I Will. I Do. I Do. I Will.


I don’t know why, but I am addicted to those bridal shows on t.v. I don’t care what show it is. “Say yes to the dress” in any city, “Four Weddings,” and even sometimes, “Something Borrowed, Something New” (although I hate this show with a fierce passion. Fierce. Passion).

If it is on, my brain becomes fixated on the white flowy gowns.

Here is something funny I heard a mom say to her daughter on one of those shows when there were not enough sequins on her dress: “It needs more embezzlements.”

Yes, it does.

I bet a dress like that would take go for a lot of money.

My husband and I got married in a whirlwind of quick planning in Las Vegas. We loved every second of our wedding. First, that my mom planned it. We would never have done it otherwise. The cake was delicious (the most important part). It was quick. It was easy. I loved my dress. It was supposed to have a bow removed, because the original wedding was planned and all ready had a deposit at a different venue for July. Plenty of time to order a bowless dress.

Well, a little something unplanned happened. And my dress was not going to fit when July came. So, we quickly planned a wedding for March.

My dress arrived. With the bow. This is where the good part happens. I had gained a little weight (see unplanned occurrence above) and the zipper broke an hour before the ceremony. But the bow hid it! Providence.

I would only change one thing about my wedding. Okay two. My dad got so nervous about walking me down the aisle that we practically ran. Seriously, he still laughs about it.

Second, what my husband said during our vows. Growing up, every little girl dreams of the “I dos.” Some of them may even practice saying them in preparation for the day those two words actually get to come out of their mouths (definitely not dressed in white and definitely not involving a dog if any kind).

Here is a bit of trivia I was not privy to until my wedding day. Little boys. Well, little boys don’t think of that moment at all. I am pretty sure that until their actual wedding day, those two words never even enter their minds.

Sometimes they never do enter their minds.

Even on their wedding day.

I wish I had known that.

It was finally my our moment.

I listened to the officiant rattle off the long list of things my husband was to agree to. And then we waited for his answer.

I will.”

I did a double take. Wait. Wha?! What happened to “I do”? This was not what was supposed to happen! My OCD flared up. Now, my answer would not match his! The officiant turned to me and began to recite the terms I was to agree to. I didn’t hear any of it. All I could think of is, what the heck am I going to say?!


I realized it was my turn to answer. My moment.

So, I pulled a Jenni. I just repeated both things. And I added an extra one in to make up for my husband’s edited version of the words. It had to be even. You know, OCD and all of that.

This is what I said, ” I do. I will. I do.”

I think my husband realized at that moment what had happened. He had married a crazy lady. The rest of the ceremony was a blur.

A beautiful blur.

But now whenever I watch any wedding show on t.v., I wait for those two words to be spoken. Inevitably, about a third of the time, “I will,” is said.

I looked it up and the consensus is divided on which saying is correct. I guess it just depends on what sounds best to you. What your venue might prefer. What you and your dog practiced when you were little.

This just shows you that you really cannot know what is going to happen in life. Planning has never been my forte. I never thought I would be married in Las Vegas. Or that my wedding would be moved up by many months. I couldn’t predict that my husband would not choose to say the words I had rehearsed in my head for decades. But do I cherish the impulsive memories? Will I look back in fondness at the unexpected surprises?

I will.

Do you remember which words were spoken at your wedding ceremony or the last one you attended?

I do.


P.S. Yesterday was my fifteenth wedding anniversary. I wrote this in honor of it. We are at this very moment in Las Vegas celebrating where it all began. I have posts scheduled every day while we are away. If I do not get to your comments today, please know I will respond A.S.A.P.! But it might not be today. : )

Thank you! : )

29 thoughts on “I Will. I Do. I Do. I Will.

  1. Happy anniversary you guys!!! It seems as if you two have always been together. Always happy. I love you guys!! Enjoy your special weekend.

    • Thank you! I love you, too! We are waiting for our plane home. It was a LOOOONNNNGGG weekend! Happy to be heading home! : )

      Hope you are having a peaceful week!


