It’s The Little Things: Vintage Folk Belt


When I saw that Modcloth’s next vintage line was going to consist of bohemian pieces, my heart sang. And my stomach sank. Because I was all ready over my monthly clothing budget. Besides, I thought, what are the odds I will get the one piece I want in the collection?

I had wanted a beautiful black maxi skirt with rainbow patches on the bottom.

Their vintage pieces generally sell out lightning fast. They price them very affordably.

And so I stalked the website. Maybe hoping that my odds would be slightly higher than I had thought they would be.

Then I moved on, because I thought my piece had sold out.

One morning last week, just as I was about to go get ready, a banner slid across the screen of my iPad. It said something like, “Earlier access to our vintage bohemian line.”

I jumped over to the Modcloth App. And there was my skirt. Not sold out. I added it to my cart as quickly as I could, not noting measurements or sizing. I just wanted to realize the dream. Being vintage, there was only one of each item being sold.

But there was something else, too. Something I hadn’t counted on.

A vintage belt.

But not just any vintage belt.

A vintage folk belt.

And anything with the word folk in it is automatically better. Isn’t that right folks?

I added it to my cart. Placed my order. And tried not to feel guilty.


It came. And I love it. As my daughter said when she finally saw what I was wearing, “Gurl. That. Is. The. Best. Belt. Ever.”

When I told her it ties in the back and therefore will fit her, too, the grin increased.


I wore it on Saint Patrick’s Day. It arrived right before my husband and I were going out for lunch.

And I love it.



And I love making funny faces whilst wearing it.

I think I am confusing the word folk with dork.


Because it is a fun belt and I like to be a fun gal.

It’s the little things: little accessories that make the whole day better.

Do you have an accessory like that? Any vintage pieces that make your heart sing?

It’s quite all right if you don’t.

Different strokes for different folks.

And all that jazz.

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A Tisket, A Tasket…

A fuchsia striped basket!


I had loved this basket at Home Goods before, but could not justify the price tag. And believe me, I tried. And, also, dorky me took a picture of the back of the basket. We are still putting our house back together. I cannot retake the picture. The front of the basket is better. The seams meet. As they should.


I was in the clearance section two weeks ago and there was my baby! It was marked down on clearance more than 50% off! I bought it for $25. Suggested retail was $120. I LOVE a deal!

I will store either our dry cleaning in it or the kids books for school. Probably the latter. They are overtaking my house. School has ended. However, I know in a few short weeks, the endless cycle of textbooks will overflow our house once again.


I also purchased some clearance brothers and sisters for it. Although, the blue one might make a great gift basket. So, someone else might be adopting it. They were $7 and $5 respectively.

Have you scored a good deal lately? Please share!

P.S. A new giveaway starts at 12:00 a.m. PST June 10!