It’s The Little Things: Pie Crust Cookies


I have been really sick. How sick? Well, I have not had a glass of wine since Christmas. That’s how sick. I know. Who knew it was possible? It has been thirteen days of a cold with a fever and I am now beginning to think it is time to see a doctor.

Or not.

We’ll see.

It makes for interesting dreams.

But in the meantime, my sweet mother brought me over the nicest gift in the world. It was a container of pie crust cookies.


Pie crust cookies happen to be my most favorite thing in the whole wide world. My mother and grandmother used to make them all through my childhood. They start with homemade pie crust dough (which is why I never make them). The pie crust dough is rolled out then generously sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Then cut into long irregular shapes, punched with a fork, and put into the oven to bake. Hence the clever name, “pie crust cookies.” I don’t know where or how they came up with that.

When she delivered these, I almost cried in my delirious state.

They have been what has kept me going these last few days.

Well, that and a glorious little product called heaven Sudafed.

Have you ever had these delightful little treats? And why does everything taste so much better when your mom makes it? What’s your favorite thing to have when you are sick? Spaghetti for some reason also always makes me feel better. It is what we are having for dinner tonight.

It’s the little things: anything that makes you feel better when you are sick.

Thanks Mom.

20 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Pie Crust Cookies

  1. So sorry to hear you’re still under the weather. Those pie crust cookies look and sound like heaven! And yes, everything does taste better when your mom makes it. When I’m sick I guess I just like Cambells Chicken Noodle Soup from the can…especially if I don’t have a big appetite. But thinking about those cookies is making my appetite grow huge right now, lol!

    • Thank you Jess! I am so bummed, because not only do I miss you tomorrow night, but I do not think I will be well enough to go out with my daughter, either. : (. I hope you have a wonderful time! I miss you! Hopefully I will see you soon.

      Have a wonderful dinner!


  2. Oh Jenni, I am so sorry you are sick! You probably have the flu, if it is cold like symptoms with a fever. Poo.
    My comfort food is also Campbell’s Soup, but Tomato and then Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, but if I am really sick I also like Chicken Noodle with a whole bunch of saltines crushed into it.
    I have never heard of pie crust cookies but they look really good and make complete sense. It would be so easy to make those for a farm lady. She would have everything on hand all the time.
    I find the most simple is usually the most comforting. Hope you feel better soon!


    • Thank you Teresa! Chicken noodle soup sounds so good. Is it crazy that that never occurred to me? And I definitely think you are right with the flu diagnosis. I slept until 11:00 today. And I cancelled all of my appointments. Hopefully this weekend will be productive! Thank you for being so sweet!

      Have a fantastic Friday!


  3. My grandmother would bring us her homemade canned grape juice and an activity book but only if we were REALLY sick. That was how we knew how sick we were. Only the really bad stuff got homemade grape juice. I hope you feel better soon!

    • Thank you. Oh, I love your story so much. It makes me happy. I can just picture the homemade grape juice. Yum! Thank you for sharing and making me smile.

      Have a lovely weekend!


  4. I don’t think I have ever tried a pie crust cookie; at first glance, I thought they were just regular old sugar cookies. They sound really interesting and super delicious! That was so sweet of your mom to bring them over. I don’t care how old I get; I still feel like a little kid when I get sick, so it totally cheers me up to have my mom take care of me, to a point. 😉

    I am so sorry you have been so sick. What a bummer that you can’t seem to shake this one! Lingering illnesses are the WORST.

    • Thanks Casey. Yes, everything my mom makes for me tastes better. I remember being the sickest I have ever been when I was first on my own. My mom drove me to the doctors and then took me home with her. All I remember is she made spaghetti and it was the best thing I ever had. So, now I always make it when anyone is sick. I do not know if it is the best for an upset stomach, but it is now what my kid’s request too.

      And pie crust cookies are amazing! : ). I am working on what we talked about and will email you with it tomorrow. : )

      Have a great weekend!


  5. My best friend in elementary school taught me how to make pie crust cookies. We brushed them with butter first though. Yummy.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

    • Thank you Liana! Yum! Butter! I might have to try that. How could anything not be better with butter?! Thank you for sharing.

      I hope your weekend is relaxing.


  6. My cousin makes these cookies!! Love them! We’re just finally starting to come out of our influenza a/cold/ear infection haze in our house that’s been going on since the 27th!! Ughhhh. Been a rough start to the year. Hope you start feeling better!

    • Thank you Lyn. That is exactly the time we got ours here, too with almost the same sicknesses. It’s been dreadful, hadn’t it? I am glad yours is on the way out. Fingers crossed it is leaving our house soon!

      I am glad you have tried these cookies. They are the best! So simple and homey.

      Have a healthy and relaxing weekend!


      • If only I could make homemade pie crust! I might have to twist my retired neighbor’s arm 😉 i know she would make them for us if I asked!!

        Feel better SOON!!

      • Thank you! And, oh, yes, you must ask her to make them! They are so good! Let me know if you do. I am plum our of them now. I need more. And this time, I have to make my own. And the refrigerated pie crust does not taste good as cookies. I see a lot of work ahead of me! : )

        Have a lovely weekend!


    • Thank you Keiko! Oh, so sick. I hope one day you get to try a pie crust cookie. They are dry and sweet with a tang from the cinnamon. So yummy!

      I hope you are doing well. Have a wonderful weekend!


  7. The cookies look so awesome.. but I am afraid to make them because I would for sure eat too many! I wanted to mention(without cursing myself), I have not been sick all winter.. the things I have done differently(because all of us usually pick up bugs).. is adding vitamin D drops to our daily intake, and I bought an essential oil called “On Guard” from a friend. I am normally skeptical of big selling bandwagons… but it really seems to be working! I put a couple drops in water every morning and drink it… and then when the kids are exposed.. I put a couple drops in coconut oil, rub it on their feet and put socks over for overnight… has worked so far! In the past.. I have always yearned for my mom when sick.. because you know, as a mom yourself.. you are usually the last to get cared for.. I live in MI, and my mom moved to the upper peninsula years ago so I hardly ever see her : (

    • Hi Lora!

      I wish I had read your comment before I went to the store today! I would have picked up all three of those drops. I do believe in that stuff. I just always forget to do it. I love that it has worked for your family this year. I am knocking on wood for you, too.

      I am sorry your mom moved away. That sucks. My mom was here this weekend (at my sister’s house) but I have not seen her. : (. In fact, responding to you reminded me she wrote me an email a fee days ago and I still have not responded! Must go do that now. I completely forgot.

      Have a wonderful weekend!


  8. Jenni, please tell me you are feeling better!! And yes – everything made by moms tastes better. Hopefully those cookies did the trick!

    • Thank you Cynthia. Nope, still sick. But hopeful. I am hoping I get better soon. I need more comfort food!

      Sweet dreams!


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