Anthropologie Holiday Workshop: Corona 2013


I loved this workshop. The girls (Amber and Carly) that ran it were two of the sweetest girls I have ever met. They really liked their job. They liked the customers. They were just awesome!


I wore my Free People thermal oatmeal sweater dress that I found at Nordstrom Rack and my Anthropologie Heirloom necklace with the bee embelishments. I also snuck in some colorful tights, because I was cold and I thought no one would notice. Unfortunately, I tried some clothes on for reviews (coming Sunday) and they are the most prevalent thing in the pictures. Again, what can you do?


This workshop was more interactive than the San Diego Workshop I had gone to early that week. At this one, we all sat at a communal table. We introduced ourselves and told a fun fact about ourselves. Mine was I am double jointed. My favorite share fact was from a lovely woman whose mother and grandmother were doctors. They grew up with baby monkeys in their home that were from the research hospital her family worked at. It sounded like a fun childhood.


We ended up making a rubber band art installation made to look like string art. How cool is that?


We just took a circle of cardboard that they had precut (they had glued two pieces together to make it sturdy and thick) and wound our rubber band around it.


We started in the center and then each rubber band placed after that went crossed over the next to the right. It ended up looking like this.


Some of the girl’s crafts were perfect. With the center being, well, in the center. Mine, not so much. It took a curve at a weird angle. Kind of like their creator. ; ). Both of mine did this. I still think they look okay. Imperfect, like me.


After we were done they were going to spray paint them gold. Starting at the edges and going towards the middle. They were going to leave the middle bare. They wanted the rubber band center to shine through.


I cannot wait to make some of these with my kids. I think it is a super fun easy holiday display idea.


I am so happy I got to go this workshop. It was incredibly fun. The vibe was relaxed and welcoming. I am pictured here with Amber and Carly. They were unbelievably sweet. Just lovely and kind. The ladies attending the workshop were also so nice. I met Karen who has a blog, also. It is called Elderberry Street. She also did a blog post about the event there. Her pictures turned out fantastic!

Have you done one of these workshops? Are you looking forward to doing some crafts this holiday season?

Comic Con 2013 Part II

So, I just left you with the visions of what Comic Con looks, feels and smells like.

Now, let’s move along to its heart.

The merchandise.

Shopping. My favorite.


First, my son bought himself some new Minecraft souvenirs. My daughter purchased t-shirts and art books. My husband purchased his comics and graphic novels.


We got so many awesome books for free. This is always my favorite part. Is there a more beautiful word in the English language, other than, “free”?


I also got to meet one of my favorite authors, Daniel Abraham.

Lines are long. Long. We wanted to make sure we got to the book signing by Daniel Abraham. We got there twenty minutes early. Just a bit later, he showed up. He is actually pretty good looking.

Since we were first in line and they were not starting yet, we were able to speak to him for a bit. He was so cool! They gave us the first book free. I have read his other series. I have not read this one. Yet. I just started it.

My husband, of course, has read them all.

He was saying to someone that his old assistant went to George R.R. Martin and if you needed to speak to her, she is the one who answers the phone.

So, I quipped, “and what would that number be?”

He chuckled and then told me that George R.R. Martin’s number used to be listed in the white pages. Can you believe it? I need to be a better stalker. It was a very cool experience.

After that, I went back to stalking:




We stopped by one of my favorite artist’s booths. Rhode Montijo. It is always a pleasure to see him and his lovely wife. For the past two years, I have purchased his original drawings (future post to come). This year, he did not bring any. He was focusing on his book The Halloween Kid. I was sad, but very happy for him that his book is doing so very well.




My husband found the neatest artist during one of my “time-outs.” His name is Martin Hsu. He purchased this really cool snake painting. My daughter purchased his art book. I later got to meet him. He was the sweetest. Lovely man. And I love the painting we purchased from him.





We stopped by Becky and Frank’s booth. They are the creator’s of a Comic, called Tiny Kitten Teeth. We purchased a little llama painted to look like a tree creature. Oh my gosh! I love it so much! I will do a post about some of their art in my home in the future.

They are the sweetest couple that has ever walked this Earth. I am not kidding. To meet them, is to smile.



I also stopped by Patara Vuduberi booth. She sell prints of her work on Etsy. I purchased two more originals from her. She was also so nice. I am so bummed I did not get a picture with her. Next time! I am very happy to have her art in our home. I love the fantasy pictures she creates.



I also picked up this cute mushroom from Wool Buddy. I just adore his felt creations.

It was so much fun. I am glad all of our artwork we purchased was small. I am running out of wall space here!

Tomorrow I will post about my best experience at Comic Con. Until then, have a great day!

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