Please Help Me! What to bring to Vegas??!!

I know. I know this post is kind of lame. And self indulgent. But I REALLY need help. My husband and I are going to Las Vegas for three nights tomorrow. I purchased some pieces I think say “Las Vegas.” But I am at a loss as to what to bring during the day. And today is Friday. We leave tomorrow morning. I have not even begun to pack.



For evening, I have the Scalloped Shift Dress, Lace Study Dress, and Scalloped Leather Skirt.

I do not know what to pair with the leather skirt for the evening time. I want to look sexy, but not trampy. And it has to be dressy enough for a nice dinner. And it has to be something I all ready own in my closet. You can see my dilemma. I was thinking a tight lace top, but is that too…too?


Or is this dress a better substitute for any of the above?

I also do not feel like my bohemian style is appropriate for Las Vegas. I am thinking about just bringing jeans and a skirt or two. Maybe the Sketchbook Dress?

Am I overthinking this?

I am just so excited to get away for some alone time, I don’t want to be self conscience.


Here is one day outfit plan with my Ping Skirt.


And maybe my Humboldt Tunic? Except, I will wear pants this time. Probably. Maybe. Hopefully. With my pink AG Skinny Velvet pants? Or like this?


Maybe my Ruffled Skirt? Except this is sweet. Not sexy. Is there any way to make it that latter word?


I also recently bought this Free People Lydia X Maxi Skirt from Nordstrom Rack. I am not sure how the heck to style it. Maybe a long sleeve white or black t-shirt? But what shoes? And what jewelry? Maybe this could be a daytime outfit?

And when I say, “outfit.” Please know I am insinuating a top with that skirt. Not my belly. That would be the opposite of sexy.


I LOVE this dress, but my husband does NOT. Does that make it an automatic “no” for a romantic getaway? Keep in mind on one of the days, I am going shopping (doing review posts for BOTH Free People and Anthropologie. If there is something you would like to see, please let me know and I will try to find it in the store to try on) and he is playing in a poker tournament. Maybe this could be my brave girl out look?

Any help or advice would greatly appreciated. Any clothes I should take instead?

Thank you! Thank you!

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  1. Hi Jenni,

    I know it’s morning already but I noticed that no one had replied yet and I didn’t want to leave your post unanswered. I’ll make it quick – Love the 2 dresses you have at top (the pink one is SO perfect for Vegas). I would substitute the black dress for the leather skirt if you can’t think of how to style it off the top of your head. I never bring untried outfits on a trip – they never seem to work once I get there, and then I don’t have my closet to reach back into for other ideas. The Ping skirt outfit is amazing – can you bring another outfit that you wear with those boots? I’m sure Humboldt would love a trip to Vegas (please wear pants. Even in Vegas. 🙂 ) And I would leave the dress your husband doesn’t like at home. I would just grab a few outfits that you already wear and feel comfortable in – that way you won’t have second thoughts and can just relax and enjoy yourself.

    I hope that you enjoy your trip!!!!!!

    • Thank you Michelle! That makes sense. I always pack way too much stuff. And it is easier to wear something I know is easy. My husband loves the skirt though. Maybe I will bring it as a grab a quick bite outfit? Hmmmm. I have a GIANT pile of clothes. Seriously it must have one hundred items in it that I have pulled out for us to look at. Aaaahhh! And now I have to hang all of that up for the pet sitter. I also put our tickets to a show we are seeing somewhere “safe.” So much to do!

      Thank you so much for responding. That was really sweet. I am writing everyone’s advice in a separate note for myself so I can see what to pack. I will definitely bring that dress now. I was unsure before.

      Thank you!

      Have a great weekend!


  2. I love the Ping skirt outfit. What ever you bring, remember that you will be doing a lot of walking. Bring a pair of shoes that are comfy and cute.

    • Thank you! Oh my gosh! Do you know I forgot we were going to be doing a lot of walking?! See. This is why I need help! I am going to bring my Dr. Scholl’s ballet flats that slip in my purse for my heels. I had forgotten about them!

      Thank you! Thank you!

      Have a lovely weekend!


  3. Okay, here’s my two cents’: Don’t bring the dress your husband hates. And who says you HAVE TO dress sexy for Vegas? I think do bring the lace study dress and the other two pieces you showed with it, but don’t bring any other skirts. Instead, bring your pink AG’s that you mentioned, and do bring a few tops that all go with the skirt as well as the pants. Also, bring lots of tights and one nice warm sweater because Vegas does get cold…Bring your denim jacket, and maybe your puffer vest too, just for some fun? Becaaaause, you might just buy something in Vegas, and end up wearing that instead. They have the NICEST Anthro in the Roman Style hotel, I forget what it’s called, but the staff are like amazingly sweet. Just don’t pack too much, pack comfy shoes as well as cute shoes – if you bring the puffer vest, bring the mustard wedges too btw! – and most of all, HAVE FUN! People dress in all sorts of styles there, it’s not like you need to try and fit in. If you want to wear your boho style, go for it! AND I hope it’s the best holiday ever. MWAH!

