Girl In The Moon


I put this outfit on for a date with my husband.

It had been spinning in my mind ever since I scored this awesome moon Top from Anthropologie on a popback sale price of less than $20.

I was over the moon about my new score.


I put it all on and paraded into the living room to show my husband.

“What do you think of this outfit?” I excitedly squealed.

He studied it for a moment.

“Meh,” he said as he shrugged his shoulders.


I was kind of crushed as I made my way back to our bedroom to search for something else to wear. I ended up picking this.


The next day my daughter casually said to me, “Mom, remember that outfit you put on yesterday with the moons and the moon and star necklaces. I can’t stop thinking about it. It was the best outfit I have ever seen. If I could ever have an outfit like that one day, I would be so happy.”

“Really?!” I grinned from ear to ear.

I am sure at some point when she moves away for college, this outfit will disappear, but until then I was so happy to hear that maybe I wasn’t so wrong with my choices.


Later in the week I ended up wearing the outfit.


Blue is my favorite color. I adore all of the different shades going on here. I had purchased this skirt from Modcloth many moons ago. My favorite way to wear it is over my Colima Maxi Skirt. I love layering hi-low skirts. It makes me happy.

I think that this works as well.


My small moon necklace is from on Etsy. The white star necklace was a Christmas present from “my husband” in 2013.


My Astrological sign is Cancer. Its planet symbol is the moon (I know). I love when I can find pieces with the moon shape that are not over the… top. Do you get a rise out of sale items? Do you collect any astronomy items? I once took an astronomy course in college. Oh, vey. I think I confused astrology for astronomy. Do you know how much math is involved in astronomy? It’s lunacy. I totally spaced out. Went to the dark side. Thankfully it was just a phase.

26 thoughts on “Girl In The Moon

    • Thank you! I hope you get some pretty weather soon! This winter has been crazy! We got snow for the first time ever and now it is the beginning of February and in the eighties. I fear how hot it will be in the summer!

      Have a marvelous week!


  1. EEEEEK!! I can’t believe you finally got the moonphase top! I LOVE it on you! Ah, and now we are twinsies again. Your daughter is totally right, this styling is so scrumptilicious. (Victor made that word up.) I wish I had a skirt like that to go with my own Moonphase top now! And that it was warm enough over here to wear it…
    I also collect moon things that I can wear in public – I’ve got that Lune de Papier shirt, as you know, that crescent necklace from Anthro and a certain bangle from Madewell that looks like a very discreet moon. I love being able to proclaim my love of the moon covertly, out in public!

    • Thank you Gwen! I love being twinsies with you! I was so jealous of your top! I a, so glad to now have my very own! And Victor’s word is awesome! Or awesomlicious! It is so warm here I have had the air conditioner running all week. So much for cheap winter electric bills.

      I love all of your moon items!

      Have a beautiful day!


    • Thank you Keiko! That is so funny that your husband says that, too! I just laugh. He means no harm. Plus when he does compliment something like he did on Friday night, then I know he really means it.

      Have a wonderful week!


  2. I love how this outfit reminds me of the ocean. Those blues are gorgeous! I too love moon stuff but for me it’s because my name is associated with the moon. I think I also confused astrology for astronomy in college. I had a heart attack when I realized how much math was involved in the class. I dropped it immediately.

    • Thank you Cynthia! How cool that your name is associated with the moon. I love that! You are smarter than me. I stuck with it the entire semester. I did not do well. Of course, I never studied for that class either. It was a late nighter and wjat fun would that have been?

      Have a beautiful week!


  3. Loved all the puns. Also love all the blue shades in this outfit, as well as the shoes. The shoes remind me of a pair I wore in the ’70’s. Still my favorite and most comfortable style to wear.

    • Thank you Brynne! Oh! Puns are my favorite. They get such a bad rap. I bet you could have sold those shoes for top dollar now! Vintage shoes still command a good price. I love wedges, although, I still feel as though I am always one step away from falling. The only time I can run in them is when I am drinking. Funny how that works.

      Have a gorgeous week!


  4. I like that outfit! Silly husbands aren’t always the best at agreeing w/ our fashions I think! I forgot you were a cancer too! Yeay for us cancer girls! I also love those shoes, wedges are the best! I still have a black pair from the early to mid ’90s that are very similar!

    • Thank you Rebecca! I forgot you were, too! Is forgetfulness a trait of Cancers as well? ; ). Nobody has better shoes than you do! I am in love with your wedges. I am drooling over a pair of $250 ones that I hope one day I would be able to get at least 80% off. Ahhh, to dream.

      Have a beautiful rest of the weekend!


  5. I love love love love this outfit. I’m with your daughter. What do the guys know anyway? Will will make a face at some things I wear, but I wear them anyway. He even says, what he thinks doesn’t matter. Blues/turquoises/teals are my favourite too. I love the colour of your skirt. It reminds me of the skirt in this pin, which I love and would like to find.

    • Thank you! Oh! That skirt is so scrumptious in that picture! And it is perfect for you! I will keep my eyes peeled and if I ever see anything like it I will let you know! I think it is hilarious the analogies that come out of my husband’s mouth. I have an outfit post coming up soon that just riffs on that. I am glad I am not alone!

      Have a lovely week!


  6. I took an astronomy course once too, I think they should rename it ‘Maths for space’ or something, because we didn’t once get to look through a telescope but I had to do a lot of very complex calculations!!

    I think this outfit is just lovely x

    • Thank you Porcelina! Isn’t that the truth? We never looked through a telescope either! It was just droning lectures in an auditorium and math in a lab. And it was held at night so I assumed it was because we would be looking at the sky. Nope. It is highly misleading.

      Have a happy Sunday!


  7. I just love the palette of this outfit. And the post title caught my eye, too. It’s very dreamy and ethereal and fanciful – so many of my favorite things! I think blue looks so pretty against your fair skin and hair. This look has a moon goddess sort of thing going on.

    I’d listen to your daughter’s ecstatic review more than your husband’s “meh” reaction. I’m always a little devastated by Kyle’s less than enthusiastic reactions to some of my outfits. And I don’t have anyone else around for another opinion.

    And hold tight to these pieces! I agree that you might find them conspicuously missing in no time.

    <3 Liz

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