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This is an extra post today. It is here, because I need help identifying an article of clothing…I received a Pottery Barn Teen Catalog in the mail yesterday. This happens. I have a teenager. I have purchased from Pottery Barn before. I usually do not ever get around to looking at it.


But this cover caught my eye. That blouse! The overalls. I have searched and searched the internet looking for this magnificent top. Does anyone, anyone at all, know where this blouse is from? I am in love. It is gorgeous. Just divine. Please leave a comment if you know where to get it! Thank you so much!

I opened the catalog and I was blown away with the cool new designs by Stylists and Designers Emily Current and Meritt Elliot.


Look at this gold dotted duvet. I would rock this. Unfortunately it does not come in my bed’s size.


Have you ever seen anything so adorable? Me neither. I want one. Need one.


I want this clothing rack like my dog, Ollie, wants an ice cube. So badly, I can almost taste it.

They also have the cutest bunny lamp. I will not be getting this. Yesterday I wore my bunny shirt from Anthropologie, and I took pictures of my child with my bunny iphone case. Later, I thought to myself, I must have looked like a nut. All bunny, all of the time. But if you are not all ready in bunny overload… This lamp is “wonderful.”

And the denim chaise they are selling is very cool.

What do you think? I realize I am too old for a teen catalog, but my heart is young. I love it all. And please, please let me know if you have seen the top from the first picture.

* All photos in this post were taken from Pottery Barn Teen website. They are not affiliated with this post in any way.

27 thoughts on “More Than Slightly Obsessed

  1. DRAT! Like passing a train wreck, I should not have looked/read. Now, not only do I need your bunny iphone case but I want the bunny clock. Hmmm…since my dad buys me bunny stuff for Easter, I wonder if I should make the link to this “magically” appear on his Facebook page. ;-p

    PS. I bought the Free People skirt you reviewed (the one I lovingly call my corn candy skirt).

    • Hi Brynne! I bought my iPhone bunny case off of eBay. Much cheaper! Sorry to give you cravings! : ).

      I hope you love your skirt! I will be wearing it around Halloween for a candy corn look! Do you love it? I am very excited about this!

      Have a great day!


    • I know, right? I lust for it. But I just looked closer. One collar looks like it is fraying. This leads me very much to believe it is vintage. It might not ever have been a shirt at all. Maybe an old wedding dress? Anyway, it is lovely. I would never be brave enough to ask them on Facebook. Plus, I have no idea how to work Facebook yet. I MUST learn! ; )

      Have a great night!


      • I just went over to PB Teen Facebook to ask for you but someone already asked about where to purchase it and PB hasn’t responded yet. Maybe it is vintage?!

      • Thank you Cynthia! You are so great! I was much too nervous to ask them. I do no know why. I hope you get an answer! That top is so so divine! : )

        Thank you again! Have a terrific weekend!


  2. I do love it! So easy, breezy to wear. It will make it’s maiden voyage out tomorrow when I get my hair cut and on Saturday to a birthday party for one year old twins.
    Off to check out ebay. Thanks for the tip. Sorry I was no help with the beautiful blouse. Brynne

    • Yay! I cannot wait to hear how it wears for you. But be careful around two one year old boys in that white skirt. Yikes! : )

      Have a great evening!


  3. Oooh…good idea, Cynthia. I remember lusting after a bedspread I saw in a furniture store ad in a magazine. Even called the company but got nowhere. I hope you find it Jenni.

    Quick question. When you ordered your phone cover from ebay, did it come with a pom pom tail and if so, did you remove it and what is under the pom pom?

    • Hi Brynne! No. It did not come with a pom pom tail. Which made me very sad, because I think it was supposed to. But I think the final price with shipping was something like $6.50, so maybe that is why. I have ordered two and they both arrived within one business day in my mail box. It was lightning fast!


  4. That clothing rack is great! I wonder if any other stores sell a cheaper version. By the way, do you ever check out the Modcloth website? They have Gnome style items every now and then. Currently they have a mushroom skirt that is very cute. I was hoping for a sale on that one but since I am new to the site I don’t know their sale patterns.

    • Hi Stacey! I love that clothing rack, but I agree, it is very expensive. Hence me staring at it on the internet. : )

      I love Modcloth! I have been watching that mushroom skirt. I will not buy it at full price. I am hoping it will make it to sale! I bought their gnome socks and they are so cute! I will let you know if I ever see the mushroom skirt hit sale. It is adorable. I just do not know what I would wear as the top.

