Do The Hippie Dippie Shake



I have not posted pictures in a while of my husband’s true love. Nope. I am not jealous. I love her, too. She is a 1967 VW Bus and she is so perty.

I recently purchased a dress I had been longing for. The dress is Free People’s Estelle Maxi Dress. I used my birthday discount on it (I also used it on its rust twin). I knew this dress deserved an excursion. We went for a drive.


We pulled over for some photos.


I gave my husband’s baby some affection.


It was lovely.


My husband’s lover had a great time, too. Just look at her grin.


She did pull my hair a little while we were driving. She also tried to throw me out with her shaking and rattling. But I don’t mind.


She is too lovely to resist.

7 thoughts on “Do The Hippie Dippie Shake

  1. Jenni, I just love these pics! You look great in that color. And how cool is that VW bus. My husband is also a car buff. He is currently restoring a Landrover Defender.

    • Thank you Lorraine! That is so nice. I appreciate it.

      I have a friend whose husband is restoring a similar car. Boys and their toys, eh?

      I hope your weekend proves to be relaxing and cool. I am telling you, I cannot handle much more of this heat. It is stifling. And muggy. And awful. Hopefully, it is not as muggy where you are.

      I am off to bed. It is finally cool enough to sleep! Yay!


  2. A green VW bus!! From 1967! OMG!! woo hoo! (i’ve got a red beetle so i understand the vw love) The pic of you through the windshield is my favorite! You must frame it!

    • You are so kind! Thank you! It is funny. That is the pic I threw in at the last minute. I did not like the glare. I am so glad you like it! Yay!

      Thanks again! I hope you have a great, nice and short week!


  3. Your husband (the bunny-loving man, as he shall be forever in my mind now) has seriously good taste. Both his women are just adorable. I had slight conniptions when I saw ‘the other woman’ – absolutely my kind of thing. And such a stunning shade of blue? green?? too.

    • : ). Thank you! I love his other woman, too. In fact, I am going to try to convince him to take her out tomorrow (it has been too hot lately). But we will see if us two gals can get our way. I would love to go for a drive and get another outfit post done. I am getting my hair blown out for a wedding we are going to on Sunday, so it would be great timing! Fingers crossed!

      Thank you so much for the comments today! Truly! I very much appreciate it! : )


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