Stylin’ The Torsade Dress

A few weeks ago, Anthropologie’s Torsade Dress* popped back for me for $30. And I pounced on it. I had been waiting for it for this price because $98 was just too much for me. Unfortunately when it came, it reeked of garlic. This is a mystery I would not like to examine further. This might seem gross. But it was an easy fix with a quick wash in the washing machine. Although if I had to guess, I would say the dress was worn previously by some awesome female vampire hunter. This makes the dress more special. Sadly its special garlic powers washed out of the dress and thankfully I was able to wear it.

But now am weak against vampires. Oi.


Here is the dress as it is. Without playing with it. This is actually the way a vampire hunter would wear it except my accessory would be a wooden stake. I just wanted to give you that visual.



* Pairing the dress with different colored bottoms will momentarily confuse the vampires in order for you to get away.


I thought it would be fun to pair it with rain boots even if this outfit will probably never make it to my reality with California’s drought. I think the teal matches well. I would love to have the opportunity to wear this.

I also hope any vampires near me are having their own drought as well.


My favorite way I paired it was using it as a top. I have been wanting a floral top with some pink in it to pair with my red and white striped skirt. But I did not want to pay for one. And I am not sure the exact shirt I had in my head exists in reality. Then I happened to see these two pieces next to each other and I could not wait to try it!


Or you could use the dress as a skirt. This is perfect for those chilly nights when you need to arm yourself with more than just garlic.

Do you own this dress? A floral dress? What is your favorite way to style it?

* This is the link to the dress, but it is sold out. However a brick and mortar store might still have it if you call customer service. I cannot, however, guarantee that your dress will have any anti-vampire properties. Sorry about that.

** This has not been proven. If you happen to see a vampire, I doubt that the way in which you style this dress would be enough to scare them away. Well, unless you covered the dress in mirrors. But I think I would rather take my chances with the beasts.

* P.S. I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!

36 thoughts on “Stylin’ The Torsade Dress

  1. I am so glad you were able to get this dress! I just love all of the ways you styled it! It sure is versatile and almost every color goes great with it.

    • Thank you Heather! I am so happy you like it. After seeing the dress on you, I really wanted it. I am so glad I was able to get it. Thank you!

      I hope your Wednesday is delightful!


    • Thank you so much Traci! I am so glad you liked the styling! : ). Floral dresses are so much fun. I never tire of them.

      Thank you again! Have a great week!


  2. I love all of your outfit options here, especially the blue tights! Amazing how much different each look is just by switching out the tights. I’m glad you were able to deal with the ‘specialness’ especially for $30!

    • Thank you Kristin! I got the blue tights idea from Heather at The Peacock Fairy. And my brain just remembered that I was going to do a shoutout to her for it. Darn! I must do that soon! Thank you for the sweet words and for jarring my dusty memory! : ) i hope you are doing well!

      I hope your week is restful and great!


  3. I love your vampire references. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of my favourite shows, and I love teen vampire fiction (not so much Twilight, but many of the other vampire stories that flooded the market shortly afterwards!)

    This is such a cute, versatile dress. I like all the looks but I think something about the mustard tights really makes this dress pop.

    • Thank you Liana. Do you know that is another show I have never seen? And I want to so badly. That is another one I need to add to my Netflix or Amazon list.

      Thank you for the compliments! I appreciate it. I really liked the mustard tights, too. I liked Twilight fine. I appreciated the fourth book because I felt the relationship was drawn out far enough. So, I ended up respecting the author for finishing it in the manner it deserved. I read a bit of Anne Rice many, many years ago. Some Anita Blake, but I have not read any others. Which ones do you recommend?

      Hopefully you are having sweet dreams!


      • I liked Claudia Gray’s Evernight series. Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series. LJ Smith’s The Vampire Diaries. Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series (vampires are not the main characters, but they’re there!), Julie Kagawa’s Blood of Eden series, Kami Garcia’s Beautiful Creatures, and PC Cast’s House of Night Series. Oh, and Melissa De la Cruz’s Bluebloods series. I’m not going to claim that any of these books will change your life, but they’re entertaining!

        Just be careful… the trend in YA fiction seems to be creating series so that you end up feeling compelled to buy multiple books to find out what happens. I really felt that the Bluebloods series and House of Night series were being drawn out as a money grab (I think House of Night has more than a dozen books in the series now!)

      • I love entertaining! Thank you so much for putting this list together. I really appreciate it. And I definitely will be checking them out! I will probably avoid the long series ones. I absolutely hate when a book series does that. It makes me feel like they think I am clueless and do not know what they are doing. Thank you for letting me know!

        I will definitely have fun browsing Amazon tonight! Thank you!

        I hope your week has been going smoothly!


    • Thank you Melodee! I definitely was bummed when I opened the package and the smell filled the car. But I was happy it ended up working out. And washing out!

      Have a wonderful Wednesday! : )


  4. Love how you styled this as a shirt and a skirt! You should not have washed it and brought it to Vegas with you as I hear there are a lot of vampires there. Well, at least a lot of people who live in the casinos and never see the light of day. Those are vampires, right? 😉

    • Thank you Cynthia! Ha! That is so funny that you say that, because my husband and I walked by a couple sitting in a bench in a casino. I got a weird vibe. And I said, “did you see that vampire?” to my husband. And he replied, “yes. She was creepy.” And I said, “she?” I meant the long haired man. Weird! I wasn’t wearing my dress, but luckily made it back okay. ; )

      Have a safe ; ). And happy day!


