Anthropologie Late Spring Reviews

Last week, I found myself down in San Diego with my husband and my son. My son had requested that we eat at The Cheesecake Factory after an appointment that he had. So, we were very happy to indulge him. However, it was ten o’clock in the morning and the restaurant did not open until eleven.

Whatever would we do?

My husband took my son to The Lego Store where they happily discovered that the new Minecraft Lego set is now out. They set out to find a table to build it. So, of course, their day was made.

I planned on heading to Anthropologie to try on a few lovelies, but I got sidetracked at Forever 21 where I purchased a few things (this and this). And let me pause and say Forever 21 is killing it this season. I have been so impressed with the quality and price of their clothing. Usually I just go here to shop for my daughter but their clothes have been good for me, too, this year. And the accessories are fabulous for the low cost. Who cares that I could have a daughter the age of the name of the store? Sob.

Before I knew it, it was 10:40 by the time I made my way into Anthropologie.

I had twenty minutes to shop.

An amateur would have panicked.

I tried on the following items and even made these purchases that day in my time limit. They say everyone is good at somethin’. I don’t know that this is quite what they meant:


First, this is what I wore that day. My Savant Swing Dress I purchased on sale with my vintage boots. And my gnome necklace sweet Heather from The Peacock Fairy gifted to me.


And this Anthropologie wooden ring ($10!!!).



I was really excited about trying on the Tinamou Stitched Tunic. I loved it online. I loved it in person.

I don’t do sleeveless.

I feel too self conscience.

I reluctantly put this back on the rack. I hope it makes it to sale for me, because I would definitely purchase this top at a sale price. I just could not justify paying full price for an item that I might not feel comfortable wearing all of the time. My usual size medium in tops fit fine. It was a tiny bit big but I liked it that way.


I had immediately put the Peralta Flared Dress in my wishlist when I first saw it. I am a sucker for stripes. And bright stripes? Forget about it.

Unfortunately, this dress was not as good on me as it looked online. It is big and the cut of the arms and arm holes is awkward on my body. I tried on my usual six. Although the size six was too large, I think a size four would have been too small.

I sadly removed this from my wishlist. It just was not the right fit for me. However, it has two good reviews online. So, it definitely needs to be tried on. On the right body type, this will be beautiful. I think the more voluptuous amongst us will rock this dress!


I thought the Parc Plume Tee was one of the most gorgeous pieces of clothing I had ever seen on the hanger. My heart beat faster when I saw it.

This is my usual size six. Unfortunately, the see-through material combined with the price made it a “no” for me. It also was not flattering on my body, but this top is so pretty. I think the right person will look smoking in it.

The jeans are the Pilcro Superscript High-rise Flare Jeans. I would need to go up a size in these.


This is the summer of sleeveless.

I am the human with sleeves.

And, so, it looked like the season was to end with me buying nothing.

But then I spotted a dress with sleeves. The Ayame Silk Dress.


It had a print that was not something I would typically wear.

And a zipper down the front that I remember from decades ago.

I tried it on in my usual size six. I would definitely need an eight.

This dress just was not right for me. But I can see it being lovely on the right person.


Finally, I spotted the Amapola Dress. I loved the pattern. I loved the mix of the tight solid top with the flared skirt. The kind of silhouette every woman looks good in.

But no sleeves?!

I decided to try it on anyway.

And I loved it.

Even without sleeves. And even though I am probably too old to wear it.

It was $148. I very sadly put it back. I hope I will be able to get it on sale.

Have you tried anything on lately? Do you have mad skills in the fitting room? How much time do you typically give yourself to shop in a single store?

Anthropologie Spring Reviews Part I


I was on my own in Las Vegas and decided to go shopping and try on some of Anthropologie’s newest offerings. This is what I wore to Anthropologie and on my trip out by myself. It is an H&M lace top, Free People Lydia Maxi Skirt, Simply Livly Turquoise Necklace, and a more recent sale belt from Anthropologie.

Oddly, this outfit made me feel braver.

I think it was all the darn ruffles.

Don’t ask why.

I’m weird.


The first dress I tried on was one of the two items I added to my wishlist (the other being a pair of jeans). I really, really like this Ijada Stitched Shift dress.

I really, really disliked the price tag. At $248, I will have to wait for a good sale. I have a size six on in the picture. It zips on the side bust and I could not zip it all of the way. Since, I was all ready there. In a dressing room. At the store. With a size eight. Just a few steps away. I…

Decided not to try it on.


It is more fun guessing.

Or more lazy.

So, now I imagine I am a size eight in this dress, but I have no idea if it is true.

Aren’t my reviews helpful?


