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Having Anthropologie come out with a collection of twenty classic pieces in July that they entitled “The Archival Collection” was kind of bittersweet for me. Bitter, because I had all ready bought a couple of things and my budget was gone. But sweet, because I still had my twenty percent off code and a very generous gift card from my sister to make this purchase not as painful.


There was only one item I wanted from the collection. Needed. And it was calling my name. The Archival Ruffle Skirt. It was love at first sight.


I know I can carry this skirt into every season. I am showing it here with my Anthropologie Deirdre Lace Wedges. In the fall I will pair it with my brown boots and long sleeved lace shirt. It will transition nicely. I think a chambray shirt would look lovely with this, as well.

This skirt fits my old fashioned sensibilities perfectly. I love the color. I love the layers. I love the length. The material. The ruffles. It is flirty and fun. I was sure my husband would hate it. But he loves it. Yay!

I am wearing my Anthropologie Cameo Creature Locket with the giant bulldog head that I love. It also happens to be on sale now.


The shirt was a purchase very early this year. It is a lace Free People top via Nordstrom Rack. I almost did not get this. But I am so glad that I did, because I wear it all of the time. It goes with everything.

Did you purchase an Archival item from the collection? What was it? And does it make you yearn for a time gone by?

26 thoughts on “A Ruffle In Time

    • Thanks Brynne! That just means you are better than me! Next week, I am just showing clothes I have had for awhile in my closet!

      I love mixing old and new.

      I hope you have a perfect Sunday!


  1. This skirt is wonderful on you. I have it in my wishlist hoping that it makes it to sale… I did purchase the long black sweater coat on a pop-back but it has been back-ordered for a week now so I’m losing hope.

    • Hi Katie! Thank you! I love the black sweatercoat! You chose correctly, because that one sold out! I would think the ruffle skirt makes it to sale. They have almost every size left. Fingers crossed for you!

      As for the backorder, I have noticed if it says “backorder” in red, it will be cancelled. If it says “backorder” in black, you should be good. I hope you get it!

      Have a terrific week!


  2. I’m so happy you got the skirt because it looks adorable on you! It’s totally you Jenni! I love the free people top with it too. I haven’t purchased anything from the archival collection yet 🙂 I’m hoping they might add more items.

    • Thank you Sayaka! I appreciate it! I would hope they would come out with more for the collection, but you never know. I hope they bring some more fun, whimsical pieces!

      Has your daughter started kindergarten yet? I hope you are holding up okay! : )

      Have a great week!


  3. Beautiful, Jenni! You should wear this skirt all the time. It fits you so perfectly and feels vintage yet modern at the same time! Love your nod to A Wrinkle In Time!

    • Thank you Cynthia! I want to wear it all of the time. And then I second guess it. I need to just go for it! I was going to wear it to the next Book Club, but I am not sure now. Hmmmm.

      Thank you again for the compliment! I appreciate it!


  4. I really wasn’t sure how this skirt would look on an actual ‘real’ person when I saw it in the collection. But it’s fab on you – especially with that top. Really REALLY liking it. Oh, and the last shot sitting down is just perfect.

    • Thank you! I do think this skirt will make it to sale, because it is so “out there.” I wish I could have seen the blue version this originally came in. I bet that was fabulous. I appreciate the compliment. That is exactly why I show the clothes, so people can see them on a “real” girl. Sometimes it is so hard to visualize after seeing them on the model. I love to show how I would wear something in my “real” life. So, thank you so much! : )

      Have a wonderful evening!


      • Okay, I am FINALLY visiting you here again and hoping I respond to all the things I’ve ‘thought replies to’ in my head when I’ve seen them…

        I have a feeling I may have come across the blue version of this on ebay a couple of times actually (if not it looked incredibly similar). Let me know if you’d like me to tell you if I see one again.

        And you’re right about it being hard to visualise what clothes may look like not on a model not on a styled shoot etc etc etc. The images they come up with in the catalogues may be a form of art but they don’t really give an idea of what they’re going to look like otherwise. So seeing the clothes ‘out and about’ when you’re considering buying – or simply intrigued – is invaluable. And I actually like the combination you have here more than any other photos I’ve seen of the skirt…it just looks ‘right’.

      • Hi Kristen! Thank you so much! I think sometimes they pin the clothes to look a certain way, too. I recently bought a dress online and it came last week. It was a giant sack! But in the model, it was the perfect drape. It is such a waste of time and shipping money. It makes me sad. So, I am very happy to be able to put up pictures of what the clothes actually really do look like. I do not want anyone to waste time or money buying something and have it look a different way in real life. Thank you so much for appreciating that.

