty mile radius (as a date with my husband. I am a good time) and bought all of their discontinued frozen manicotti (check a store near you. This stuff is fabulous for a quick meal. Just throw in a pan with a jar of sauce and bake for an hour. Located near frozen garlic bread if the store still has it. Sorry peeps near me. You’ll just have to come over for dinner). Now need a stand alone freezer for my hoarding tendencies. Apparently stopped using pronouns.

I am obsessed with funny Family Feud moments found on Pinterest. Oh my goodness! You must read this one about Honey Boo Boo’s family.



I gained ten pounds this summer and have found it ridiculously hard to care. I also took some awful pictures having nothing to do with the weight gain and everything to do with my face.


On Friday I went to the chiropractor. He was having this young man shadow him… The hottest young man I ever did see. My husband said he could be the poster child for doctors (he was with me). I learned I am still smooth with my moves at the age of thirty seven because when he walked down the hall towards us, I hit my head on the wall behind me loud enough for those piercing blue eyes to find mine as I screamed in pain after the resonating bang of the impact had everyone look up, so startled was I by gleaming white teeth and perfect genes. Then I impressed him by having my chiropractor show him my xrays of the ribs growing from my neck.

I know how to impress a man.

Isn’t that how it is done these days? Forget cleavage. Pssst… You wanna see my neck ribs?


Then my husband (ahem. Sorry dear) and I went to breakfast but as we were walking up to the restaurant I heard a dog whimpering and barking in a panic in a locked car. It was all ready ninety degrees outside. The windows were rolled up with just room enough for a flat palm to pass through one of them equating to no breeze. So, I waited to see if anyone was going to come out of any shops. Long story short, they didn’t and I called the authorities. I found the couple sitting in a restaurant (after asking every table.) finishing their breakfast completely carefree. I had a few choice words for them, especially when the woman told me it had only been thirty minutes as she lingered over her coffee. I told her, “You are a mean, mean person to be that cruel.” The authorities (a cop car and animal control, because it is illegal in California to leave your dog locked in a car) were waiting for the couple outside surrounding the car along with a crowd of angry people. There had been other people who had seen and heard the dog as they passed by and were waiting to see if they needed to break a window to get it out. I hated that it had to come to that. I left before the confrontation. I felt bad for calling, but I really did not want the dog to die and I want them to know that they cannot do that. I did not stay to see the finale because I know the end result would have been me in tears possibly in handcuffs when I tried to snatch the dog (it was a Murphy dog). I was shaking for hours afterwards from the situation.


I made a chocolate cake with an unexpected ingredient and I cannot wait to share it. And oatmeal chocolate chip bars!… I do not know why I gained ten pounds this summer.


I purchased three vials of pepper spray from a traveling salesman and do not exactly know where to keep them. Or how to explain to my husband I bought a vast amount of pepper spray from a traveling salesman.


Books I am currently reading. And why I am sometimes behind in my comments. And emails. And life.


I cannot believe it is almost fall. In Southern California it is hard to keep track of the seasons. It is hot, hotter, not as hot, then cool but not cold. As someone who chronicles outfits this can be tricky. But I am started to get excited for the changing weather, however slight or extreme it decides to fall. I have enough boots and jeans. The staples I am looking for, on clearance, will be a leather jacket and black boots. I also want to add in some more pencil skirts because my husband likes them so much. And I am loving this vest in grey and purple.

September Posts I have in the works:

Pee Wee Herman Ruined My Singing Career
Bohemian Girl Means Business
Where’s The Gnome?
Creamy Green Chile Enchilada Casserole
It’s A Golden Age Eyelet Believe

What was your favorite part about August? Was your month molasses or flying by? Did you participate in any Labor Day Sales?

*If you missed July’s Keepin’ It Real, you can find it here.

33 thoughts on “Keepin’ It Real: August 2014

  1. I am so, so proud of you for taking care of that poor puppy’s dire situation. AND, even more proud of you for actually seeking out the couple. I am so non-confrontational that actually talking to them would leve me only embarrassing myself at my inability to speak coherently. Those types of people never seem to have any remorse and only lash back which in the end just makes me look like an idiot. Props to you, my brave friend.
    What is the top you are wearing in the final picture?