I also tried on this Cissie Embroidered Dress. I thought it was okay. I really like the pattern and everything. But there was just somethin’ that did not call to me. This was a size six. I thought it fit fine.

I have so many similar items to this dress in my closet all ready. And the hi-lo thing is just not doing it for me. An unfortunate no for me. I am sad about this one, because it is cute.


I also tried on the Grafton Marled Jacket with the dress. Because I liked the pattern in the store. I would not really wear these two items together in real life.

Well, unless I was in a closed room. And the other cardigan I wanted was ten feet away. Then we all know what my choice would be.

I am wearing a small here. If I purchased this, I would buy a medium. But this cardigan did not make it into my wishlist, so I will not be purchasing it. It was too bulky for me. Now I am seeing that they call this cardigan a jacket. I could examine the whys of that further, but I won’t.


I love the Savant Swing Dress. It has been on my wishlist for what seems like forever. I had not seen the grey version of it in real life before this picture (I own the black and white striped version). Can you feel the love?

I am wearing a small here. The sleeves were impossibly tight. The store did not have a medium. I definitely need a medium. If they would have had it to try on…

Wait for it.

This will be shocking.

I would have.


I had loved this Patula Maxi Skirt on Morgan from See Mo Go a few weeks ago. I could not wait to try it on myself.

Morgan rocked this skirt. It is so pretty on her. I was not in love with it on me. I am wearing a small. It fit fine. This was the only shirt I had in the dressing room that I thought might work with it.

Which means it did not go with it at all.

It never occurred to me to use the shirt I wore into the dressing room.

Again, not examining the whys of that further.


Let me distract you from my pasty legs (and insanely messy contents of my purse) by telling you that this white shirt is the same Anthropologie Flounced Tee I tried on with the skirt above. And that is why the skirt styling will make even less sense to you.

Kind of like myself.

I really hate shorts. Like hate them. With a fierce passion. I think very few women can pull them off. Without cutting their legs into frumpy stumps. But these Finchley Pleated Shorts had elephants on them. In a gorgeous olive pattern. I am wearing a size eight here. The shirt is a small.

And I wanted to forget my shorts-naysayer in my head.

These were not good on me. They did not make it into my wishlist. But they are adorable.

I think. Gosh, I cannot believe I am going to say this.

But, I think many women could wear these shorts. And it would be cute. And I would like it.

Groan! That last admittance did me in.

Have you tried on anything you love lately? Added anything to your wishlist? Please tell!


P.S. Two nights ago I went to San Diego and while I was there I tried on even more pieces at Anthropologie. I ended up purchasing this Songbird Skirt in my usual size six. The review for this baby is behind two more review sets, so it will probably be two more weeks before I get to it.

But I knew some ladies wanted to see it. And when I want to see something, I love when someone shares. So, here is one of my pictures of the skirt. The waistband is super stretchy. But the sides are not. I do not think I would size down in this. However, if you are inbetween sizes, I would probably take the smaller one.

Sorry about the lack of smile. I thought this was the picture that best depicted the length of the skirt. Hope this helps! : )

P.S. I also did Anthropologie Spring Reviews Part II and Free People Spring Reviews.

Stripe Club

“The first rule of Stripe Club.

Never talk about Stripe Club.”

Still wanting more? Okay. I’ll play.

“Why do I wear stripes?”

“Because I don’t want to be spotted!” Joke courtesy of my daughter. Yep. There are two of us.

I have a thing for stripes. A serious problem. An addiction if you will. They are everywhere in my house. Mostly grey and white, but you can find other colors, too. I’m not picky.

I own about a zillion navy and white striped shirts. ‘Cause that’s not crazy.

I realized the other day that some of my photos of clothes recently contained stripes, so I decided to clump them together into one post.

Mostly so I could use the word clump.


With a gift card from Christmas firmly in hand, I used some of it towards the Savant Dress at Anthropologie. I foolishly purchased the small instead of the medium. But I stubbornly refused to exchange it.

Foolish and stubborn. That should have been the title of my post. Or the name on my birth certificate.

I paired it with my Paige Cords from Nordstrom Rack (of all of my cords, these are still the best). The necklace is the Heirloom Necklace sold awhile back from Anthropologie in the bee motif right after New Year’s.


And I really like the patches on the elbows.


Did I mention that I love the patches on the elbows?


Okay. This is getting embarrassing.



Quick, what’s this song lyric from? “The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time.”

This outfit started with my striped sweater recently purchased from Target. The cords are AG Stevies in turquoise. The necklace was care of Simply Livly on Etsy.

This outfit is innocent enough.

But wait for it…



More stripes. Stripes on stripes! This outfit makes me smile. It just shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t happen. But it did. And I like it. The cardigan/pullover is from Target as well.

