Girl In The Moon


I put this outfit on for a date with my husband.

It had been spinning in my mind ever since I scored this awesome moon Top from Anthropologie on a popback sale price of less than $20.

I was over the moon about my new score.


I put it all on and paraded into the living room to show my husband.

“What do you think of this outfit?” I excitedly squealed.

He studied it for a moment.

“Meh,” he said as he shrugged his shoulders.


I was kind of crushed as I made my way back to our bedroom to search for something else to wear. I ended up picking this.


The next day my daughter casually said to me, “Mom, remember that outfit you put on yesterday with the moons and the moon and star necklaces. I can’t stop thinking about it. It was the best outfit I have ever seen. If I could ever have an outfit like that one day, I would be so happy.”

“Really?!” I grinned from ear to ear.

I am sure at some point when she moves away for college, this outfit will disappear, but until then I was so happy to hear that maybe I wasn’t so wrong with my choices.


Later in the week I ended up wearing the outfit.


Blue is my favorite color. I adore all of the different shades going on here. I had purchased this skirt from Modcloth many moons ago. My favorite way to wear it is over my Colima Maxi Skirt. I love layering hi-low skirts. It makes me happy.

I think that this works as well.


My small moon necklace is from on Etsy. The white star necklace was a Christmas present from “my husband” in 2013.


My Astrological sign is Cancer. Its planet symbol is the moon (I know). I love when I can find pieces with the moon shape that are not over the… top. Do you get a rise out of sale items? Do you collect any astronomy items? I once took an astronomy course in college. Oh, vey. I think I confused astrology for astronomy. Do you know how much math is involved in astronomy? It’s lunacy. I totally spaced out. Went to the dark side. Thankfully it was just a phase.

A Gnome Lover Picnic


When I was a very young girl, my favorite thing to do was twirl around the living room listening to the song, “Teddy Bear’s Picnic,” on the record player. Yep. Record player. Have you listened to that song as an adult? It is kind of creepy. Almost as creepy as the pictures I decided to take below.


When I saw Anthropologie’s Inez Dress, I decided what I really wanted was to take some artistic pictures wearing the dress surrounded by gnomes instead of bears. As one does… When you are me or crazy. You can interchange one word for the other.


I was kind of bummed, because the pictures did not turn out like they had in my head. Few things ever do.

For one thing, the gnomes would not sit still.

For another, they are notorious dirty joke tellers.

I had to scold the one on the left in that picture. He could not really help it. His head is full of holes.


I guess I have to let it go. They are the stars of the show afterall. ; )


Then I decided that I really needed to take pictures laying down. I had seen the most wonderful picture on Free People Me of a girl doing that. I have no idea how she did it. My try at it was a dismal failure. But it did make me laugh, although this position did not really help with stopping the gnome’s favorite distraction.


I finally gave up and took some standing pictures. These were not the shoes I had originally planned with this outfit. I will definitely pair this dress with booties in the future. However it was a long day and I needed something I could run around in. Any type of heel was not going to cut it. It would have been too easy to trip over those naughty gnomes.


I do have to say that this dress is one of my top ten in my closet. I love absolutely everything about it.

Yes, it is big. Yes, it has no shape from the front or side. But did ya see how this baby swings? It is just perfect for a Teddy Bear Picnic.

Not a Gnome Picnic.

They are no longer invited. They have to stay gnome with the dogs.

Did you go on a picnic this summer? Do you like swing dresses (it is okay if you don’t. I get it. I have friends who like more structure and fit, too). Did you have a dress like this in the 1990s? I did. I guess I am regressing. First “Teddy Bear’s Picnic,” then a dress from my teenage years. What next? No, seriously, what next? I just had a picnic with a bunch of gnomes. My good judgement is obviously gone. If it ever was really there to begin with.

Crochet In An Orchard


Orange you glad I didn’t do a punny title?

It was hard.

So crorchard.


When I purchased this skirt (slightly similar skirt here) at Anthropologie in 2012, I loved it. But I only wore it once, because it is a tricky skirt to wear. The waist screams for a belt, and the dividing line down the middle is distracting.

Nonetheless, I loved it.


I finally found a top that I think works with this skirt. It is from Forever 21. It is $20. You really can’t beat that. I just bought my top a few weeks ago and I cannot find it online now. I bought mine in a store so they may still have one near you, if you like it. I did found a slightly similar top for the same price here.


The House of Harlow necklace was a steal at Nordstrom Rack and the gold cuff was less than $6 at Forever 21.


And this is why I like to hold on to things in my closet. Because I knew one day this skirt would find its match.


Much like myself and this tree.

So, do you hold on to your clothes even if you have not worn the item in over a year? And what else would you suggest pairing with this skirt? I am re-loving it again. I also have it in blue. Because it was a steal, I tell ya. A steal. Any suggestions for the blue? That one is even crorcharder to style. I am thinking my Daydrifter tee. What do you think?

*The affiliate links in this post go to a slightly similar skirt and shirt above. I could not find an exact match, so if you like the Doily Skirt, I would also check eBay.

* I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!

Orange and White Mini


I bought this dress a year ago. It is one of my favorites. It is one of my husband’s leasts. Or, rather, it was last year. It has grown on him and the day I wore this, he proclaimed that he liked it.


I love the vintage feel of this dress. I found some similar vintage options on Etsy here and here.

The dress is by Tracy Reese. It was called, “At Sea Mini Dress” (slightly similar Tracy Reese Dress here and Urban Outfitter’s similar fit here). I have no idea why. Well, actually I do. Did you see my creative title for this post? This dress is impossible to name. I kept trying to think of a title, “Orange… Orange… Orange?” Nothin’. So, I can see why it got a random name at production that has nothing whatsoever to do with the dress. It’s actually kinda genius and I shall be doing it more often.

Oh, that old thing? Oh, that was called. Hmmm. Let’s see, ah, yes, I remember. “See Ants Run Dress.”

Like I said. It’s fool hardy proof.


I layered the star necklace my husband had gifted me for Christmas (blue version here) with the Moon Necklace from the Etsy shop, Lunahoo.


What do you think this dress should have been called?

In writing this post, I have thought of a new one, “Orange Clover Dress.”

Isn’t that clover clever?

No? Well, how about, “Lucky Dress”?

Hear me out. It has a clover pattern and you have to be very lucky not to drop somethin’ on the day you wear this. ‘Cause bending over… It’s not an option. Plus, with the necklaces shown here, you could even exclaim, “Thank my lucky stars!” if someone catches the item you dropped for you.

Have you ever wanted something more just because of its name? I have. Many times. Modcloth does the best job with its naming. Although, Anthropologie had me with Frangipani.


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