    • Thank you Brynne. I had to talk to them, because the police had not shown up and it had been thirty minutes. The dog was becoming more distressed. I was hoping if I found the owner they could go save the dog. Unfortunately, they did not care.

      That top post will be going up soon! It is the Free People Golden Age Top I bought last year paired with their Got My Eyelet You Top (I got mine at Nordstrom Rack for much cheaper then retail price).

      Have a fun Monday!


  2. That just BURNS me when people are so so stupid!!! They need to be locked in a car with that heat. I really cannot state just what I’d like to do to those people. This wouldn’t be SFW or anything else for that matter. No doubt you were shaken up. I too would have called the cops. I’ve done it in my own neighbourhood before as well.

    Also…I cannot believe that a) they still have “travelling salesmen”
    and b) that they sell pepperspray!

    I think here that would be illegal.


    • I agree Suzanne. I feel like they need to sit in the locked hot car like that with a fur coat on. I hope the dog is okay. I keep trying to get a hold of the shop keeper who had watched the whole thing since the car was parked in front of her store to find out (if the dog was taken away, I told my husband we have to adopt it), but she does not answer her phone. I plan on dropping by there this week.

      The guy had a whole set up in his trunk. It was quite spectacular. Even tazers. Which I almost bought but I am too scared I will get myself.

      Have a terrific Monday!


    • Thank you Kara! : ). I was on the fence with the dog, because I did not want to get anyone in trouble, but could not let the poor thing suffer.

      You have a lovely rest of your weekend! We have really been enjoying ours, although I have now finished washing all of the laundry in the entire house and now I have to fold it. : (


  3. You are seriously my hero Jenni! I also would have called authorities but would have been terrified to go up to all the tables to figure out who’s dog it was! Good for you!!! The only time our dogs are in our cars are when they go to the groomer’s or the vet’s or the park. Not to accompany me to breakfast only to sit in the car!!! I just don’t get it!!!

    • Thank you Lyn! I could not believe the couple was just sitting there eating breakfast either. The restaurant would not page anybody and they would not ask their patrons about the dog. The young hostesses wanted to, but did not want to get in trouble with the manager. They said, “we can’t do it.” So I said, “well, I can.” I was unsure if the police were going to show up and people kept telling me the dog was getting worse (I somehow became the spokesperson for the situation). I asked my husband if he thought the couple would do it again, and he replied, “yes.” I agree with him. I think even the ticket (which I assume they received) would not be enough to phase them.

      I hope you are having an easy weekend and an even happier Monday!


      • Thanks Lyn! You have a great week! : ). I do not know about you, but it seems we have so much more to clean after a long weekend!

        Have a super week!


  4. I was lucky enough to try the manicotti (thanks for dinner!!) and I’m so bummed Albertsons doesn’t sell it anymore. And the cake! Mmmmmmmm….. Lots of random comments here- good for you for saving the dog! Why do people think it’s ok to take a dog out with them only to leave the poor thing in the car?! Stupid, mean people. Anyway, well done. You don’t look like you’ve gained an ounce this summer. I wish my legs were as pretty as yours- I always tell Mom that. That’s hilarious about the chiropractor. I gotta get myself there. 🙂 It was great visiting with you and the kids. Nick sure didn’t want to leave! Love you all!

    • Thanks Mandi! We have to do that more often. I loved it. The kids loved it. It was their best part of their day. The dog owners were oblivious. It was a really bad day. I could not shake it. Thanks for the leg compliments! : ). I wish I had your hair, lips, eyes… : ).

      I need to get your hulk hands to you!

      Have a marvelous Monday! Hopefully you get to sleep in!


  5. What’s the outfit details in that last picture….the first top with the open back is so pretty I love all the other layering pieces as well but really love that first one. I love free people and it makes up most of my wardrobe.

    • Thank you! That outfit post should run in the next few days. The top is Free People’s Golden Age Top paired with their I Got My Eyelet You Top (which I picked up at Nordstrom Rack for a great price). I love Free People, too! The Golden Age Top is one of my favorites. It looks great over a simple tank to an intricate slip. I definitely recommend it.

