Zig Zags and Plaid


“I don’t really think that goes together,” my husband bravely said when I tried on my new popback score of The Draped Plaid Top (sold out but similar here and similar plus size here) with my zig zag skirt from 2013.


I was slightly disturbed by this because I had purchased the shirt with the sole intention of it going with this Waverly A-line Skirt (sold out, similar here).


“Well, I like it. A lot,” voiced my daughter from her spot on the couch.


“Thank you!” I exclaimed. “I like it, too!”

She studied it some more, “In fact, I don’t think that top would look good with anything else.”


I turned around and looked at it in the mirror.


“I don’t know.” I pondered. “I bet it would look amazing with a brown floral skirt.”

“Oh yeah!” My daughter agreed. “But you don’t own a brown floral skirt. I was just thinking of things that you all ready have.”


I almost completely agree with her. I could still wear this top with a black, denim or cream skirt but it would not have that “special” factor one looks for in an outfit.


I love this shirt and skirt together so much. I lived in my pajamas while my kids were on winter break and it was so nice to be able to dress up again.


Since I have been dieting since January 1st, I have to feel good during the day or I will fail. I will eat until I feel bad about myself. Then I will feel bad about myself and eat. It is an endless cycle. Putting on something that gives me more confidence is kind of like a food barrier.


Speaking of food, I wore this outfit out to lunch with my husband and the waitress was so complimentary about it. She yelled out the door at me, “Keep rockin’ your style! I love it!” Which is the sweetest thing to say ever. I will admit it put a bounce to my step as I skipped back to the car.


I am trying really hard to wear what I all ready own this year. I have so many outfit ideas swimming around in this head of mine that I cannot wait to try. I love this skirt. I have previously worn it here and here. I like that the plaid top breathes new life into it.


And I have a crutch. These boots. They were $50 almost four years ago at the flea market. The best $50 I ever spent. But since they go with everything, I tend to be lazy and pair them with an outfit without any thought to the other boots in my closet. And I have lots of other boots that I do not utilize enough.

But these are my favorite.

Plus they’re always out in plain sight so I don’t have to tear apart my closet looking for them.


Do you have an outfit crutch? Are you trying to break the habit or are you okay with it? I think I am a little of both.

P.S. I shared this on The Pleated Poppy and Reasons To Dress.

A Crochet State Of Mind

I cannot get enough of crochet lately. I love it all. Did you know I have even crocheted a blanket? Actually, I have crocheted one complete blanket and three quarters of another one. I keep meaning to finish it. Kind of like this thought.

Okay, crochet. Love it! Bring it on:




All right, here I am talking about crochet and my first outfit has no crochet in it. I make sense like that. The shoes I am wearing are my very favorite shoes in the world. They have this lovely lace on them. It looks like crochet. I bought them during Anthropologie’s additional 20% off sale. They are Deirdre Lace Wedges. I am not a shoe girl, but I can feel the lust with these. I am wearing them in all three outfits.

My mom gave me a gift card for my birthday. I snagged this skirt and used her gift card for it. Then it went on sale and I got a price adjustment. I still had money left over from the gift card. Yay! The skirt is called Waverly A-line. I am wearing a size 2 in it. Yes, a 2. I have no idea how to feel about this.

Excuse my excess of make up in this pic. The kids were gone and my husband and I went on a date night. I do not know why I feel like I need more make up at night. I never like it.

I paired the skirt with a Free People lace top I bought at the beginning of the year from Nordstrom Rack. The necklace is a layering necklace from Anthropologie. I layered a pink tulle skirt from Free People (from this post) via Nordstrom Rack underneath the skirt. The skirt all ready has tulle underneath it. I felt it needed more tulle. No explanation needed. I felt very feminine in this outfit.



I bought this Anthropologie Edme & Esyllte Field Corduroy Skirt over a year ago on eBay. It is my very favorite skirt. Unfortunately, I think it is a little big now. I wear this skirt every other week. There are so many things that go with it. This top was from Nordstrom Rack. It is a brand called Daniel Rainn. I had never heard of it. But I like the top. The detail might be more lace than crochet, but I felt it was close enough for this category.

The necklace is a layering necklace from Anthropologie. It is my favorite.



I bought this crochet dress from eBay almost a year ago. It is originally from Anthropologie. I wondered why it looked different. Then I remembered I usually wear a belt with it. Doh! Oh well. I paired it with my flag necklace from Anthropologie.

Have you jumped on the crochet bandwagon? Can you crochet? I crochet in a straight single pattern. My mother-in-law tried to teach me how to do the double knot once. It blew my poor little mind.

Need more crochet?:

I am wearing my multi-color rainbow crochet vest here.

I am also wearing a crochet dress in this post.

And another favorite dress that I have worn and purchased in May, but have not blogged about yet, is the Mix in the Crochet dress by Free People. I own it in the rose color in medium. And I LOVE it.