    • Thank you Gwen! I don’t want to dress sexy for Vegas. Yuck! No. I want to dress sexy for my husband. I think he would like the change from the flowy. However, my idea of sexy and the world’s idea of sexy are two different things. I still want to look classy.

      Denim jacket. Check. Good idea. The puffer vest is so…puffy! It would take up too much room. I will probably leave him at home because of that. Maybe bring the shoes? Hmmm. I have so much to do today. I think I am being slightly manic because I have to pack the kids, too. They are going to their grandparents’. The hardest thing is getting my house pristine so someone can live in it while I am gone. It would be much less stressed if it were not for that. But then I would be stressed about the dogs.

      I will definitely bring the pants. It has been so long since I have been to Vegas, I am nervous. We only do a getaway with just the two of us once a year. And it is my favorite part of the year. So, I want it to be perfect. Or as close to as possible.

      Thanks for the advice!

      Have a beautiful weekend! : )


  4. I love the two dresses and the leather skirt. Keep it simple up top, a white buttondown can even be sexy with the leather skirt. For sure pack the ping outfit! It is a great one. I love the free people maxi. You could just add a tee (like your hedgehog one) and call it good for the day. I would just be comfy and not worry about “vegas” dressing. Just wear something that you are comfortable in and that your husband loves…Have fun!

    • Thank you Alicia! I really want to wear the FP ruffled skirt there. It is just so fun. I do have a white buttondown. That would be cute. Thanks for the advice! You are right, I will just dress as I normally would, except no princess dresses.

      So excited! And sick with nervousness!

      Thank you again! : )

      Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. I love your evening choices! I checked the weather… it is not going to be too cool(for me though, I’m in MI, ha) but I would take one of your ruffle sweater vests or a similar longer sweater to have if you get chilly. I love the casual outfit from Dec 5, 2013 with the striped blazer over your lace tank… and also the casual one from March 12, 2013 w/the Free People Speak Easy shift… Or any almost knee length dresses(Flared Caraz?) with comfortable shoes/boots. Do you have a blouse similar to the Grasslands that you can tuck in the leather skirt? Whatever you decide.. you always look beautiful! I hope you have the best time!

    • Don’t under any circumstances bring the dress your hubby hates, I love the black skirt and yes you should pair it w a tight top you have earned the right to feel good in it! I am not especially fond of the “sweet” ruffled skirt in Vegas…go big or go home!! The other pairings is did like and they belong in your suitcase. Have a wonderful trip 🙂

      • Thank you Kellie! Girl, I have been thinking of you. I have been THE worst friend. We must get together when I get back. I know Bridge wants to, too. If I don’t call you next week, please call me. I miss you!!!

        Okay. I will not bring that dress. I am still on the fence about the lace top, but I will bring it when I get there and see how I feel.

        Thank you Kellie!

        Have a great break! Mine will be better if I get to see you. : )


    • Thank you Lora! And thanks for checking the weather, too. I had been doing that and forgot the last few days. Do you know I forgot about the Speakeasy Dress?! That would be so cute! I love your idea of quick easy dresses to throw on. That is definitely what I need. I do not have anything like the Grasslands blouse. I went and checked it out. It is so cute! Those shoes the model is wearing?! I wonder what they are? They are amazing! Okay. I am getting sidetracked. Must start organizing all of these suggestions!

      Thank you so much for your suggestions and for your research for me. I REALLY appreciate it!

      And for the compliment. It made my morning!

      Have a lovely weekend! : )


  6. I think any of the options you picked out are great! Especially the evening ones. And during the day, I just say dress like you normally would. Comfy shoes are a must though! Especially with shopping. I remember it seemed like things really weren’t that far away, but then when I started walking I was like “oh”. There was one night when my feet hurt so bad, I took my shoes off! That’s right, I walked the strip barefoot and when I got back to our room, my feet were pitch black! I am anxious to see how you style the long ruffle skirt. Speaking of which, does it tie up in the back? You don’t want that dragging on the ground there. LOL! Also, I wondered if it would work if you pulled it up like a strapless dress, belt it, and throw on a cardi? Got to my Nordstrom Rack and they didn’t have it. 🙁 Oh, I am so jealous of the shopping! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

    • Thank you Heather! Until Laurie mentioned earlier that I would be walking a lot, it never occurred to me. Now I will bring a pair of flats to offset the heels. Thank you for the reminder!

      I am so excited about just seeing everything. I hate to gamble so that will be interesting. We won’t be doing much of that! But my husband will want to do it a little bit so I will indulge him for a bit.