  2. Great post as always and more importantly, Happy Anniversary. Enjoy Vegas, but remember what happens there, stays there……couldn’t help myself.

    • Thank you! It was a beautiful weekend, but I am happy we are almost home! Thank you for the well wishes! I really appreciate them! : )

      Hope you are having a super week!


  3. Happy Anniversary and many more years! Your wedding was nice and I remember being so enthralled by your ‘honeymoon suite.’ I hope you take some pics of you in Vegas in your outfits – looking forward to see what you ended up taking and wearing. Enjoy! -AM

    • Thank you Auntie M! We did get some pictures but not nearly as many as I hoped! There were a few snags in the trip, but overall it was fine. I will be happy to be back in California! : )

      Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  4. Happy Anniversary! What a great story! I love wedding stories. My husband sobbed through our vows. I mean, full on sobbed. I will tease him telling him he said different things (like always letting me buy shoes) in his vows, he just doesn’t remember because he was crying so hard 🙂 He is a good sport about it. Have the very best of time with your hubby! Congrats on 15 years. Very inspirational!

    • Thank you Alicia! And thank you for sharing! I love that story! I think it is so sweet. It is such an emotional day! I think “always letting me buy shoes” are in all wedding vows, right? ; ). Or at least I hope so!

      Thank you again! Hope you are having a great week!


  5. Hey there, I am a total Etsy addict and stumbled across a shop that TOTALLY reminded me of you (I now this is totally off subject from your post). Anyway, here it is: https://www.etsy.com/listing/167219117/similar?campaign_label=new_at_etsy&utm_source=adhoc&utm_campaign=new_at_etsy_032014_10690919825_0_0&utm_medium=email&utm_content=&email_sent=1395434762&euid=F2M70aHWp-CHMO4XLuYYtmCzRo_i&eaid=183432774&x_eaid=411d812bdc&filters=children+-supplies+hobbit

    I think some of this stuff would look so cool in your house or yard!

  6. Congratulations Jenni! My husband & I will celebrate our 12th anniversary this year (even though it will be our 21st year together!) I have a confession to make that I do not recall which way it was said in our wedding. I do? I will?? I don’t remember!! We had our wedding outside & all most anyone can remember is a dive-bombing fly not leaving the minister alone. He kept swatting at it, blowing at it. The words we said I barely remember, the dive bombing fly?? I do. Have fun on your trip!

    • Thank you Lynn. Twenty one years! Wow! Congratulations. We had our first date in November and were married in March, so we are always pretty much married for the same number of years that we have been together except for a few months out of the year. I love the story of the fly dive-bombing. So funny! I love the little things that make a wedding funny to the individuals in it years later!

      Thank you for sharing!

      Hope your week is special!


    • Thank you so much Melodee! It was fun! Just waiting at the airport now (which is always the worst part of any trip). Thank you for the sweet words and well wishes!

      Have a lovely week!


  7. Happy Anniversary! I want to share with you.. in the past when I’ve gone to Las Vegas.. I practice playing blackjack and poker on the computer(like a Hoyle card game program)… for a couple weeks. I go with a set amount for betting… and have fun playing with my husband…I am careful to put my winnings aside and don’t get too crazy risky.. Usually I make about 300- 500 dollars… some of which I donate.. the rest I spend on spa treatments and shopping while I’m there : ) Can’t wait to see photos!

    • Thank you Lora! We ended up losing. : (. But it was still fun. Growing up we practiced playing black jack all of the time. I almost always win. But this time, the house won. And that is the way it goes. Thankfully, we had put gambling money put aside and we did not go over it. You have to know when to walk away. Thankfully, we do. : ). That is a good idea to practice. I need to do that next time!

      We did have fun, but laying in our bed feels so much better!

      I have some photos! Cannot wait to share!

      Thank you again!

      Have a lovely week!


  8. Sounds like the perfect wedding. I think there always has to be something that doesn’t go quite right… not disastrous, but something to smile about afterwards.

