What I Wore To Comic Con

Comic Con just ended. I will have a three part recap (it was going to be two, but as I wrote it out today, it turned into three. It became its own beast. Sorry!) next week. But for now, let’s talk about the fun outfits you can wear at Comic Con. I admire those who dress up for the convention. I am not that brave. I chose a more subtle approach.



The first day of Comic Con, I wore my Outta This World Skirt from Modcloth. I paired it with my purple Splendid shirt from Nordstrom Rack. I also wore my Anthropologie layering necklace, Calvin Klein belt, and sandals.

Reach for the stars!

This skirt has robots on it. It goes up to a size 3X. Which is another reason I adore Modcloth. I am wearing a size medium. The waistband is snug.

I felt flirty and fun in this outfit.



Sorry this picture is so blurry. We were in a hurry that morning. Or my super powers are just showing through.

The next day did not go so well. I was so excited about these Pros and Comic Leggings also from Modcloth. I purchased the large, because the description said these ran small. They were not kidding. As I would walk, the leggings would slide down. I wore them as tights. Because, well, I’m thirty six.

I almost felt too “dressed up” in these. Like I was wearing a costume. Which I never want to do. I did meet George R.R. Martin in this outfit. So, I guess it was lucky.

I paired the leggings with an Anthropologie dress from six years ago. And boots. I am also wearing my Buddha head necklace from Bauble Bar.


I skipped Friday. I was not feeling well. I was going to wear my Martha’s Air of Adorable dress from this post. But, imagine me in my pajamas. Because that is what I wore. All day. Doing housework. Making beef stroganoff. It was my “super housewife” outfit. Able to do two tasks at once! It is my husband’s favorite.



Saturday came. This was the day I was dressing entirely to meet Sean Astin. I wore a dress I had seen on Modcloth, but I had tracked it down to the original artist. She is at La Casita De Wendy. She had it on sale. In Spain. I took a chance and purchased the XL. Yes, I am an XL in Spain. And yes, I am cool with that.

It is the neatest dress. It has flying rats, fairyland creatures, a giant head. I mean, come on, it’s perfect.

I paired the dress with my painted shoes I bought on sale from Anthropologie for $22.50 last year.



The last day of Comic Con, I wore my Nanette Lepore dress I had purchased at Marshall’s for 75% off. It has dragons on it! I paired it with a Free People crochet sweater from The Nordstrom Rack. The earrings are from World Market.

What outfit should I definitely wear again next year (fingers crossed we get tickets)? What have been some of your wacky fun outfits this year?

5 thoughts on “What I Wore To Comic Con

  1. I am so jealous you got to go to Comic Con, and I cannot wait for your recap posts! I love the dress you wore on Saturday – that one’s definitely my favorite although those comic book leggings are pretty awesome and appropriate. It’s too bad they didn’t fit better.

    • Thanks Rebekah! My husband has been on my case, saying I need to get my Comic Con recap up. Stat. But I did not think anyone would care to read it. You made me feel better! At least I know one person wants to hear about Comic Con! Thank you!

      The first post about it goes up on Sunday (Saturday night).

      Have a great remainder of the week!


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  3. I have no clue what/who Comic Con is but I’m enjoying the clothes. I think your first outfit is so fun (actually, that would be the key theme in your outfits – and your home – I think. Fun). And the second is really cute too (you look so teeny). Heck, I like them all.

    • Thanks Kirsten. Comic Con is an event where a bunch of people buy tickets to a convention and then trample each other trying to beat others to exclusive items. It is a hot sweaty mess. Although, I love meeting my favorite authors and sweet artists. That is why I go, anyway. My husband goes for the comics.

      Thank you so much for your sweet words! : )

      Have a wonderful week!


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