Keepin’ It Real: May 2014

Every month, I try to do a summary of that month with outfit outtakes and a quick wrap up of things I might have missed blogging about in that month. May had some doozies in terms of outtakes. And it was a doozy of a month for a lot of people I know, my family included. When I told my friend we had to endure one more day of May, she exclaimed, “NO-O-O!”

I hear ya, sister.

If you missed last month’s “Keepin’ It Real”, you can find it here.

On to this recap. May, I will not miss you:


Recipe fail. My mom asked me the other day, “Do you post everything you make?” Oh my gosh, no! When you are experimenting with a new recipe there are going to be some misses. I have even made some recipes from very acclaimed chefs and have had to throw the whole dish away. So, no, I do not post about every recipe. Only the ones I would absolutely make again. And again.

The other day, I made this dessert. So bad. Tip: Do not add raspberries to Strawberry Shortcake. It sounds good. It is not good.

Outfit Outtakes:


As promised. A glimpse of Holy Holey Girdle. It is such a small glimpse. We saved over the other original pictures with the revised ones, so this is what we have left. Here is the actual outfit post.

It really is more like an extra pair of skin colored shorts than anything else. And to be even more forthright, the only reason I wore them on this day was to hide my colored underwear. The dress is so flowy, it hides a lot of flaws. The girdle is not the typical spanx. It does not offer much support, but it makes me feel more confident.


And I could not resist adding this picture because of the unfortunate placement of my hand.


So, I fell in a cactus (picture of my cactus hand is in “Keepin’ It Real: April 2014. Link above). And my twirling has never been the same. The outfit post for this photo shoot is here.

This picture makes me laugh.


“True Detective”, anyone? Just a bit of an odd thing to find around town.



Peonies! Everywhere?! Yes, please! Tip: Trader Joe’s will let you take the plastic bucket if you ask nicely. : )


Does this alert ever make anyone’s day better?


At San Diego Children’s Hospital, the ceiling tiles are randomly painted overhead. Isn’t that just a nice unexpected thing? That way, when a child is being wheeled through the halls and into various rooms, they have something to look at and look forward to.

I could hug whoever thought of this.


My mom gifted me a gift card to Anthropologie and these for Mother’s Day. Isn’t that the sweetest?!


Father’s Day idea. My kids each made my dad and my husband some of these hammers a few years ago. We just painted a wooden hammer and then shellacked it. I found the idea on Pinterest. Easy peasy.


And my most exciting purchase of the month. Seriously. These barf bags. I have a post about them ready. If you ever get car sick or have children that get sick, these are priceless.

With that in mind, May, you can be on your way.


Oh my gosh! Last night my husband and I were dancing with the dogs in the kitchen to “I like to move it.” When we sing it to the dogs they dance with us. It is actually quite cute and comical.

The dogs are funny, too.


Well, Ollie got too rambunctious and did a back flip! He hit his head so hard. We immediately stopped dancing, but I felt so bad for him. You can see the beginning of it in this picture. Who knew he had it in him?

Coming up in June:

Maui posts! We are heading back to Maui next week and I cannot wait to blog about it!
My Husband’s Secret Part II… She had to find out sometime. ; )
Honey Ice Cream! My favorite treat in the summer.
Whirlin’ Twirlin’ (Free People Mixed Print Tunic).

What did you think of May? Will you be happy or sad to see it end?

19 thoughts on “Keepin’ It Real: May 2014

  1. This made me laugh! What do you think about Cookie Butter? I am a huge fan of Nutella but I’ve never tried cookie butter spread? I am both happy and sad to see May end! Happy because I am done with my first year in law school (which, I have been told, is by far the most difficult year). Sad because my birthday was during finals and I did not get to celebrate it (as in I was home studying ALL day long). Oh well!

    • Cookie butter is awesome! It is definitely different than Nutella. I would say it is more like peanut butter. But better. Mmmm. It is good! The chocolate spread version tastes like cookie butter AND Nutella.

      Congratulations on being done with your first year of law school. What a feat! That is such an incredible accomplishment.

      And Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you get to celebrate soon! : )

      Have a beautiful Sunday!


  2. Hey, I know for a fact Holy, Holey mishaps happen to even the famous. I spotted Hoda’s Spanxx on the ‘Today Show’ once. You are in good company.

    • Ha! Thanks Brynne. That does make me feel better. Although I once walked out of the bathroom with just that girdle showing. I am full of mishaps!

      Have a perfect Sunday!


    • Thank you Rachael. I am cutting those peonies in just a few minutes. I was too tired last night. June will be crazy, but I hope it is good! Knock on wood!

      Have a delightful evening!


  3. Oh… Cookie butter is yummy!!

    And the True Detective thing? It looks like it might be filled with nesting material for birds. We do something like that with the preschoolers (except we add fun, brightly colored yarn scraps and whatnot so it looks pretty; but common folk usually put in raffia and bits of straw, etc.). So maybe it’s one of those?

    • I bet you are right! Thank you for solving the mystery. I thought for sure it was some sort of voodoo thing. Do birds really use them? That is pretty cool. I love the idea of the ones that you make with all of the pretty colors. Those baby birds are lucky!

      Thanks again for solving the mystery! It makes me feel better that a serial killer isn’t lurking in that garden.

      Have a sweet Sunday!


  4. Oh Jenni – that twirling pic makes me laugh too – in a good way! OMG, peonies! Can’t wait for mine to open up! I have white and fuschia. Can’t wait to see your June posts!

    • Thanks. I was hoping someone else would think it was funny. You are so lucky to have peonies. I have to buy mine. I cannot grow them here. White and fuchsia sound fantastic! Lucky!

      Have a happy Sunday! I hope I get to sleep in!


  5. Oh man…your dog is a spaZ! I had to put in an uppercase Z because the stupid spell correct did not like me spelling spaZ. LOL

    You really do look horrified when you fell into the cactus.


    • Ha! I hate spell check sometimes. Both the dogs act that way. But only if we sung that song. I love that so much!

      That was me just falling near the cactus. I had all ready fallen into (we did not get a picture of that moment) and this was me scared to twirl again. I am a dork!

      Have an enchanting Sunday!


  6. Peonies! I love them. I may venture out to Trader Joe’s today to see if I can find some! I have used those little barf bag while in labor with Colin and they were nice…BUT I hate that you had to get them 🙁 I have a skimmer that goes all the way up to my boobs to suck in the leftover baby skin and it is shorts…I am pretty sure I have flashed it a few too many times 😉 I could barely see yours!

    • Thanks Alicia! I hope you found some peonies. They make me so happy. I think Trader Joe’s should have them for the next two weeks.

      Those barf bags are amazing! I am sad I had to get them, too, but I am kind of in love with them. We used to have a barf bowl for when the kids could not make it to the bathroom. This has been so much better. And disposable. Throwing up in labor sounds awful! Oh man. I am sorry that happened to you. As if labor isn’t hard enough.

      I love shapewear. I really need to find a good pair! I think every woman has accidentally flashed their shapewear at some point. : )

      Have a marvelous Monday!


  7. Your dogs are nutty! Too cute! Maybe Ollie could train for the Doggie Olympics?
    Aaackkkk – you actually have a photo of you falling into the cactus! Yikes!
    I am so happy May is over too. What a terrible month. I am kind of afraid of June though since I have way too much to do and no hope of getting it all done. May I stow away in your suitcase to Maui? Pretty please?

    • I know! That dog cracks me up every day. They both do. Almost everyone I know had an awful May. I am so hoping June is better! I would totally let you stowaway if I could!

      Sweet dreams!


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