A Tisket, A Tasket…

A fuchsia striped basket!


I had loved this basket at Home Goods before, but could not justify the price tag. And believe me, I tried. And, also, dorky me took a picture of the back of the basket. We are still putting our house back together. I cannot retake the picture. The front of the basket is better. The seams meet. As they should.


I was in the clearance section two weeks ago and there was my baby! It was marked down on clearance more than 50% off! I bought it for $25. Suggested retail was $120. I LOVE a deal!

I will store either our dry cleaning in it or the kids books for school. Probably the latter. They are overtaking my house. School has ended. However, I know in a few short weeks, the endless cycle of textbooks will overflow our house once again.


I also purchased some clearance brothers and sisters for it. Although, the blue one might make a great gift basket. So, someone else might be adopting it. They were $7 and $5 respectively.

Have you scored a good deal lately? Please share!

P.S. A new giveaway starts at 12:00 a.m. PST June 10!

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