I will admit it. This is my very first pair of overalls. Well, maybe I had a pair when I was four or five, but I have long since forgotten. When I was pregnant with both of my children, I longed to be the pregnant girl in overalls. Alas, I am not one of those girls that is cute whilst pregnant (and, no, I am not pregnant. That would be impossible, just so ya know). And so I skipped over them. Never bought them, but enviously stared at those who did.

I started seeing them pop up again. And I started stewing. Then I saw that picture on the Pottery Barn Teen catalog and my interest grew. The final straw was when Free People offered a distressed corduroy pair in the gold color.

I was sold…Or they were sold…To me. Somethin’ like that.

I have been trying to put together different tops with the overalls. I pretty much want to wear them all of the time. Here is what I created:


This is my favorite look. It is a Free People lace shirt I purchased from Nordstrom Rack in the spring. I like it with H & M’s lace flats. The necklace is care of Simply Livly on Etsy.


I paired it with a denim jacket. I definitely look rustic here.


And a Free People cardigan.


I tried the overalls with Anthropologie’s Daydrifter Tee.


I also paired it with a striped long sleeve layering top from H & M. I believe this was $14.


And went full on country farm girl with a Johnny Was flannel shirt and vintage boots. The turquoise necklace is from Simply Livly on Etsy.


This sweater was purchased last winter at Forever 21. I think it was $15. I have a mad crush on it.



I bought this top with my mother-in-law during my Nordstrom Rack birthday spree. It is made by Free People. I could never find it on their site. And I did look. The color is my favorite paired with mustard. The earrings are from Anthropologie many years ago.


And because I could not help myself. And because he wanted a ride. And maybe because I am more than a tad bit crazy…I put a little gnome in my overalls. My husband refused to go out with me like this. The wee little fellow was sad. ; )

So, what do you think of the overall trend? And would you have gone shopping with me and my little gnome friend (he was made by the lovely Moongoat on Etsy

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38 thoughts on “Overalls?

    • Thanks Kirsten! I do not know if I would have been brave (or sober) enough to actually leave the house with him, either. I am sure he would have still gone with me. He really is the sweetest guy.

      You know, I took pictures with boots on for all of those outfits and with flats. In fact, I really liked a different pair of cowboy boots better. But I cannot find those pictures anywhere. I am super sad. I think the cowboy boots with that pink lace shirt was my favorite. Oh, well. But I was trying to pull together looks for all seasons. Can you imagine it? ; )

      Thank you for the ideas and feedback. It is always very, very appreciated! : )

      Have a lovely week!


  1. I would TOTALLY go shopping with you and your gnome friend. In fact, I’d have a running conversation with him… 😉 He and I could give you a second opinion on clothes you tried on, and told you if your butt looked big or whatever. “No, Jenni, the gnome says that colour washes you out!” 😉

    I liked it with the denim jacket, but my favourite was with the red-striped shirt. Red and mustard is such a good combo for fall, I think! You should add the denim jacket to this and call it a day. Or would that be too hot? All the looks are lovely btw. Those two are just the ones I liked best. 🙂

    • Awww. Thanks Gwen! I will go whisper in his ear that he has a friend abroad. He will be very excited. Of course, his life is exceptionally better than some of his brothers who live their lives in my candle case. Oh the fumes! I believe some of them like them too much. ; )

      Thank you for telling me which outfits you liked best. I was going to ask for opinions, but feared I would come across desperate. Which I am. I need all of the advice I can get. : )

      Have a perfect week!


  2. I think these are darling…on you. Lol. I picture myself wearing them, and it’s not a good image.The color is great, and I love how you styled them a zillion different ways. My favorite are the first look with the cream top, and then the one with the long rainbow stripe cardigan. They look so comfy and cuddly, like they were made for you.

    I love that you tucked the little gnome in your pocket for a ride. That doesn’t seem at all crazy or embarrassing to me…but this is coming from the girl who tucked her brontosauras towel animal into bed on the cruise when she left for dinner and dancing. So…I’m not sure how valid my opinion is here. ;-P


    • Hi Liz! First, I can totally picture you tucking in your dinosaur towel. I always worried over our towel animals. On our last cruise, our lovely stateroom host gave us a demonstration in our room. It is all about starting with just rolling it.

      Thank you for the compliments! I appreciate it. I kept not wanting to post this because I was worried people would hate hate hate this look! But ultimately you just have to be yourself. I think this gold pair of overalls would be pretty on you. The gold would match the shimmering gold highlights of your hair.