        And, yes, please do tell me if you see the blue version of the skirt in a 6 ever. I think I would love that color even more. But there are no pictures of it (that I can find) online.

        You are so sweet! Thanks again!


    • Thank you Kirsten! I think that is definitely the same skirt. That is weird that it is s different brand. I actually like that color better. Thank you so much for sharing that link with me. Now I know what it looks like. Of course, that also means I am craving yet one more thing.

      Thanks again! I really appreciate that! It’s awesome!


      • I just looked at that listing again and it says it’s a 2 but may fit a 4…it has a 31 inch waist though so I’m wondering if there’s any chance it could fit a 6? I’m pretty certain it never sold.

      • Hi Kirsten. Hmmmm. 31 inch waist? That does not sound like a 2, does it? I will have to check it out again. Thank you for the heads up. I think my waist is 26 inches. At least last time I checked. But I wear a size 29 in jeans to account for my hips and thighs. Tricky!

        I hope you have a beautiful day!


      • Ah – I found the ‘About Me’ page but didn’t compute that the contact box thingame would send you an email. Now it makes sense.

        You’re right, the purple is too like the one you have. And blue seems to be a very Jenni colour. The sizing is odd – some of the older pieces seem a bit all over the place. I tend to rely on measurements a seller gives (I’ll double-check or ask for more details if they do seem off though). It was kind of a dangerous moment when I realised I didn’t need to be limiting my searches to size 4…

        I have a weird and very long-standing aversion to both shirts with collars and chambray for some reason…so probably not the right person to give an opinion there! Cardigans I am a huge fan of though. I say just experiment, have fun with it, see what works. Maybe keep an eye out for the perfect winter top to go with it as well. But I’m sure you’ll come up with some interesting combinations if you just ‘play’ for a bit.

        Honestly, it’s good for me to go looking for things for others instead of finding more I’m tempted by. I enjoy matching beautiful things with people and I love the virtual treasure hunt factor.

        I’m going to be very happy when I come across a blue in a 6. At a great price, of course!

      • Thanks Kirsten! I love shopping for others, too. Heck! I just love shopping. Period. It has been cold here and I realized more poor son only had about three long sleeved shirts. So today I went and grabbed him some more. Of course, I had to sneak them to him so my daughter would not see I went shopping and she did not get anything. ; )

        I got your email and I hope to reply tonight. I have a couple of other comments to respond to here and on Effortless Anthropologie. My iPad is at 6%. Ugh! I hate the new update. My battery keeps dying. If I do not respond tonight, I will tomorrow morning after it charges for the night.

        Have a perfect Friday!


      • Ah, yeah, I kind of just love shopping too – full stop. I like to think I’m an environmentalist and not into consumerism BUT I love ‘stuff’ a bit too much. There is so much beautiful design in the world (and Anthro is more original and creative and quirky than anything I’ve ever seen) and I’m a sucker for aesthetics. And textiles. Etc.

        No hurry to get back to me at all (actually, no particular need to). I’ve completely wiped myself out making some photo books the last few days so I’m needing some more time away from the computer anyway.

        My Friday’s almost over, so you have a perfect one now!

      • I am so with you. Sometimes I have to delete a post because I think it is too much stuff in one week. I like to keep it in moderation. Plus, that just keeps me saner. At least, I like to think so.

        Tonight I am making that cinnamon roll cake for my husband’s work and desperately trying not to eat it! I have promised him it for two weeks! Ugh. Temptation. It comes in all forms.

        I forget Australia is so different in time. Duh! So, I will get aheadof the time and say have a great Sunday!


      • Thank you Kirsten! If you ever want to email me, it is on my “About Me” page. And I will get it! : )

        Hmmm. So that skirt is 31 inches at the waist, but so is the size 2? I wonder which listing is right. I think I will hold out for a size 6 or maybe even a 4. I think the 8 would be too big and I fear the 2 would be way too small. Why do things have to be so complicated? ; )

        I need to figure out how to style my burgundy one for winter with pieces I all ready have. My problem is I do not have a lot of winter tops. I do have a lot of cardigans though. So maybe that would work? I also want to pair it with a chambray shirt. What do you think?

        I so appreciate your research! You are AWESOME!


  5. After seeing your comment on my post Jenni, I just had to look back to see your pics of the ruffle skirt. So cute! I love the pics of you sitting. I agree, this is a skirt for all seasons!

    • Thank you Heather! I have a long sleeved lace top I want to pair with it soon. I can’t wait to wear it again! And I can’t wait to see how else you style it. Keep the ideas comin’. : )

      Have a great week!


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