It’s The Little Things: Le Creuset


About seven years ago, my husband purchased my first Le Creuset piece for me for a Christmas present. It was bright green. I was in love. I use it about three times a week. It conducts heat so beautifully. I think cooking in something pretty makes cooking more fun. It also helps that Le Creuset is a functioning dream.


Le Creuset is expensive. You can find seconds at Home Goods and on eBay. I was content with my one piece. But then at Christmastime last year, Rue La La had an amazing sale.


The sale was on Le Creuset. If I can remember right, the pieces were around 45% off. And in the beautiful blue color that I adore. Free shipping was also part of the offer. When the boxes arrived (I ordered three pieces for my husband to give me for Christmas), the box said it cost $75 to ship! Wow! We saved a ton of money! I purchased a larger dutch oven.


This is perfect for large roasts, pots of soup, and when I double my beef stroganoff. I use it all of the time.

I also purchased a skillet. This is the item I am not impressed with. All of my food sticks to it. Do you have a skillet like this? What am I doing wrong? I really need help with this one.


Amazon carries Le Creuset, but you have to wait for a great price. I am watching this yellow Le Creuset pot, but I doubt it will ever reach the discount I received on my last pot.

Do you own any Le Creuset? What is your favorite recipe to cook in it?

It’s the little things: beautiful products to cook in. It truly makes cooking more fun!


P.S. An update: last week I did a post on crushed garlic. Brynne asked me if this was was carried at Trader Joe’s. I was told in the comments by Alissa that they do carry it. I was there two days ago and snapped this picture in the frozen vegetable aisle. I was so excited to see it and also ecstatic to try the frozen chopped basil in the future. I bought some of that to try in recipes later! So, thank you Brynne for the question. And thank you Alissa for the answer. I love learning something new! : )

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8 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Le Creuset

  1. Thank you for sharing your Le Creuset collection!! They look beautiful!! I love Le Creuset too. I have a few casserole dishes but hope to buy a dutch oven someday soon!! You always make the most amazing ooking dishes so I’m sure you get a lot of use out of your collection!!

    • Ooooh! I want a casserole dish! I bet it food cooks so evenly in it! I will let you know if I see any on sale this Christmas. That sale last year was amazing. I love Dutch ovens. I use them all of the time! Almost every day! They are expensive, but worth it! : )

      Have a gorgeous day!


    • Hi Kellie! I know there are websites designed to price follow items on sites for you. I just happen to get lucky. Last year I was reading someone’s blog and she mentioned the Rue La La sale on Le Creuset. I had never even heard of that site before. So I was just super lucky.

      I hope you are having a great day and rejoicing in the fact that you are one year younger than me for just 3 more days. Than we are the same! ; )

  2. The dishes are beautiful! I absolutely love frozen herbs! They tend to go bad so quickly if you buy them fresh, so I often end up throwing them away and wasting money. 🙁 I like buying minced or chopped garlic in a glass jar, too. It is usually sold that way in the produce section of most grocery stores.

    • Thanks Casey! I always hate buying herbs because they go bad and they can be so expensive. So I am excited to try this option out! : )

      Have a lovely weekend!


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