      My skirt does not have that dramatic of a pitch in the back. It just seems normal. So, it should not be a problem with higher shoes. Although the highest I go are three inches. : )

      Nordstrom Racks can find pieces from other Nordstrom Racks and ship them to your store for you to try on. You do not have to buy the piece. I can give you the sku if you want so they can search for you. It still has the tags on it.

      Thank you for the advice! I really appreciate it! : )

      Have a delightful day!


  7. I agree with Gwen, who says you need sexy? I would say wear whatever you wear at home! I have been there lots and pretty much anything goes! Be yourself, it’s so busy and eclectic there! Also, I find there are a lot, a lot of people who are really not fashion conscious there and I wouldn’t over analyze! You always look good, and you have great style, so no matter what you go for it will be great!!

    • Thank you so much Andrea! I definitely am overanalyzing it. We only go away together one time a year and I want to be sexy just to keep it interesting. But when I say sexy, I mean sweet sexy. Because I do not like the clothes that term usually brings to mind. My husband just asked me if he could bring in the suitcase. Ha! Suitcase! I think we need two. I just haven’t told him that yet. ; ). I asked him to hold off, because I am not ready for the pressure of packing yet.

      Thank you for your advice! I will definitely take it! I am so nervous! I still have so much to do!

      Have a super weekend! : )


  8. Hey Jenni!

    I am all about this post! How fun! I’ve never been to Vegas. I would think Western desert wear for day and sexy for night. I think the blue maxi skirt and boots is perfect for a day outfit. I would also wear that persimmon ruffled skirt. Maybe pair it with a black v-neck tee and bracelets or a statement necklace? Maybe go for flamenco dancer more than boho with it? It would probably look cute with the chambray button-up, too. The humboldt tunic is a good pick, too. Maybe with flare jeans and sandals?

    For night, that scalloped Gastby-esque dress is perfection. I am in love with it. I think the leather skirt is another good pick. Do you have anything red you could wear with it? I actually really like your idea of leather and lace. It’s a nice balance between naughty and nice.

    Have fun putting together your outfits, if that’s possible in such a time crunch! I’d love to see what you end up packing. Like maybe do a “What to Pack for 3 Days in Vegas” kind of post? To show how you mix and match the different pieces? And to show how you interpret the Vegas-vibe?

    Have so much fun! I’m excited for you guys!

    <3 Liz

    • Thank you Liz! Oh man! I am done packing. Guess what?!?! I pretty much just brought everything. I get so worried I will I wish I had brought something. The funny thing is I ended up not bringing the Ping Skirt. After working on the board and everything! Oh well, it is what it is!

      I will do an update post with how the trip went next week! I will let you know! : )

      Thank you so much for the help! Have a great weekend!


  9. I live in AZ so Vegas is a fairly common vacation spot for me. Here’s a few things I’ve learned in the 5 or so times I’ve been since I turned 21:

    1. There is no such thing as “not the style for vegas”. F’real. I always think this, and then I always get there and I’m always amazed by the range of people. You will see everything from drunk people holding 40s in sweat pants at 2 pm to women with their butts hanging out of sparky mini dresses at 10 am. Wear whatever makes you happy, and whatever will make you feel good (slash whatever your husband loves to see you in!)

    2. COMFORTABLE SHOES, COMFORTABLE SHOES, COMFORTABLE SHOES. This goes double depending on the hotel you’re staying at. If you’re in the middle of the strip, you can probably get away with a day or two of wearing flip flops or something slightly less supportive. But trust me, if you’re there for 3 days, and you’re aimlessly walking all day, every day, which is *exactly* what happens *every* time I go, you will be crying for the sweet bliss of sneakers/comfy boots with insoles/your favorite perfectly worn in whatevers at some point. Save the fancy, less comfortable shoes for a quick trip out, like when you go out to dinner and then head back to the hotel shortly after, and where something comfy during the day where you might end up being gone for 5-6 hours at a time if you get lost/distracted/drunk. 😛

    3. I know you’re from Cali so you know this, but bring layers. I’ve been to Vegas in March before, and it was chilly at night but nice during the day, so layers were pretty essential to happiness.

    4. Have fun and make sure to hit the Anthro in Caesar’s. 😀

    • Thank you Jillian!

      All of your pointers were awesome! They were funny, too. You are right no one will care what I am wearing. I should dress for fun and comfort. I made sure to bring my Dr. Scholl’s ballerina flats are packed to go with my heels. I am so nervous!

      I love your drinking comments. Too funny. Do you know I have never had a free drink in Vegas. In fact, I think I have had one drink in Las Vegas all five times I have gone. Three times I was underage, once I was pregnant, and once I had my kids with me and it was not a drinking situation. So, I am looking forward to the novelty of that. Of course, we don’t really gamble, but it should still be fun!

