In The Sweltering Heat

What have you been wearing during this heat wave in the United States this week? Me, I have opted for long sleeves and jeans. I think I am in denial. I have also been breaking out my boots. I think it is because I am too cheap to go get a pedicure. This is what I have pulled together last week:




I adore this dress. It was a purchase I made in the spring. I originally blogged about it here. I wanted to pair it this time with my hair up and a turquoise necklace. The dress had been sold out for months, but they just reissued it. It is Free People’s First Kiss Maxi. The turquoise necklace is from Simply Livly on Etsy.



This was another purchase at the beginning of the year. My At Sea Mini Dress by Tracy Reese via Anthropologie. This is one of my favorites that I turn to again and again. The necklace is from Anthropologie. I believe it is sold out. But I am giving two necklaces away for my giveaway starting September 10th!



Gosh, how boring am I with my hair lately? I just have wanted it off of my neck. This little hair style does the trick. I consider this outfit my “free” outfit, as it was purchased entirely with gift cards and birthday money. The chambray top is Anthropologie’s Day Drifter Tee. Heather of The Peacock Fairy found hers for a fraction of the cost at TJ Maxx. The skirt is Anthropologie’s Waverly Skirt. The necklace is the same as above. The belt is Calvin Klein via Nordstrom Rack.


I purchased this Nora Peplum Top from Anthropologie and have worn it two times this week. It is my favorite throw on with jeans. The jeans were a sale purchase from Anthropologie. They are Mothers Brand (my new favorite) and they were $40 marked down from $198.
Again, the necklace is the same as above. Can you tell I like it? And the boots are vintage from the flea market.

So, have you been in denial like me? Sweating in the heat? Or have you opted for a more sensible choice? Please tell!

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13 thoughts on “In The Sweltering Heat

  1. SO great to be able to catch up on your blog. You are looking incredible and stylish as usual and you can make a chocolate mold like no other! Loves!!

    • Thank you Kellie! My tricks in baking would be nothing without you! I have been thinking of you. I have a new driver. You know what I mean. And we HAVE to go out soon. I am your driver. In the actual sense.


  2. Jenni!!!! How are you wearing boots and long sleeves?!!! You look fantastic but holy mole I am hot just looking at those long sleeves. Actually,I am hot because it is an oven around here. lol!! I am wearing as little clothing as is socially acceptable for a woman my age. Which is a light weight knee length skirt and a loose fitting camisole top. Aaaarghhh… it’s SO HOT!

    • Hi Cynthia!

      Oh my gosh! This heat. Those clothes were from last week. This week, I am living in shift dresses. And yesterday, I picked my kids up from school in a scandalously skimpy tank. Thankfully, I stayed in the car. In the air conditioning. Because it is melty around here! I agree with you on all points and I cannot wait for cooler weather. And neither can my electric bill!


  3. That “First Kiss Maxi”…I just love it! How you’re able to look that fabulous and cool and bohemian in all this heat is beyond me. I’ve been wearing plain cotton tees tucked into printed cotton skirts. Boring. But breathable. I can’t believe I’ve never linked to your blog after seeing and adoring so many of your outfits on EA!

    • Hi Liz! And ditto! I just clicked over and I love your blog. So whimsical! And the last few days, I have finally just given up to the heat. I have been wearing breathable shift dresses and sandals. Gnarly toes, be darned!

      Have a wonderful rest of the day!


  4. So can I just say that you are absolutely adorable? I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog via Effortless Anthropologie. I love how you styled the Waverly skirt; it’s one I’ve been lusting after for a while! 🙂

    I am equally ready for fall, so I completely understand why you’re already dressing in clothes most people would consider to be way too heavy for how warm the weather has been. I’ve honestly been cranking the a/c so I can pull out cozy sweaters and drink hot mugs of coffee, pretending fall has fully hit. 🙂

    If you get some time, I would love if you could check out my blog, as well! 🙂

    • You are so sweet! And such a doll. I love your blog. And I love your style. That Waverly skirt is one of my favorite purchases. So, thank you! : )

      How did I miss the cool star necklace that you scored? I need to be more diligent! Thank you so much for commenting and all of the kind words. They are so appreciated!

      Have a terrific week! : )


  5. You look so pretty in all of these! That first dress, belt it, girl! I wanna see this dress with either a tough chunky belt or one (or two!) slim ones tied in a knot. I think that would look really good on you! Also, I am jealous of your sweltering. England is also cold, I mean Norway I can understand, but urgh! Fall is officially here, and I don’t wanna wear tights… 😛

    • Thanks Gwen! I will try belting it! I will trade you weather! Our electric bill is ginormous due to the darned air conditioner being constantly cycling. I would love to be bundled up. I love the cold! Seriously, in the winter, I set the heater to 59. I cannot stand it on. So, yes, let’s trade. And I will go be in a fun play with cute boys and you can come and clean up kids’ messes after yelling at them to do it for two hours. Sounds like a fair trade, right? ; )

  6. I love all your outfits! So cute!! I was also in denial but decided I needed to get a few more uses out of my summer clothes before I put them away.

    • Hi Sara! And thank you! I so agree with you! At first, I just wanted to jump right into fall. I want the pumpkins and the soups. The chilis and the Christmas tree. But then I realized I need to wear my summer stuff just a few more times. So that is what I am scrambling yo do this week. I am glad I am not the only one! : )

      Have a fantastic week!


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