It’s The Little Things: Summer Wine


I did a post awhile back about my favorite red wine.Then I wrote about the time my husband came home with a bottle of wine named after the girl of his dreams. And I thought that would be it for my posts on alcohol. But who are we kidding? Or rather whose blog is this?


It looks like someone else likes my wine, too.

My husband recently went to the store. And he came home with a pink moscato. And I was slightly disappointed inside. Not because I don’t like moscato. Because I do. I really, really do. For those of you who are not wine drinkers, moscato wines are usually very sweet and they often have a low alcohol content. And, of course, that was the reason for my sadness. I consider a wine with a low alcohol content, a waste of calories. There is much logic and perhaps sadness to that statement.

Nevertheless, it is true.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw that this moscato had a 9% alcohol content. The alcohol content is still not as high as a typical bottle of red or white wine. But it is higher than the 6% I had seen in previous moscato wines I have tried.


Is it just me or is Murphy way too interested in this wine?… I think he’s guarding it!

And it is so good. It is perfect for summer. Sweet. Cold.


Yep. That is definitely my dog.

The brand is called Barefoot. My husband purchased it for $5 a bottle at Albertson’s, because it was discounted if you bought six or more. He also bought their regular white moscato and a red moscato. I have not tried those yet, but the awards on the label look promising.

It’s the little things: adult beverages for the summer at a great price.

Do you like sweet wine? Have you tried this brand of wine before?

18 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Summer Wine

  1. Love wine so much that my dad who turns wood made me a set of six beautiful wooden bottle stoppers in a display holder for Christmas. Each one is unique and I love displaying them like art work … Which, I guess, they are. Not a fan of sweet wine. I do miss living in wine country.
    Murphy looks hung over. Is he squinting in the first picture because the light is too bright after drinking too much and hanging his head in the second because it hurts too much? Ha ha.

    • Oh my gosh! That is such a beautiful, wonderful gift! Definitely art. What an amazing dad. I know you will treasure it always.

      I am the only one of my friends who loves the sweet wine. They love the rich stuff. I can do that in the wintertime but in the summer, I love me my sweet. It is less calories than the pina colada that I really, really want.

      Murphy does look hung over. Ha! I love it. Although he he could be hanging his head in shame because he ruined one of my kitchen cushions today. : (. Tore it to shreds! He has never done that before! Maybe he was mad he didn’t get any wine. ; )

      Have a fabulous Friday!


      • I love a crisp, white wine in the summer for the same reasons you like the sweet ones in the summer. So refreshing. I usually keep to the reds in winter.

      • I know a lot of women like that. You are more sophisticated than me. : ). I like things that taste more like juice. I cannot do the crisp stuff. Well, I could. I mean it is wine, afterall. ; ). But I prefer the stuff I can gulp.

        I hope you are having a great day!


    • Ha! I definitely think he wants it. As he wants anything and everything that came from the kitchen. After I took the bottles away he chased me into the kitchen with them!

      He is too funny! : )

      Have a beautiful day!


  2. Murphy is looking a little too pleased with your wine purchase. lol
    I am not much of a sweet wine drinker. Lately, I am loving red zin. Trader Joe’s has a really nice one.

    • I cannot do zinfandels! They are too peppery for me. My friends love them, though. I think Murphy may be the only one with an affinity for the sweet stuff besides me. ; )

      Have a great Friday!


  3. Hi! I need to catch up on your latest posts….I think the dinnerware was the last I read, bc I’m just getting back to real life! I wanted to leave you a quick comment though, responding to the comment you left me. So sorry your family had to deal with an illness last week, is everyone ok now? What happened? Sending good wishes your way that everyone is better!

    My surgeries went very well. The first was a bit more complicated than we thought (just by looking at the spot), so that necessitated another surgery, by a plastic surgeon to cover the hole left from cancer removal w/ a skin graft. I had to be put under for this one, so it was a bit worse. Good news is I hopefully won’t have as big or as noticeable a scar! I’m healing nicely, so all is well!

    Tuesday afternoon we returned from 5 days in Mexico, we needed to just veg on the beach & the kiddos love to play at the beach, so it wa much needed & very nice! So I was not connected to any technology or news during that time, kind of weird! We returned home in time for my bandage & stitches removal, then I worked yesterday & today…so tomorrow is my catch up on everything day after my quick re-entry back into the real world!

    Have a great weekend!
    🙂 rebecca

    • Oh my gosh! A skin graft! And be put under!!! I am so sorry you had to deal with that! I am glad it is healing well. That is scary.

      Mexico sounds wonderful! We are heading to Maui in a week. Well, if my son can go. He has had some troubles and I am not sure if we can go or not. I am meeting his regular pediatrician on Monday to get his opinion. Health stuff is no joke. May seems to have been a hard month for everyone I know. I am so glad it is almost over. It can not end soon enough!

      Have a great Friday!


    • Oh yes! But you have such an awesome wonderful reason not to drink. : ). I will tell you a secret… I am not drinking right now either. With all of the health stuff going on here, I have to be ready to drive to the ER. So, that is why all of the bottles are closed in the pictures. ; )

      Have a terrific Friday!


  4. I did try this brand before! I was in college and we were looking for affordable options and I remember being surprised by how good it turned out!

    • Isn’t it surprising?! I cannot believe how good it is. I would say for the price, but my favorite wine is a blend like this and I now like this one better and it is almost a quarter of the price. So good!

      Have a beautiful Friday!


  5. How adorable are those pictures of Ollie! I showed them to Victor, who loved them too. Your dog is hoping for a little splash of wine to be poured into his water dish, I bet!

    The next time I’m at the Bottle Shop I’ll have an eye out for this brand of wine, I love sweet wines – though I’m not keen on red, normally. Was this red wine actually sweet, too? Anyway, there’s a really gorgeous sweet wine called Rosemont from Australia that my mother always buys, have you tried that one? It comes highly recommended!

    • Oh my gosh, Murphy can get away with almost anything when he acts cute. Which, just so we are clear, is not that often.

      I have not heard of Rosemont. But I will definitely look for it and I will definitely try it. Thank you for the recommendation! I love wine!

      Have a stupendous weekend!


  6. I like sweet wines. I haven’t tried that brand before though… will have to look into it. I like riesling and gewurztraminer, and I love ice wine. I also rarely drink beer but love cider.

    I don’t think I’ve ever tried moscato either but I’ll have to look into it. The low alcohol count is a good thing for me! I have very poor alcohol tolerance.

    • Oh my gosh, I love rieslings and gewürztraminer (such a fun word to say!). They are also my favorites. If you like those, then you will love love love this wine! And you will love moscatos. If you did not want a high alcohol content, a really good moscato is Stella Rosa’s Moscato D’Asti. It is yummy, too.

      Have a peaceful weekend! I have to work on reading my book club book!


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