      Have a lovely week!


  6. We have 3 dogs —– am a animal lover-my husband is too. I did launch into the Market here in store manager and wanted him to announce overhead the store parking lot had a dog locked in a car-that a customer was about to call local authorities …… Me. I did call and owner of car came and left prior to arrival of police. (I called them back to report same so as not to drain local services). They adviced me to do same again if circumstances a raised. They too had seen too many under-reported animal deaths from car over heats. When will owners stop this? So—I will call too if I see this hiddious horrible scene again. I applaud you for taking the courage to help our furry friends….. A note to others— please call and help our helpless friends if you see this, you might just save a life and teach animal owners this is not a wise choice for their beloved companions.
    Love the blog and enjoy your writing and so enjoy your fashion and sharing. Adorable!

    • That is fantastic that yo got them to announce over the loudspeaker. The restaurant would not do that. So, I went up to every table. I agree with you that people should call. So sad that any animal would have to lose their life to the thoughtless actions of others. Good for you for calling. I would do it again, too.

      And thank you so much for the really sweet words about my blog. You made my day.

      Have a lovely Monday!


  7. Thank you for helping the dog. That is very scary. I am glad the dog was okay. I hope your neck feels better! Def Leppard rocks!!!!!!!!! Please blog about the concert. I am not jealous at all.

    • Thank you! It was scary. I sincerely think the owners loved their dog but were uneducated to the heat in cars. The dog was very well groomed and I assume they brought it for company because they could not bear to leave it at home by itself. The lady did not care what I said to her, but I do hope that they never do that again.

      I will definitely blog about the concert! I am super excited. I just really have no idea what I am wearing.

      My neck is starting to feel a lot better. I hope it continues. Thank you for the well wishes. : )

      Have a wonderful Monday!


      • Do you have a “vintage” concert tee? I saw Def Leppard “back in the day” so I actually still have my tee from then. Whether it fits or not is a different story.

      • I don’t have a vintage concert tee. : (. I was thinking my scalloped green leather skirt with some kind of top or a black dress? We are going to a nice dinner beforehand and then straight to the venue, so it has to be nice enough for a nice dinner but comfortable enough to dance in a sweaty crowd. Thankfully I have a few months to think about it. I am SO excited! We need a fun date night! : )

        I hope you have a delightful week!


  8. Love this post!

    Do not feel bad about calling the police!!! I am also glad that you did not confront the people. Anytime I have ever been involved in a situation like this the people who left their dog in the car always get unreasonably angry and self defensive and it can get scary. Protect yourself. You are a true animal rescuer. Thank goodness you were there.

    I am sad to hear about your migraines. They are the worst. Hope the chiropractor can fix your neck. I am so excited that you get to see Def Leopard. How totally awesome!! You look fantastic as always!

    • Thank you Cynthia! Oh, I did confront the people, just in the restaurant and not at the car. I had to confront them, because the restaurant would not help find them and the cops had not shown up. I had to make sure someone was able to save the dog. The couple were very upset that I had many words to say to them. But were still indignant, and you are right, angry. I, obviously, can never go back to that restaurant. Too bad, because I love that place.

      I have a small headache right now, but nothing compared to what it was. I am hoping it gets better!

      And thank you for the compliment! : )

      Sweet dreams and have a delightful Monday!


      • How did I miss that part? I think it was because I was racing to the end of the story to see what happened to the dog.

        I am shocked that the restaurant would not help out. That is just plain terrible. I am also glad that there was a crowd of people standing by to knock out the glass. i am hoping that even though they were dismissive to you – they finally understood the severity of their error when they went outside to find an angry crowd, the police, and animal control. Surely all of you plus the law will knock it into their heads. One of the good things about this law is that the police respond to it in California.

      • I do the same thing. I am a skim reader. I hope it all worked out. In my dream little world I like to live in, it did. I was surprised the restaurant would not do anything but they said it happens all of the time. : O. One waitress even stated she felt bad for the person who had to come out to that. So, it combined to a lot of reasons we will not be going back to that establishment.

        I hope I never have to see that again. It is a hopeless state to be in.