Do you have a thing for stripes? What about stripes on stripes? What about stripes on stripes on stripes? Okay. I’ll stop now.

The Winner Of The Blog Giveaway and Stuff I’m Craving


The winner of my 10th Month Blog Anniversary (I feel like such a teenager sometimes celebrating monthly, but it is more fun that way) is Cynthia! I love Cynthia over at Marcy Very Much. She is just the nicest girl. I met her a couple of months ago through blogging and her blog always makes me smile and laugh. Congratulations Cynthia!

Here are all of our words for the year 2014. They gave me goosebumps as I typed them all in. I just want everyone to get their word this year. I also can’t help but think together with all of our words, we would be unstoppable:

Calm 2
Healthy 5
Thankful 2
Grateful 3
Content 3
Forward 2
Health 2
Miley (her daughter’s name)
Successful 2

I would love to be almost all of those words (Of course, I can’t be Keiko’s daughter, although that would be fun) and my pregnancy time is long past (but, oh, this one I am so hopeful about Becky!). I also think some of the words are hard for me and to read them made me realize that I need to work on that aspect of myself. Like “unoffended.” Great word. Although spell check doesn’t think so. And “carefree.” I find both of those words to be difficult to do. I would love to be “grateful” every day as well. That is a good word to put things into perspective.

I also agree with Liana. Sometimes I get superstitious and do not want to voice my good hopes in case the universe reads it wrong. : ). “Pleasant” is a pretty good safe word.

I really hope we can all succeed in making our words a reality this year. I am lucky I have this blog to share on, but if you don’t have that option, you can always email me. My email address is on my “About Me” page. And you could vent. Or share. It usually takes me more time to respond to an email than a comment, but I will respond.

Thank you guys for entering and opening yourselves up by sharing your word. It made me so grateful for each of you. And hopeful for the future.

On To My Cravings:

I purchased four pairs of pants during the super sale Anthropologie had. And even though all four pants ended up being just a little more ($19) than full price would have been for just one pair, and I used my last gift card towards them, I am done shopping for the month. Sigh. It is also because I scored the Cultivar Boots on a popback. And the Ombra Shift dress for $30 instead of $200! But it means my shopping is over for the month. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Unless something pops back for $10 and then I have to buy it. I mean it would be a crime not to…right? ; )

Ahem. How many days until February?

Although I have to be even better in February because we are going on a trip to Las Vegas in March. My clothing budget will be obsolete. I do not really have any “Vegas” dresses. I am hoping to score a holiday party dress marked down 80-90% off retail price for the trip… A girl can dream can’t she?

And I am going to be honest. I am not really in love with anything new at Anthropologie right now. Well, except for two or three pieces:


The Savant Dress. I bought this (and used a gift card towards the purchase in December) in the black and white striped version. I adore it. The sleeves… I have a feeling with how popular this dress has been, Anthropologie is going to recreate the sleeves next season on everything. As they do. Then I will get tired of it. But for now, I love it. Hopefully, I will be able to buy the grey version one day.


The Bavay Dress is calling my name. I am ignoring her. I need her to be on sale. But she is lovely.


And speaking of cravings. I rushed home after getting my hair done last night and made chocolate chip cookies… For dinner. With wine (Yep. Feeling better!). But I only had one stick of butter. Who runs out of butter? I guess I do. And I was out of vanilla extract. Who runs… Oh, you get it. I need to get to the store. So, I substituted half of the caviar from a vanilla bean for the extract and just halved my recipe. Um, yum. I will definitely do that again!

Purchases I made in January:


I purchased these MiH Petite Casablanca Flares for $45 during the additional 25% off sale (at 11:30 the night they got discounted more). If these pants popback in your size, I highly recommend them. They are the perfect length for me and I am 5’6″. The color is a deep grey-purple. They are a stretchy velvet. I wore them today (Wednesday) and love them.


And these Citizens of Humanity Avedon Velvet Leggings in Antique Pink. I also purchased these as soon as they got discounted further that night while the 25% sale was still in effect. I have all ready worn them three times since I got them on Friday.

The pants were purchased in my usual size 29. And they both fit exactly how I would want them to.

By the way, both pictures of the pants are modeled by Anthropologie models. Not me. I can see how the similarity of our thighs could confuse you.

But their thighs aren’t clapping.

Yes. That is the only way to tell us apart.


Here is a picture of my Embroidered Ombra Shift Dress that I bought for 85% off. Woot! Woot!

What are your cravings lately? Do you give in? Last night I gave into my craving for chocolate chip cookies and wine. Two each, thank you! And well worth it.

I guess January isn’t so bad after all (knock on wood). Now that I can breathe. And think. And smile.

And drink… Wait… I all ready said that when I said, “smile.”