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I know many blogs do a recap at the end of the month about their favorite posts or memories from that month. But I get bored rather quickly. I thought about doing the recap thing. It would be a great, incredibly easy extra post. Only, I cannot choose. And I did not want to copycat.

I thought of something I enjoy more. Eavesdropping. It is a terrible, delectable habit. No calories. Just some bloating of your soul. So, I am going to share my favorite overheard moments at the end of every month. Because the best conversations are always the ones we are not a part of. For the first time, I introduce, a new monthly post, “Overheard in…”:


We were at a local diner eating breakfast. There was a large gruff old man sitting by himself at the next table. His figure spoke of masculinity. The waitress approached him and the following conversation commenced:

“”James*, your meal comes with a drink. Pick out a drink and I’ll bring it to you.”

“No, that’s okay.”

“But James, it’s free. Just pick one out. Do you want some orange juice?”

“No, that’s okay.”

“James.” Exasperated.


“What’s that James?”

“I guess I’ll take a milk.”


“A chocolate milk.”

Aw. The large gentleman ordered a chocolate milk and melted my heart.

*I changed his name for privacy reasons. People should be allowed to order their chocolate milk in peace.


I was shopping at Nordstrom Rack. There was a five year old little boy, his mother and his two year old little sister in one of the aisles. This is what I heard the little boy say to his mom:

“Mom, imagine if you went to my school.

And imagine that you were my friend.

And imagine you were wearing this dress.

What would that look like?”


At the hair salon:

A man says to his hair stylist, “I don’t want a haircut that my wife sees and says, ‘Honey, that’s a nice haircut.'”

He paused for dramatic effect here.

“I want you to give me a haircut that makes my wife make out with me.”


At Costco in the food court (the very best place to eavesdrop and people watch ), there was a family of three. One member of the family being a little girl of two.

There was a bird in the food court and of course the little girl was fascinated with it. She began chasing it around her table. The mother encouraged her. The father did not.

He said, “Be careful! The bird is fast.”

The little girl continued to chase the bird.

The husband turned to his wife and said, “When those birds came at us…That was the worst thing I have ever experienced. In my life.”

They packed up after that. But I noticed the man peering into the bushes where the bird had hidden as he cautiously walked away.


And that concludes my eavesdropping for the month. Have you heard any good (but still nice) conversations lately?

9 thoughts on “Overheard In August

  1. Lol!! I love this Jenni.
    I hope you do one for Sep too!!
    I think my favorite this month was the
    chocolate milk 🙂
    Btw I love your outfit!!

    • Thanks Sayaka! I am going to do one every month. I love to to write down the fun things that I overhear. I loved the chocolate milk one, too. Of course, I am partial to the five year old. He was so cute!

      Have a great extended weekend!


  2. So, many years ago my husband and I were at a gas station when we overheard something between the two employees. The woman was asking the man about why he didn’t work the day before. He replied that he was sick…”Like, Back to the Future sick.”

    We are still confused by what that exactly means, but we totally use the phrase “Back to the Future Sick.”

    • Ha! I love it! “Back to the Future Sick!” Now I want to use it. It will be a trend sweeping the nation. You gotta wonder what the heck they meant by that. And also did the person involved in that conversation understand what the person meant by that? Too funny! Thank you so much for sharing! I love having a laugh on this hot, hot Saturday!

      I hope you have a wonderful three day weekend!


  3. A couple of months ago, I was at the salon. A woman and her friend (they were probably in their 60’s) were talking to their hairdresser. One of the women said, “My daughter shops at Anthropologie.” I couldn’t help but exclaim (from 6 feet away), “I love Anthropologie!” They were a little startled but one woman said to me, “You like Anthropologie too?” I said yes and then minded my own business. Ha! This is a cute feature. I wonder what happened to the guy regarding the birds.

    By the way, did you get my email with the pic of the necklace?

    • I love it! I sometimes do that too. The people are always startled.

      Oh my gosh! I feel awful. I did not see that email. I still cannot see it. My husband took our computer that holds that email address to work with him. I can only see back about a week. When did you send it? I will have to check. That email is the worst. And I kept looking to see if you had replied, but I did not see anything. I also need to write back the sweetest gal in Texas. Unfortunately, I will have to wait until this evening. I do not know how our emails ended up going to that email address. It is my old email from when I started this blog. I have since changed it. So so so sorry. I will look when he gets home at 4:00! I cannot wait to see the picture!


    • Hi Tess!

      That is so stinking cute! Adorable! Thank you so much for sharing your funny story. I very much appreciate the smile you gave me this morning.

      Have a lovely rest of the day!


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