It’s The Little Things: Bralettes and Bandeaus


This is a sensitive subject. I am hoping to write an informative post without being tacky. I am a modest girl, after all (for some reason my family laughed ridiculously hard at this statement). Okay, I try to be a modest girl. I also happen to be a mom. So, I have to keep it tasteful.

Deep breath.

Here we go…

I randomly picked up two bralettes at Nordstrom Rack in the clearance aisle about two months ago. I loved the bright colors. I purchased a cheery yellow and a fuchsia. I still thought they were expensive at $22 each, but I had been looking for a pretty bra that had a back that did not necessarily look like a bra. A bralette, if you will, to wear with low-back dresses and tops. I try not to show too much cleavage. And I like to stick to nude and black bras for every day wear. The picture above is the back of a bandeau over a regular nude bra.

A flirty back is much more my style than a low-cut top.

I went home and was pleasantly surprised at how many items in my closet the bralettes looked pretty with, just peeking out the back.

In, hopefully, not a risquรฉ way. I consider bralettes to be more of an undershirt than a bra with their thicker body and pretty textures (I love the eyelet one in this post). I grabbed a medium in everything I mention below.


My husband saw this outfit* (post to come, well, actually, cooking post to come) and said to me, “Um, your bra is showing… A lot.”

I breezed by him like a true woman of the world and said, “I know. It is supposed to be this way.” Inwardly I was wondering if he was right. But the key to pulling off this look is being bra-ve.

Long story short, I found that the bralettes I purchased are actually made by a well known brand sold by many of my favorite retailers.

The brand is called, “Cosabella.” I checked and Nordstrom Rack currently has these colors for sale in their online store. They do not have the colors I picked up, but they might in-store. The prices online are slightly higher than the in-store price I paid (however they are still much cheaper than full price).

Amazon also has a pack of three in certain colors for $45 right now. Since the regular price for the bralettes are over $44 each, this is a great price.


I also picked up three Free People bandeaus in July. I bought them for $8.40 each at Nordstrom Rack. Original price is $28. However, I was just there last week (buying the gift card for my giveaway) and they are now currently on clearance at Nordstrom Rack for $7 each. My Nordstrom Rack had a ton of these bandeaus in a variety of sizes and colors left. I wear them over my regular bras (the bandeaus offer nothing in the way of support) to add a pretty lace pattern where I need it in the front or back.

My husband said to me, “you are seriously going to post pictures of your underwear on the internet?”

“Um, yea. Besides it’s not underwear. It’s bralettes. They’re not even real bras. I would never post pictures of my real bras on the internet. Why? Is it weird?”

“Uh, yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh.”

Hmmmmm. But what to do? I had information to give. So rather than post pictures of my bralettes, I am simply posting pictures of my bandeaus. This is because the bandeaus are worn over my bras and are therefore more like a short tank top and not actual undergarments. In conclusion, I have determined that they are postable.

And I remain not creepy.

Or less creepy.

And hopefully creepless.

It’s the little things: a way to make all of those oddly cut garments work with your undergarments instead of against them.

*outfit in picture is this top and this skirt.

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27 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Bralettes and Bandeaus

  1. Hi Jenni!

    Love the hilarious post as always. I think bandeaus (and bralettes) are totally un-creepy to post photos of ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was just wondering if anyone else has mentioned that they can’t get your links to work in the text (it is probably just me, but it has been a problem for some time now on my ipad)?

    • Thank you so much! : ). I saw your other comment about the links. I am glad it worked for you. I am not allowed to click on a lot of my own links so if that ever happens again, please let me know. It is also interesting that they do not work in emails. Who knew? The link thing is still new to me and I am getting used to it. I really do appreciate you letting me know when you could not access them.

      Have a sweet Sunday!


  2. Of course as I typed this I opened the email in my browser and it worked ๐Ÿ™‚ it just doesn’t link from my e-mail. Ignore my last message.

    • Thank you Dawn! Husbands are funny. I think he still is weirded out by the post. : ). Aw, well, what can I do?

