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Last week, I found myself down in San Diego with my husband and my son. My son had requested that we eat at The Cheesecake Factory after an appointment that he had. So, we were very happy to indulge him. However, it was ten o’clock in the morning and the restaurant did not open until eleven.

Whatever would we do?

My husband took my son to The Lego Store where they happily discovered that the new Minecraft Lego set is now out. They set out to find a table to build it. So, of course, their day was made.

I planned on heading to Anthropologie to try on a few lovelies, but I got sidetracked at Forever 21 where I purchased a few things (this and this). And let me pause and say Forever 21 is killing it this season. I have been so impressed with the quality and price of their clothing. Usually I just go here to shop for my daughter but their clothes have been good for me, too, this year. And the accessories are fabulous for the low cost. Who cares that I could have a daughter the age of the name of the store? Sob.

Before I knew it, it was 10:40 by the time I made my way into Anthropologie.

I had twenty minutes to shop.

An amateur would have panicked.

I tried on the following items and even made these purchases that day in my time limit. They say everyone is good at somethin’. I don’t know that this is quite what they meant:


First, this is what I wore that day. My Savant Swing Dress I purchased on sale with my vintage boots. And my gnome necklace sweet Heather from The Peacock Fairy gifted to me.


And this Anthropologie wooden ring ($10!!!).



I was really excited about trying on the Tinamou Stitched Tunic. I loved it online. I loved it in person.

I don’t do sleeveless.

I feel too self conscience.

I reluctantly put this back on the rack. I hope it makes it to sale for me, because I would definitely purchase this top at a sale price. I just could not justify paying full price for an item that I might not feel comfortable wearing all of the time. My usual size medium in tops fit fine. It was a tiny bit big but I liked it that way.


I had immediately put the Peralta Flared Dress in my wishlist when I first saw it. I am a sucker for stripes. And bright stripes? Forget about it.

Unfortunately, this dress was not as good on me as it looked online. It is big and the cut of the arms and arm holes is awkward on my body. I tried on my usual six. Although the size six was too large, I think a size four would have been too small.

I sadly removed this from my wishlist. It just was not the right fit for me. However, it has two good reviews online. So, it definitely needs to be tried on. On the right body type, this will be beautiful. I think the more voluptuous amongst us will rock this dress!


I thought the Parc Plume Tee was one of the most gorgeous pieces of clothing I had ever seen on the hanger. My heart beat faster when I saw it.

This is my usual size six. Unfortunately, the see-through material combined with the price made it a “no” for me. It also was not flattering on my body, but this top is so pretty. I think the right person will look smoking in it.

The jeans are the Pilcro Superscript High-rise Flare Jeans. I would need to go up a size in these.


This is the summer of sleeveless.

I am the human with sleeves.

And, so, it looked like the season was to end with me buying nothing.

But then I spotted a dress with sleeves. The Ayame Silk Dress.


It had a print that was not something I would typically wear.

And a zipper down the front that I remember from decades ago.

I tried it on in my usual size six. I would definitely need an eight.

This dress just was not right for me. But I can see it being lovely on the right person.


Finally, I spotted the Amapola Dress. I loved the pattern. I loved the mix of the tight solid top with the flared skirt. The kind of silhouette every woman looks good in.

But no sleeves?!

I decided to try it on anyway.

And I loved it.

Even without sleeves. And even though I am probably too old to wear it.

It was $148. I very sadly put it back. I hope I will be able to get it on sale.

Have you tried anything on lately? Do you have mad skills in the fitting room? How much time do you typically give yourself to shop in a single store?

32 thoughts on “Anthropologie Late Spring Reviews

  1. I would love to do a feature on your for my Real Mom Style feature!! Email me!! You have incredible taste, and I can’t believe how fast you shop!!! Only moms know how to shop this fast, I love the grey dress (so pretty and flattering) and it is great that your man took your son for a bit so that you could indulge in me time.

    Angie from reasons to dress, life as a North American mom in Italy.

    • That would be so sweet of you. I would love to do that. I will email you later today. Thank you so much. I appreciate it! : ). Yes, us moms have to know how to shop fast!

      Have a lovely week!


  2. The Amapola dress looks amazing on you! I hadn’t noticed this colorway, it is fantastic. Was it TTS?

    • Thank you. That dress is so good. I love it! It is true to size. I am wearing a size six in the picture. I think I forgot to mention that because I got too excited about it. : )

      Have a great week!


  3. Anthro in 20 mins, sale room finds AND reviews?!?! You have a gift. We would make fantastic shopping partners 🙂

    How does the Forever 21 swing dress fit? What size did you get? I have had it on my wishlist forever and almost purchased it this weekend online. I just love the colors!