        Sweet dreams!


  9. Do not feel bad for calling the police. It was the RIGHT thing to do. Even without dying, the Dog suffers greatly in a hot car. You may have saves his life but also put them on notice that there are people that take action. People like you. I’m very proud you did what you did. Cruelty is never acceptable. XOX

    • Thank you Ginette! I appreciate that. It was such a churning of my stomach day. Turning someone in is never fun, but that poor dog deserved better. It needed someone to be its voice. The dog had no water, either. It was just a really sad situation.

      I hope you are doing well! I did a post a few months ago about some of your landscapes. We smile everyday because of your art.

      Have a lovely week!


  10. I’ve been there on the dog situation, people are such morons. At least the cops came, it has taken so many horrible things happening before people were willing to get involved, including the police. I have made lots of calls but hate to have to get involved at all- ruins your day but for the right reasons. Good for you!

    • Thank you Marie. Yes, it did ruin my day. So many emotions. It does suck that it had to come to that. Thankfully the little dog got the help it needed. Tomorrow I am near that area. I will be stopping by to see the status of the little dog. I have had to call the police before but usually for something involving a human. This one was hard. I was glad to see how many people joined together to care about that little dog.

      Have a happy Wednesday!


  11. I love Def Leppard! I’ve seen them in concert twice and they are so much fun. I often drag my husband to concerts with me (so far this year we have seen City and Colour, Corb Lund, Elliott Brood, Jeremy Fisher, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers). My husband has told me that he refuses to go to Def Leppard with me. Ever. It makes me a little bit sad. But he did go to the Pet Shop Boys with me…

    I agree with everyone else that you shouldn’t feel bad about having called the police. I can’t believe that lady had the nerve to react that way.

    • Oh my goodness! Too bad you do not live closer. I would go with you! Those concerts sound like so much fun. I am jealous of all of them!

      And thank you about the dog situation. It was such a heart wrenching awful moment. I am just grateful it turned out okay. I would never have forgiven myself if the dog had died and I had done nothing. I would be just as guilty as the owner, then.

      Have a great week!


  12. Great post! Unfortunately, I suffer from migraines too. For three yrs now! I tried going to the chiropractor at first too, & went quite regularly for a year or two & now just go when I’m super out of whack! My spine is kind of in the shape of an “S”! Also, my atlas was out of place at first too. I didn’t know what that was before going to this chiro, but she is a specialist in that too & has a scary looking machine that puts it back in place painlessly!

    When my husband & I were dating we went to costco & found a baby & a toddler left in a car. We waited about 10 minutes, & tried coaxing the toddler in how to unlock the door, before going in to get the manager. Both kiddos were crying. The manager was pondering calling authorities when out came the dad to say it was only a few mins. And at that point if was at least 20, poss 30!!!! We were so mad & stayed that way for days. That jerk dad just drove away without punishment! That was 14 yrs ago, but I think it had to have been against the law even then. We almost broke the windows before going in. We should’ve just called police, but I don’t know why we didn’t. I stayed & talked to the toddler girl through the window, I felt so sorry & helpless. I guess we didn’t want to scare them or think we were going to hurt them & that’s why we didn’t break the window…..oy, hindsight is always clearer, isn’t it! So I know how you feel & why you felt so affected afterwards, for so long! Bc you’re a good person! And you did the right thing by calling!
    🙂 rebecca

    • Thank you Rebecca. I do not know what an atlas is and now I want to look it up. I have an appointment tomorrow. Migraines are so debilitating. I had one yesterday and could just lay in bed with tears rolling down my cheeks because I could not even get up to get medicine. It hurt too badly to move. I am really hoping these treatments help the migraines go away.

      That car story is so scary. That dad absolutely should have been punished. You were smart to try to get the toddler to open the door. The manager should have called the police. I have found they usually do not want to get involved because they do not want to get in trouble. I imagine it was a very helpless feeling. You also did not want to get glass on the children. I hope to never come across that situation. I would be beyond furious. Some people just do not think.

      Thank you for sharing. You made me feel better. It is always hard getting involved in someone else’s business.

      Have a fabulous week!


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