      I hope your Monday is easy!


  3. They look very cute on you. I like them with the white lace blouse and the free people cardigan.

    I definitely wore them in the late 90’s when they were in for a while, and I wore then when I was pregnant.

    • Thanks Noelle. I bet you are adorable in overalls! I can totally picture it. I was watching Friend’s the other night and Phoebe was sporting some overalls. And Monica was wearing plaid pants. And it seems like all of those styles are back again. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Maybe a little old. ; )

      Have a lovely evening!

      Thanks for commenting!


    • Noelle! Please leave this exact message on the giveaway post. I cannot count it in the overall post! Please! Please!

      Thank you!


  4. Ummm, are you reading my mind? I “Pinned” the gray variety of these overalls the other day and have been thinking about them a lot, but I haven’t been sure how I would style them. Thanks for sharing so many cute outfit ideas that incorporate them! I may have to splurge and buy them. I think my favorite look is the one with the Free People lace top underneath; it adds an adorably feminine touch!

    • Oh my gosh! That is crazy! Great minds think alike. I like the grey color, as well. They are super fun! Here is the thing. They are very distressed. As in shredding in parts of the fabric. I do not know if you can tell from the pics. I actually like this, but it is something that you should be aware of.

      Thank you for the compliment! You are so sweet. I think the overalls would be amazing on you. So cute!

      Have a terrific week!


      • Thanks for the heads up! I hadn’t really noticed that, to be honest. They look so cute on you, but I’m not sure I would be very fond of the shredding. They had some other overalls at Free People, so maybe I’ll have to check out another pair. 😉

      • Oh good! I am glad I let you know. That would have been kind of a shock. And a disappointment. Plus, the pain and expense of shipping them back. I am glad I could help! : )


    • Hi Heather! I think they are back in style. Or that could just be me being delusional. ; )

      You would be so so so cute in overalls! I can picture it now! Yay!

      Have a great week. Thank you for commenting, sweet friend!


  5. Beyond adorable!! Love them with everything but my favorites are the first look with the white shirt and the last look with blue stripes!

    I think your gnome needs to have his own weekly feature on your blog!! The World According to Gnome. Or something like that!


    • Hi Cynthia! Thank you so much!

      Okay, I love that idea so so so much. I am totally going to do it. It will probably be a monthly feature. Maybe turning into weekly. I just have so many posts to post. I have a backlog. So, I will have to see.

      But I am in love with this idea. Thank you for it! And it incorporates my theme. Gosh, you are awesome, I am going to go write a post right now!

      Thanks again!


    • Thank you Kindra! I appreciate the compliment.

      I just have a rough draft right now. I have to decide what angel I want to take it in. A little fictional story each month. Or a funny view point of a post all ready up. There are many ways to run with it. I might end up doing all at different points. Thanks for the encouragement!

      I very much appreciate it! Have a great week!


  6. Jenni I LOVE these overalls on you!! I think this is one of my favorite items on you : ) You look absolutely adorable….too cute for words!! I like how you shared a variety of different tops to go with it too.

    • Oh yeah! Thanks Sayaka. I appreciate that. I do love these overalls, but I was not sure how they would go “over.” Ha. You are so sweet!

      Thank you again!


  7. You’re so cute in these! They fit really nicely- and I love the range of ideas you’ve put together. rolled up with flats is a nice surprise, and the boots are killer awesome! Love the pink and burgundy and denim options!

    • Thank you Sarah! I purchased these and a size larger to compare the fit. I ended up going with my regular size. Sometimes corduroy can be tricky. I appreciate the compliments! You are so sweet. I think you have great style, so I take your comments to heart.

      Have a beautiful week!


    • Thank you so much! That is very sweet. I do love those overalls. I plan on wearing them once a week all season long! I think they are fun.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting! I hope you have a wonderful week!


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  11. They look adorable! I’ve been wanting to purchase my own from free people but in hunter. What size did you get, if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Thank you Leana. I don’t mind at all. I actually had to go check my account history because I purchased two pairs to see what size would fit better. I kept the size 29 (I am usually either a 28 or a 29 but I am always a 29 in Free People). I am glad I kept that size. Enjoy your overalls. There are short versioned ones on Anthropologie right now that I have wishlisted. They are adorable. I do not like shorts, but I feel like the short overalls will not break up the body but keep it long. If that makes sense?

      I hope that helps! Have a terrific evening!


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