    • The swing dress is so good. It is short. I wear it with my mint Free People trapeze slip, tall gladiators and turquoise necklace. It is one of my favorite things in my closet. It fits true to size and I bought the medium. The liner is shorter than the dress (hence my slip). I really, really like it. I plan to get pictures of it later today if we can get the bus started. I will send you a few so you can see the length and fit if we can get them. If not, I’ll take a selfie and send it to you. Forever 21 has such a strict return policy I would hate for you to be stuck with it if you don’t like it.

      Have a great week! I’ll email you later.


    • Thanks. I was bummed, too. I love a good striped dress. It goes with everything.

      Have a cheerful Wednesday!


  4. Thanks for the reviews. I think everything you tried on was cute! Love your Forever 21 finds too. The tie dye dress reminds me of the Shibori dress at Anthro.

    • Thanks Heather. Oh my gosh! Doesn’t it look so much like that dress? I plan on wearing mine on our vacation next week over my swimsuit and such. The pattern varies so I had to find one I liked in store. The ones with more light blue were the prettiest. Thanks for the necklace. He had fun hanging out that day! : )

      Have a happy Wednesday!


  5. We just did Cheesecake Factory the other night! We had a friend in town for the long weekend, and we went there for his farewell dinner. We ended up really liking it! Which is a problem since it’s right across the street…lol.

    Anyways, on to the clothes!

    I love the Tinamou Tunic on you, but like you, I’m self conscious about my arms. I wouldn’t want to cover that gorgeous print and embellishment either just for more arm coverage. Bummer!

    I’m glad you tried the Parc Plume Tee because I didn’t pay it any mind online. The shimmery detail at the top is so lovely. I’ll have to look for it next time I’m in store. Unfortunately, I don’t usually do woven materials. They don’t work well with my proportions and curves, but I try to keep the hope alive just the same!

    I love the Amapola Dress in the red print, but it sold out so quickly! I hope they do another release of it because it was so popular. I do like the mix-match quality of the version you have on too, though. Oh wishlist. It was so bare for so long. But now it’s just long.

    Thanks for these reviews, Jenni!

    <3 Liz

    • Thank you Liz! I love both colorways of the Amapola Dress. Both are great and I like how you could buy both and no one wouod know they are the same dress. I have so much in my wishlist. But we are going on vacation next week and I have to be good. And we have three ER visits under our belt and I know those bills are coming soon. So, definitely waiting for an amazing sale on anything I want.

      Oh my gosh! The Cheesecake Factory. That brown bread! I am in love with their chicken parmesan sandwich. In love. It is so good! I would be in big trouble if I lived that close to one. Or rather my wallet would be.

      Have a happy day today!


    • Thank you so much! And, yay! I am so glad you got your box. That makes me happy.

      Have a lovely week! : )


  6. You know what? I totally agree with you walking away from all of those things. None of them had that special something, in my opinion, and none of them made me go “DAYUM GIRLFRIEND!!” like for instance your skirt with the bug holding an umbrella. The outfit you wore that day, though, was GORGEOUS. And I love that wooden ring – it’s so cool, and so you! That’s what I mean though – you know your own style and you know what doesn’t work or isn’t quite right – big hairy kudos to you for that!

    • Thank you Gwen. I appreciate your honesty. I really want two of those pieces on sale. I do like them. But I have to be patient and in the meantime enjoy what I have or much cheaper pieces. Isn’t that ring fab?!?! I got a p.a. on it so I only paid $10. It is so cool!

      I have so many outfits in my head and I write them down to wear and then never get to them, I definitely need to start on that list. The beetle umbrella skirt is on there but I am saving it for Maui.

      Have a happy Thursday!


  7. see, I think they all look cute on you! the tunic is adorable…I think you should go back and get it, wear a 3/4 sleeve under it or a sweater!! get it! cuteness!

    • Thank you Melodee! I would go get it because I love it, but I have to wait for sale. : (. But hopefully the wait won’t be long. I always like the things I waited on more than if I paid full price anyway. But it can be hard.

      Thank you again! Have a sweet week!


  8. You look nice in everything! If you do like that tunic, try it with a light weight black 3/4 length sleeve tee under it. You said it was a little loose so there might be room. I think black longish sleeves would better complement the design. A more conservative upper portion might go better with the shorter less conservative length of the bottom part.

    • Thank you. That is so sweet. I love your idea and if I can get it when it goes on sale, I will definitely wear it like that. I love the idea of a 3/4 sleeve. And black is so good!

      Thank you again! Have a bullie cuddly Thursday! : ). I know I will!