      Thank you so much for commenting and I hope you have a wonderful Friday!


  5. Listen chickee! I am way older than you and am ALL about the bunnies this year! Just packed my new bunny pj pants from anthro 5 min ago! I say, age is a number sister! Things lik this keep you young! And when it gets really bad and I am 80 people really will think I’m nuts, but I still won’t care! 🙂 now I want that darn alarm clock!

    • : ). You had me giggling in bed as I read this. It was a long night tonight, so thank you for that (Homecoming dress shopping with my daughter). I love the bunny stuff, too. And I will be right there with you in the “crazy” pool. I have all ready warned my husband when I am older (70s-80s) I want rainbow hair. Cause that would be awesome!

      Have a great night! Thank you for the sweet chuckle.


    • Hmmm. Well, maybe yours won’t come with one. I actually forgot mine was supposed to until my daughter reminded me. And then I was sad for a sec. But I really like it flat! Let me know how it works out and if yours truly comes with the tail.

      Have a hoppin’ day! : )


  6. Looking at your blog is encouraging me to be bad and buy things I can’t afford! LOL 😉

    I honestly think that a lot of the items featured in these photos would be perfect for an adult’s room; the whole scene has a vibe that is very similar to that of an Anthropologie catalog. That garment rack is absolutely adorable! I’m about to pull up the website so I can drool over the rest of what they are selling right now. 😉

    • Sorry Casey! It was an impulse post. I almost didn’t post it, because I feel my blog can get a little consumerismy (I’m making up words over here). But I really wanted to figure that blouse out. I hope you enjoy your browsing. That is all I ended up doing, as well.

      And I all ready had the kites post ready. But I am kind of sick of the “stuff” posts this week. Thankfully tonight is just a funny story about my dog, then it is eyeglass shopping tips. Next week is much more even keel. My outfit post next week is all bargain shopping.

      I try to stay balanced! : ).

      I have been enjoying your Breaking Bad posts so much. My husband reads them as well!

      Have a beautiful Friday!


      • I actually have really enjoyed your posts. I don’t mind reading about “stuff,” only when it’s blatant advertising for which the blogger has obviously been compensated, which is certainly not the case with your blog. I think we have really similar tastes in both fashion and decorating, so I really enjoy reading about your picks. 🙂

        I’m glad you guys have been enjoying the Breaking Bad posts! I’m definitely going to do one more after the finale, and then I think I will have to lay BB to rest on Veggies and Glitter. 😉

        I hope you have a great weekend!

      • Aww. Thank you Casey! : ).

        I hope you and your husband are wrong. But I bet you are right. Vince has always said this is a story of how the average man could become Scarface. Or something like that. But then I told my husband, well, Jesse is scarred now. Could the story be about him all along? But my husband said that is not what Scar Face means and I am reading way too much into it!

        I can’t wait! Have a great fun weekend!


        P.S. my husband thinks it would be awesome for them to do a spinoff of Mike and Gus together before Walt. I agree!

      • Hmm, now you have the gears in my mind turning. Maybe he did mean it in a literal way, as you suggested! I’m going to have to bring that up to Chris tonight and see what he thinks. 😉

        I think the guy who plays Mike is such a great actor. I would love a spin-off like that! Did you hear that AMC confirmed that Saul is getting his own spin-off show after Breaking Bad ends? It’s going to cover his experiences before meeting Jesse and Walt. I think it sounds pretty good and has the potential to introduce us to a whole new slew of crazy characters.

      • I had heard about the spinoff. I am not sure about it. I will watch it to see. But I am not convinced I will enjoy it.

        Two more days! : )


  7. Jenni, I have an email into Emily & Meritt’s Styling and Consulting’s guru, Amy Sable @ The Wall Group. I hear she’s great at helping with this kind of thing. Hopefully I’ll hear from her. XO, …Jess

    • Hi Jess! Oh my gosh! You are so sweet! And the brave! I did not think to do that. I know sweet Kellie wrote on their Facebook wall. I think after looking closer at the picture it might be a vintage blouse. The collar appears like it might be ripped. You are awesome! I hope you get an answer!

      Have a great evening! See you soon! : )


    • Thanks Emily! I appreciate it. All of your posts are pretty! You are a fantastic photographer. I cannot wait to see how your home continues. It looks so beautiful right now.


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