Anthropologie’s Holiday Display Workshop: San Diego 2013


That is right! I did a workshop. Well, actually I did two! Monday’s post will be the workshop from Corona’s Anthropologie. I chose the ones based on their scheduling during the one week I had free.

I really wanted to make friends here, but I ended up leaving early. My husband had been so sweet to drive me on his day off. He was going to wait for me for the entire two hours. But when I finished super early with my garland, I opted to relieve him from his boredom and take him to lunch. ‘Cause I love him the best.


But while I was there, I met some sweet girls. It was also interesting to hear about the different projects the visual team had put together. Look at these mushroom spirals! Doesn’t it need a gnome? They made those by sewing burlap and then squirting foam from a can that hardens upon use. I also learned that they donate their displays. Who knew?


I wore my Anthropologie Nora Peplum Top with mustard skinny jeans from Old Navy and my beaded horse head necklace from Anthropologie. And yes, I realize my necklace is lying awkwardly. Ah, well, what can you do?


They taught us a fabulous new craft using paper clips and magazine clippings. Who doesn’t have those? Seriously, this was so much fun! These ladies are very creative. I highly recommend going to a workshop if you have the time. I will be changing up this project in a future post to make it more “me.” Post to come. I was thrilled to participate in such a fun project and learn a new technique.


When we arrived there were two tables set up. At each place setting, there was a glue gun. There were some yummy goodies. But I opted to not indulge. They did look good, though.


They had spray painted the paper clips gold before we got there. It gave the paper clip an antique like quality.


We made three links of paper clips of 14, 16, and 18 paper clips each. Once we had made our links, we moved on to the magazine portion.


We cut our magazine page into strips. And then tightly wrapped the magazine strip around a paperclip, securing it with hot glue at the end. I wound mine 2-3 times each.


I snuck a hottie into my garland. So if you see the garland all green with this guy’s head on it, know it is my gift to you. Enjoy!


When all of your links are covered, you attach a paper clip to all of them at each end so they are all joined together from smallest link to largest link. Then you wrap those two end paper clips in magazine strips. The other gals added red paint to theirs. But I really liked the green of my garland. So, I called ‘er done.


They were going to hang the garlands from a large tree displayed in the center of the store. I will be back to see if I can spot my contribution to the project.


Have you been to one of these workshops? Wasn’t it so much fun?

* I also went to another workshop that week. I had planned on running these posts side by side. But I really wanted to get my outfit post about Anthropologie’s Modena Dress up tomorrow. Therefore, the other holiday workshop post will go up on Monday.

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15 thoughts on “Anthropologie’s Holiday Display Workshop: San Diego 2013

  1. What a super fun event! I’m not sure if the Anthropologie stores here in Charlotte do workshops like this, but I would assume that they do. I need to look into it because it would be so fun to participate in something like that during the holiday season!

    P.S. Your garland turned out so well, and I love how you snuck a hottie in there! 😉

    • Thanks Casey! You should definitely check it out. They might be over by now, but I am not sure. They did them towards the middle to end of October. I think because they had to get their displays up on November 1st. I am glad you liked my garland addition. ; ). It was silly, but fun. I definitely hope to do some again next year.

      Have a great weekend!


  2. Oh, and I forgot to say I adore your outfit! I have that exact pair of skinny jeans from Old Navy, but I haven’t pulled them out of my closet in forever. Now I really want to wear them this weekend to brighten up an outfit! 🙂

    • Aw, thanks. I love those skinny jeans. They were so cheap and they have held up so well. It is so weird because I have been the same weight for 8 months, but could only recently fit into them. So odd. But I am grateful. I almost gave them away, but decided to try them on again one more time. Yay! Now I want to get some more. I want a great sale, though. Maybe Black Friday? I cannot wait to see yours, too!

      I hope your weekend is relaxing! : )


    • Thanks! They do do them at odd times. I think, because it would be insane at a busy time. The tables are right in the middle of the floor. And there are hot glue guns and paint. But I am sure more people would be able to go on the weekend. Maybe next year!

      I hope you have a relaxing weekend! Maybe you will get to wear your awesome new sweater dress. It is so pretty!


    • Thanks Karen! I want to try some different ones with the kids soon. I feel like the days are just rushing by me! How can it be the holidays all ready? I bought some presents today. It seems unreal! I will write about our day on Monday! I want to try that one with the kids, as well. I think they would like that one better. The glue guns might be a bit much for them.

      Have a terrific weekend!


  3. Interesting!! You made me want to try!!
    And yes, I realize my necklace is lying awkwardly. Ah, well, what can you do?—
    lol! I didnt realize until you said that! but yeah it happens! I know because I take outfit photos too! lol lol

    • Thanks Keiko! I am glad to make you giggle and do crafts. You would be AMAZING at it. Look what you can do with food.

      Oh my gosh! I am so glad you commented, because it reminded me I need to change your blog link. I will have to wait until my husband gets home tomorrow. He does all of my technical stuff.

      And I am glad I am not the only one with awkward jewelry moments. : )

      I hope your weekend is relaxing!


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    • Thanks Cynthia! I want to go check on him to make sure he is still there. I need to know he has a good spot on the tree!

      I hope you are home now and at peace.


      • Thank you, Jenni. I have to say my trip was quite sad but it was really wonderful to see my family and old friends. I am very glad to be back. I have to start blogging again! woo hoo!

      • Oh I am sorry for your sadness. And happy you were able to reconnect with good people. I am heading over to your blog right now to see if you have posted anything new yet. And to see how Marcy fared in your absence.


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