  9. We are sisters from another mother! We have the same taste, so I KNEW when you said you’d been to Forever 21 which dresses you probably bought! LOL I was right! I just tried on that phenomenal tye dyed dress, and I couldn’t believe the quality AND price! They have been killing it lately, with awesome prints, and surprisingly, great fitting clothes. There was a time when i would pull something on and immediately remember the name of the store. BTW, you can’t be too old for sleeveless because I still go sleeveless sometimes and I’ve got you by a few years! I also reviewed that beautiful top with the feathers and beads, and I couldn’t swing the price either. The Amapola dress was on my list to try on, but I don’t need it, so I’ll wait on sale. Lastly, I have also learned to shop lightening fast when I’m with my husband, because he nearly faints if he sees my eyes light up near an Anthropologie. I have to PROMISE him I’ll be in and out in under 30 minutes because I don’t want that bear of a man to come in, disturb my peace and knock thinks over looking for me!! Excellent reviews!

    • I love it!!!! “Sisters from another mother”! Awesome. I love meeting someone with style similar to my own. Not only is it fun but I can ask advice too!

      Did you end up getting that tie dyed dress? I love it so much. And that red swing dress is one of my favorite things I own. It is so cheerful and fun. I just wore it today with a Free People slip underneath.

      I think any age can rock sleeveless. I just don’t like my arms. : (. I thought that dress might be too young because of the zipper down the front. But I still want it. : )

      I have been there with my husband coming in to see what is taking so long. It is never as fun in that moment after that! My husband said he was giving me five more minutes before he was coming in to check on me. Whew! Just made it. ; )

      Have a happy Thursday! I loved your comment!


      • LOL!! I’m going back for the tye dyed dress tomorrow, and they didn’t have the swing dress, but I’m going to look for it now! Forever 21 is really getting the Free People, hippy summer looks down. I even saw a cute romper (waaaaay too short) so, I’m going to be watching them for the next few weeks to see what else is wearable for me!! Enjoy your weekend sis!! LOL

      • Oh good! It is such a great dress! They have a new top that came out today that is so cute. I love it. I cannot remember its name but it is white with flared sleeves. They are definitely being inspired by the bohemian spirit this summer. I love it! Please let me know if you spot anything else like those pieces. I sometimes forget to look!

        Sis! I love it! : ). Have a marvelous weekend!


  10. i think the very last one is my favorite. i usually go to anthro mostly for their home goods. their clothes are waaaaaay out of my price range. i’m always just a little jealous of my best friend who works there is always showing off her latest from there, which she paid less than she would have at F21. makes me die a little inside everytime 😉
    xo jac

    • Thank you. : ). I buy most of my Anthropologie clothes on sale. There are some amazing deals to be had! I try to be as patient as I can. Right now there is a $228 dress I am watching because I hope to get it for $30 soon. : )

      Have a fantastic Friday!


  11. i thought everything you tried on looks great. The Tinamou Stitched Tunic is totally your style! It reminds me of your Mexican Blanket skirt and the vintage quilted skirt that you have. And the Amapala dress looks wonderful on you!

    But I totally hear you about being self-conscious about certain body parts… even though I think we’re always harder on ourselves personally than others, it’s tough to overcome that mean mental voice.

    • Thank you Liana! I do love that tunic. It is so unique.

      I am definitely hard on myself even though I try not to be. Unfortunately there are people out there that are super hard on fashion bloggers. They tear them apart. I try to never let that affect me. But it is hard sometimes.

      I hope you get some reviews in soon. I always love them!

      Have a happy Friday!


  12. That Parc Plume top is gorgeous. Total bummer that it is see through and expensive. I tried on the Pilcro light wash jeans too and really like them. I am hoping they will go on sale before I cave in at full price. Can’t believe you tried on all that in 20 minutes. How do you get such fantastic fitting room photos? I keep trying and they just turn out awful!

    • I bet they go on sale. For sure! The flared jeans I liked in March are all ready $30. I just don’t need any more jeans right now. I barely wear them.

      I am quick in that dressing room! And I just snap the picture and move on! I take three and I don’t look at them! I do not know what the trick is. I do stand further back from the mirror than I have seen other reviewers do. I don’t trust those lights on my skin!

      Sweet dreams!


  13. The sleeveless dress looks great on you and I don’t think you’re too old for it at all (even though I understand that, I’m always wondering if I should give up certain things because I’m heading towards 40), so I hope you snag it on sale!

    • Thank you Rachael. I think I remember that you and I are the same age, right? Which makes me happy because you look amazing! I hope I snag it on sale, too. That is the only way I will buy it.

      Have a relaxing Sunday!


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