    The last wedding we went to, the groom was repeating after the priest and he promised his bride all his love and fertility. The priest had actually said “fidelity”! There were a few seconds of shocked silence and then multiple people in the room burst out laughing.

    Happy anniversary! So nice that you’ve gone back to the place where it all started.

    • Thank you Liana! That is hilarious! Oh my gosh. Well, I guess fertility fits, too. Too funny! And I agree. No wedding is perfect. It is fun to smile at the random things later. I was sad to not see any brides while I was in Vegas. We had wanted to go back to the MGM where we were married, but never got around to it. Maybe next time. Although, I am beginning to think we just aren’t Vegas people. : ).

      Thank you for the sweet story and the well wishes!

      Have a beautiful week!


    • Thank you Sarah. I do think it has a lot to do with the officiant. My husband claims that the officiant said, “Will you” instead of “Do you?” I cannot even remember. I just remember the end result. Thank you for sharing what you said. I love hearing those stories!

      I hope you are having a good week and the rest of the week is even better!


  9. Happy Anniversary!!! “I will” sounds very Downton Abbey British to me. “I do” sounds American. And I have no idea why I think that.

    I can’t remember what I said during our wedding since I giggled uncontrollably throughout the whole thing!

    • Thank you Cynthia! That is hilarious! I love that you giggled. I also think your assessment makes sense. And I can see Lady Mary explaining the differences in both and making fun of the “I do.’s.” Thanks for that image this morning! It made me smile

      Have a delightful day!


  10. Ha! This cracked me up. I like your response the best because it shows a desire to mirror his words but a more intense desire to have it your way, too. I loved this sweet glimpse into your wedding! I will, I do, I do, and I will wish you such a happy anniversary! Hope you’re having a blast in Vegas!

    <3 Liz

    • Ha! I never thought about it as having my way before, but that is exactly it. Poor guy. It’s been that way ever since. ; ). Thank you for the well wishes! Vegas was fun, but we are appreciating being back home! It is so restful!

      Have a super week!


  11. Happy anniversary! I hope you guys had a wonderful trip! It’s so important to have some couple time w/o kiddos, especially to get away on a little trip! Fun! My wedding dress had a big bow in back that I planned on taking off but left on & my zipper was stubborn, so my mom pinned the bow on & over it too…I’m thinking we have to exchange dress pictures, our dresses may be soul sisters! :). We too went to Vegas last year & I had a whole day alone to myself there. I planned a lot of things (went to the lion habitat ranch, shopped on the strip, then saw the Beatles Love show – it was AMAZiNG!!) & it was fine & I stayed safe, but it was a bit scary to think about ahead of time bc that can be such a crazy place! Can’t wait to hear about your trip & what you did, pics too!
    🙂 rebecca

    • I forgot, we also said, “I will” @ our wedding. Our minister said it was more correct than “I do”, which I also always envisioned in my head & practices with stuffed animals as a little girl! Love that you made it your own way, that’s sweet.

      • Thank you Rebecca! Isn’t that funny how for each person the term is different as the correct way? Looking back I can see that, but at the time, I had tunnel vision!

        Oh! I also meant to comment on your bow situation! Too funny! I guess the bow is really a strategic placement. Who knew? I still have my dress. And I have been known to wear it around the house. : ). I figure it probably makes my neighbor’s lives more interesting!

        Have a wonderful Thursday!


    • Thank you Rebecca. I agree. Alone time as a couple is so important when you have kids. My husband and I got back last night and we were so happy to be home that we joked that perhaps we should have just stayed home the whole time and skipped the trip. But there is something wonderful about taking a flight and the excitement of leaving. I ended up just having about three hours to myself. I gambled $33 (and lost) and did some clothing reviews. I met some really cool cab drivers and it was fun. Just getting out by myself in a city that scares me was a big step. It made me feel independent and sassy. That was fun. Also, not spending any money except for the cab rides and gambling was exciting, too.

      Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed reading about your outing!

      Have a great week!


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