      I ended up bringing, three sweaters and my sweater vest. I went without a large jacket, because it was too big with everything else that I brought.

      I will try to have fun! As of right now, I still have to clean all the living rooms, the bathrooms, the kitchen, make two notes for the housitter and grandparents. Aaahhhh!

      Thank you for all of your help! I appreciate it!

      Have a marvelous weekend!


  10. I haven’t been to Vegas, but from what I’ve heard, if you think it’s too sexy (and from what I can tell, that’s not your everyday look), it’s probably fine for Vegas. 🙂

    I’m a terrible packer so I’m not one to give advice, but I think your choices seems reasonable…I just always go with comfortable clothes and especially comfortable shoes.

    • Thank you Rachel. That is funny! I ended up not bringing anything overtly sexy. Although I did bring my leather skirt, but we will see if I will wear it!

      I just shoved everything into my bag! My husband is an amazing packer. I wish I could be more like him!

      Off to do my last minute stuff! : )

      Have a fabulous weekend!


  11. Vegas is one of those great people watching places where anything goes. Comfort above all else, but do you want to watch or be watched? Such diverse people and places to go. The different parts of Vegas all have their own personality … are you hanging out Fremont Street, downtown, very upscale place? One anniversary we went there and got all decked out for the evening, then got comped into nightclub, great fun! Now I don’t remember dinner, but we loved massages, facials, etc.
    Happy Anniversary — you will look stunning no matter what you wear. Congrats on 1-year blog anniversary! Have fun, love you, Auntie M

    • Thank you so much Auntie M! We are so excited to people watch. I definitely like to blend in more than stand out. But only if the blending in is not sweats and slubby clothes. But I do not want to be self conscience. My personality is big enough. No need to draw more attention to is than necessary! I really want to do massages, but they are so expensive! I just cannot do it when I know we can get them here for 1/3 the price. We have two couple massages gift cards I purchased for us on a clearance deal at a nice hotel near us. So, knowing that, I cannot spend the money there. : (.

      If they have a deal, though, I am all in!

      Thank you for the sweet wishes. I appreciate it! Have a great weekend!


  12. I think I am echoing what everyone else is saying.

    All of your looks are great except don’t bring the dress your husband hates.
    I would bring the Sketchbook dress and also your Ruffled sweaters.
    I agree that you need comfortable shoes and outfits you already know you look great in. Go for the same color palette so you can mix and match.

    Have fun!!!!

    • Thank you Cynthia! I am definitely going to keep the dress my dress my husband hates at home. I guess that just makes sense. : ).

      I brought one sweater vest that way if something happens to it, I still have one at home. I ended up bringing my Torsade Dress which I had forgotten to mention, but I have a post about it coming up this Sunday! : )

      Thank you for helping me and for your advice! : )

      Have a beautiful weekend!


  13. Hey Jenni!

    I definitely vote yes for the Scalloped Shift Dress – I think it’s very Vegas. It looks very opulent, very Gatsby, and bright lights – does that make any sense? I think you should skip the dress that your husband does not like. If you want to wear the ruffled skirt, I think you can make it sexier by combining it with a black top and black heels. Although I am not entirely sure whether it would be comfortable wearing heels during daytime. It is a tough skirt. I also really like the lace bodice/striped/dark colored dress option. I think it’s sexy and I think you can wear it during daytime. Hope this helps!

    • Thank you for your help Deniz. It does definitely help! I am bringing the Scallop Dress. I actually bought it for this trip. I love it. I cannot wait to wear it! I am so glad that you like it, too.

      I ended up not bringing the Archival Skirt because it was too hard to work with for Vegas. It is definitely more tea party than Vegas! I did bring the long black ruffled skirt. I am hoping to get a change to wear it!

      Thank you so much for all of your advice! I really appreciate it!

      Have a gorgeous weekend!


  14. I am a nervous wreck packer too so I totally appreciate this post. You always look amazing on your blog so whatever you wear will be fantastic. I hope you have a wonderful time. I look forward to hearing about it when you get back.

    • Thank you! I just finished packing, but now have to get the house ready for the house/dog sitter. I want her to come back! The house needs some work! So excited! I hopefully will have a blog post up about Vegas next Friday! : )

      Thank you for the well wishes! I appreciate it!

      Have a terrific weekend!


  15. I don’t have any new ideas, and clearly you’re already on vacation, so it’s a moot point, but I had to comment just to ask about that silver necklace! It’s stunning! Is it Anthro?

    • Thank you Kristina. That is a Free People necklace. I think it was called coin choker or something similar. It actually has a cool story. I began participating in Free People’s ME styling gallery. As a thank you, they sent me that necklace for free. Isn’t that cool? I love it. I love Free People. Their customer service cannot be beat.

      Have a magical day!


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