      Thank you again! Have a great rest of the weekend!


  3. I don’t think this is creepy! I also think bralettes are more like a camisole or tank top. I like how the first photo looks!

    I have a lot of lower back/open tops too and my strategy has always been to wear a Lululemon bra with an interesting back underneath.

    • Thank you Liana! I am glad you think so, too. I do not own any Lululemon items because I do not work out, but they are gorgeous. Their clothes almost could get me to a gym. ; )

      Have a beautiful Sunday!


  4. You look great, not creepy! I have seen those bralettes in stores, but always dismissed them as there is no way they would hold up on their own. I’ll have to give them another shot by layering with a bra. Also, I love the grey top from fp you are wearing, I am now looking into buying it….

      • Good question! I usually am a small in Free People and a medium everywhere else. I tried both the small and the medium. They were both fine, but I really liked the swooped back better in the medium. It was more oversized like on the model, so I went with a medium in this one. Both sizes would have worked, though. I LOVE that top. It does snag very easily, so beware. But I want it in navy, too. It looks so cute over slips and lacy tanks. Great buy! I am glad you like it as much as I do. : )

        Have a lovely Sunday!


    • Thank you so much Sharon! I definitely need to layer the bandeaus with a bra. I need to layer the bralettes, too, but I have not so far. I just keep hoping I can tighten them a little better.

      I love that grey top. It is one of my favorites. Surprisingly good price, too.

      Have sweet dreams!


  5. I need to catch up on your past few days, but wanted to let you know on today there are small, adorable, bee earrings for $4.99 a pair! They had silver & gold! They were the vintage, French style that I adore! Didn’t know if you’d be interested. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, totally agreed with this post…..boys just don’t understand! You totally make sense & are not showing your underwear online! I do like the lacy bralettes, pretty! I have a bunch of bandeaus too, always good to have around for strange top cuts!

    Have a great weekend!

    • Thank you Rebecca. I was so excited about those earrings. I am on a no buy month, but I figured I could break that rule for $5 bee earrings. So I added them to my cart and they were $3.50 to ship. : (. So, I did not get them, but they are so cute! Thank you for letting me know! I really appreciate it.

      And thanks for making me feel better about this post. : ). You really did!

      Have a great Sunday!


  6. I think this is a great post! we gotta talk about bralettes!! haha! there are so many things that show undergarments that it’s nice to see a post on cute lacy modest undercoverings! oh man I love that free people shirt too!

    • Thank you Melodee! Yes, we do have to talk bralettes! It is important information. : ). I love all of the options there are now that did not seem to be around a few years ago.

      I hope your Sunday is super fun!


  7. I have started to love bralettes too, but agree they offer no support. I actually just wore one over my bra this week too, as I needed a little more lace coverage in the front of a low cut top. I also really love a wide neck top so the lacy straps can show!

    • Thank you Heather! I swear you and I are always on the same thought wave length. Too funny that you wore one over a bra this week, too. I love the extra coverage in the front, too. I am looking forward to playing around with them more.

      Have a gorgeous Sunday!


    • Oh, thank you so much! I appreciate that! : ). You made me happy so thank you for commenting and letting me know!

      Have a wonderful Sunday!


  8. I never thought of wearing one over a bra! Genius! Thank you for this awesome idea! And the tidbit about getting the Cosabella bras at Nordstrom Rack. I had always heard how great that brand was but always assumed I couldn’t afford it. Tell your husband that this was a really great post and not to worry about it being weird. It was quite practical and much appreciated.

    • Thank you Cynthia! I am so glad this post was informative. Since I just recently found out about bralettes and how to wear them a little better, I wanted to share. I feel much more comfortable wearing mine over nude bras, however, the Cosabella bralettes I wear on their own, it is just a tricky strap tightening situation. I wore one today and I definitely (underlined and bolded) should have tightened the strap before leaving the house! : ). My husband is a funny sweetheart. He doesn’t get it, but he just goes with the flow.

      You made my night happier!

      Have a beautiful Sunday!


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