It’s The Little Things: Organic Brown Sugar


I know I have all ready done a post about chocolate chip cookies. The situation is this: that will not be the first or the last time I discuss these treats. These cookies are my blood. They lift my spirits. They show my family I love them. I have an addiction. I needed these for my soul.


And I just happened to have bought organic brown sugar at Trader Joe’s this week. This is the secret ingredient to making any cookie softer and richer in flavor. Organic brown sugar. Gotta have it.


My friend recently made my chocolate chip cookies. She said they were so much better using this sugar. Thanks Bridgette! : )


This picture shows the difference between regular brown sugar and organic brown sugar.


It is so pretty glistening in the bowl. Yum!


Look at these treats. You know what is better than a chocolate chip cookie? Having enough points (Weight Watchers) left over at the end of the day to enjoy one! Now, that is the best part!


It’s the little things: an easy ingredient to make baking better! Who doesn’t need that?

Have you tried baking with organic brown sugar? Did you notice the difference? If not, try it in your next cookie recipe. I bet you will be amazed at the difference!

11 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Organic Brown Sugar

  1. mmmmm…cooooooookies…now I think I know the source of the muppet melee mess on the dress…it was a great cookie fight! Okay. I’m gonna make these. just need some sugar…(damn, BF is gonna kill me- I keep buying brown sugar whenever it gets hard…)

    • That is funny! Yes, and the Cookie Monster won and pasted his victim on a dress.

      I hope the cookies work out for you! I have heard you can save brown sugar by putting it in a bowl and covering the bowl with a wet paper towel overnight. The next day you fluff the brown sugar again. I have never done this, though. Like you, I just buy a new batch. I do not want to chance ruining my beautiful babies!

      I hope you have a terrific week (of course it can’t compare to PEI!)


  2. Youre making me drool over here. How did I not know about this secret ingredient? You have now inspired me to bake up some choco chippers so I can add this little bit of magic.

    • Oh man! I am a bad friend! I definitely should have told you about it. And with your fresh eggs, done! Perfection! You gotta try it! : ). Let me know what you think!


  3. I completely agree – I try to only buy organic brown sugar for anything, since it gets much less chemical treatment than regular white sugar. It can get expensive but what we put in our bodies is important! When I’m back in Norway, I buy it from this organic store, and they carry a brand from a small town in Sweeden where my whole school class and I were forced into two and a half weeks of indentured servitude (well, agricultural studies, but you get the idea…). And it’s the best sugar ever. I try to bring some back to London now and then, although putting a crystalised substance in my suitcase may get me in trouble some day! 😉

    • Gwen, that sounds so charming. I love that you guys got to work with the sugar for classtime. That just sounds magical and charming! Oh Gwen, your always make life more interesting. I love it! Why must you live so far away!

      I hope your week is as sweet as brown sugar!


  4. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite as well and organic sugar does make a BIG difference. I like to use Trader Joe’s vanilla. I think it makes a difference too.

    • Oh, I am glad you think so too! I thought of you when I was making the cookies last night. Ollie was sitting there watching me in the kitchen. He desperately wanted me to drop something…anything. It was so cute. I took a picture I will have to post soon. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize cookie dough would not be good at all for him. It is so hard to resist those eyes, though!

      Have a great Friday! Thank you for commenting about the sugar! : )


  5. Yummy. I don’t bake but I feel like I should go buy TJ’s brown sugar just to try it – as in just by the spoonful. It looks so different, & very tasty. Thanks for sharing that. I like shopping Trader Joe’s.

    • Thanks Auntie M! You could always use it in your oatmeal (this was kindly suggested to me) or in a fruit dip. Yum! It is different. I have never tried a spoonful. Let me know if that is good, if you try it!

      Have ca beautiful Saturday!


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