The Godmother


I have never seen “The Godfather.” It just does not seem like my kind of movie. Unless he grants wishes and turns pumpkins into carriages and fixes dresses into ball gowns, then count me in. However, I remember something about a horse head.


And I happen to have a horse head necklace that would have made any mobster proud.


This necklace is giant. It is sparkly. It is fun.

I love it.


I paired it with my Free People Embroidered Gauze Dress (sold out, slightly similar dress here), as only us Godmothers know how to do.

I previously wore this dress with some grey jeans for an informal date night here.


Here I am pondering where to bury my next crime. A girl’s gotta keep herself in shiny necklaces. This horse head doesn’t feed himself.


This looks like the perfect place. Don’t ya think?


Or perhaps here.


What about this place?


Wait! What exactly are we talking about? What crimes? What are we burying?


The price tag for this dress?

No. I bought it for less than $50.

Then what?

Maybe my crimes against fashion?


I’ll never tell.

I keep it locked up tight.

Let’s just say, “I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.”

“Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo!”

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It’s The Little Things: Head Sculptures


My family and I went to the San Diego Del Mar Fair on Monday and we had a wonderful time. I will have a post coming up soon about the day and the $10 H&M dress that I wore. But while the fair is still going on, I wanted to highlight an amazing find that we discovered while we were there.


They are these wonderful portrait sculptures by Hu Tian. He can be contacted at Hootian at yahoo dot com. I know he can do sculptures based on photos, too, if you are not in Southern California. He is incredibly talented. We are fortunate to have stumbled upon his booth. If you are there this year, it is in the shopping building across from the carousel. I cannot believe what he can create in such a small amount of time.


Each one took about twenty five minutes to make. It was relaxing to sit and watch them coming to life, so to speak, through the clay.


I plan on hanging my sculptures in my living room, surrounding the square arch. They are still drying. It takes four days to cure from the time the clay was created before I can hang them.


The price for these was $52 each, including frame. It was a fantastic price for a really cool piece of a period of time captured forever.

Had you seen something like this before? I had not and it was my favorite thing to discover at the fair.

*this is off topic but I wanted to note it: If you plan on attending the San Diego Fair this year, Costco has the best package. It was $60 and came with parking, four entry tickets, 50 ride tickets, the Passport To Savings book and four free drink vouchers. It was a great deal! We purchased ours at the San Diego Costco on the way to the fair. Maybe a Costco near you also has fair packages for your local fair, if you are not near San Diego.

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It’s The Little Things: A Giraffe Hook


I first wrote about The Raja Hook way back in March. And then I waited. I knew I could be patient enough for a sale price. But then Emily Henderson created a beautiful office space a few weeks ago and posted it on her blog. And guess who was the star? That’s right. The sweet giraffe hook.

I knew after that, he would probably be selling quickly.


So, I scooped him up and got a 20% off adjustment on him (during the home promotion at Anthropologie last week).


We finally got him hung up in our hallway yesterday. I love this little vignette near him.

The tray and vase are Polish pottery and were gifts from my sweet grandmother (I am from Polish descent on my grandfather’s side). I would be devastated if anything ever happened to them. The elephant was a gift from my friend. The little toad with the stick in his mouth was a toy my father brought back from Bali when my son was two. The chest was from Target’s global line many years ago. It was a great buy at $30, but I would love to replace it with a true antique one day.


My husband did have to punch two holes in the back of the hook because he used screws instead of nails to have it flush to the wall. I like screws because the hook is going to be a bit heavy with his neck draped in necklaces and I am not sure traditional nails would support that weight.


Of course, he had to have a gnome friend to keep him company. I wonder what he is whispering in his ear?

Or maybe I don’t want to know.


It’s the little things: a sweet practical hook. It is functional and fun. It is fun-ctional.

I think this hook would look cool in a great many settings. The hook also comes in an elephant shape. I might have to get that one on sale, because I love the green stripe on it.

Adorable in a nursery. Whimsical in an office. Practical as a bra hanger in the laundry room. The possibilities for this little guy are endless. Let’s stop at bras, though.

Do you have a fun-ctional piece in your home? What is it? My giraffe might need a mate.

P.S. Did you see that we hung up my daughter’s burlap art? I wrote about the dilemma of where to hang those pieces here. I thought this could be a small update, too. It is a happy accident that the burlap color and texture in the paintings play off the giraffe hook in a nice harmony. The light switch plate also has a neat texture of nubby linen and completes my need of threes in the space.

*These pictures were edited using the app Afterlife’s Finn filter to add a bit more light into the hallway.

Art resources:
The rabbit painting is by Gloria Muriel.
Lakshmi is by Gloria Muriel.
The small bird is by Christina Loraine.
The small Boxer is by Nichole Leavy.
The vineyard drawing is by my daughter at age 9.
Burlap drawings are by my daughter at age 14.

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Shades Of Grey

No. Just a variety of shades of grey. Not a numerical shade of grey.



I got this dress from Nordstrom Rack last year in April. It is a good layering piece for the winter, because I think it is too short without tights. Not think. Know. Maybe even too short with tights. I may or may not have tested this theory in the mirror only to discover a massive hole high up in these tights. You never know what you are going to find when you perform that test. It ain’t for the faint of heart.

The turquoise necklace is from the fabulous store Simply Livly on Etsy.

The sweater is Anthropologie’s Matinee sweater that I scored on a popback for $30. It is sold out, but it might popback again or be available in a store by calling customer service. The boots are Anthropologie’s Cultivar boots.


Okay, now that that is out of the way, let’s talk hair. I had some girlfriends over to my house this week. What this means is when they arrived on time, I, of course, was running late. I was wearing this outfit. I had not brushed my hair yet. But some of my girlfriends insisted that it looked good.

I believed them.

‘Cause that makes my lazy heart sing.

One less step in the morning? Um, yes please.


But do you like my hair better up?


Who am I kidding? I still did not brush it for these pictures either. In fact, I left my house with bed head. It felt naughty and fun.


So, what’s the verdict? Should I do this again? Or this a strike against the lazy? Don’t worry, I would only do this once in awhile. The next day, I had to brush my hair again. Day two was too much even for this lazy girl. I won’t be burning my hairbrushes just yet.

Have you ever not brushed your hair and left the house? Or dressed entirely in one of your favorite colors?