  5. Girl, you and your popbacks. You make some killer scores, you know? I am, by the way, still waiting patiently for that maxi skirt to go on sale. I’m trying to wait it out as best I can. It’s still listed under a new arrival, so it’ll likely be months before it hits sale. *sigh*

    Anyways, I love the print on this dress. Our store didn’t carry my size, so I never got to try it on, but I loved its colors and print from afar. The teal is my favorite pairing on you, and I’m all about your print mixing with the red and white striped skirt. So unexpected but still so you!

    <3 Liz

    • Thank you Liz! I am so hopeful that you get that skirt. And stressed if you don’t. I will feel bad. I really hope you get it.

      I loved the dress on Roxy and then Heather wore it and I loved it again. I was happyI was able to score it for a reasonable price.

      Thank you for the compliments! I appreciate them!

      Have a lovely week!


  6. I love this dress! It looks so good on you! I’m especially obsessed with the stripe skirt pairing!

    And… vampire slayer? Oh yes! I am an obsessed Buffy fan – I think she’d approve of this dress 😉

    • Thank you Brynne! It was a fun dress to style. When I saw it with the red and white stripes, I knew I wanted it to be with all of my red and white striped pieces in my closet. I love the easy jersey of it. I must see Buffy! It is on my to do list. Or rather, my to watch list!

      Have a creative week! : )


  7. You are the Queen of pop backs! I think I’m going to have to step up my wish list hunt. The dress looks great on you. I love how you styled it with all those different colors. I think it is nicer to think that a Cullen had the dress before you. How clever of you to turn a negative into a positive.
    Have a nice evening,

    • Thank you Stacey. Being overbudget in March means I have not even looked at my wishlist in almost two weeks! So hopefully someone is scoring some good deals! Hmmm. Maybe Bella wore this dress before becoming a vampire and when she was mad at Edward and in her Jacob phase. Cool thought! I always forget about the Cullens! When I think vampires, I always picture the hardcore old school versions before that series.

      I hope if you add more to your wishlist, you score some deals!

      Have an amazing week!


  8. such a perfect dress for spring 🙂 i think my favorite way to re-style dresses, it to make them skirts with a top knotted at the waist. extra points in that top has stripes 😉
    xo jac

    • Thank you Jac! I am glad you like the striped top with the dress worn as a skirt. It was one of my favorite ways, too. I almost didn’t add it, because my husband was not a fan. I think it has grown on him, though. Thank you for the compliment! And for stopping by! I appreciate it!

      Have a wonderful week!


  9. If garlic keeps away vampires, then I must be a vampire, because raw garlic makes me sick. 🙁 So your dress before the wash would have kept me away!

    I have the striped version of this dress, and to be honest I don’t mess around with it, I like to wear it simple. Throw on a necklace and that’s about it. I like the idea of making it a skirt though.

    • Thank you Rachel! That is funny. You would have been so upset if this dress had come to you. It smelled so badly, we were all gagging in the car. A sane person would have sent that bad boy back, but I was determined. Thankfully it came completely out, otherwise I would have sent it back. I really like the striped dress. I almost purchased that one, too. But had to be practical. Maybe a floral top with that one? Or is that too crazy?

      Have an exciting week!


    • Hank you Jessica! I was unsure of tue last photo the most, so I am so happy you like it. I think you are so good at pattern mixing. I really appreciate the compliment!

      Thank you! : ). Have a fabulous week!


  10. Hi Jenni, I am back. =)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog as well. Before I get to the Outfits I have to say I cannot believe your kids are as old as they are because you look just about 21 yourself. =)

    This dress is beautiful. It has the perfect colorful, floral print. I also like the style. It can go with so much. You did a gorgeous job with it. I love how fun it looks with all the colored brights. But once again my most favorite outfits are when you show it either as a Skirt or as a Top because you were so creative with it. Loving the pattern-mixing and uniqueness with that stunning Red+White Full Skirt.

    Do you have Bloglovin? I’d love for us to follow and support each-other. Happy Hump Day, Ada. =)

    • Thank you so much Ada. I feel like I definitely look my age in “real” life, so thank you for those sweet words!

      I also appreciate your words on making the dress into a skirt and a top. That was fun to do. I like to get a multitude of uses out of my clothes.

      I all ready follow you on bloglovin’. : )

      Have a great evening!


    • Thank you so much! I usually just wear my dresses as dresses, too. I need things quick as easy on most days around here. But it is fun to style something and make it new again, once and a while. Especially if I do not want to buy something new! : )

      Thank you again! Have a terrific Thursday!


    • Thank you Courtney! I appreciate that! I will definitely stop by your blog tonight! : )

      Have a lovely week!


    • Thank you Kristen! Ha! I like your comment, too. Anything that helps against vampires. I’ll take it! ; )

      Thank you again! Have a wonderful Thursday!


  11. Love the pink stripped shirt with it…not loving the stripped skirt though. It bothers me it’s not the same “tone” of color…or should I say brightness.

    • Aw, man. The striped skirt was my very favorite. That is okay, though. To each their own. This world would be a very boring place if we all dressed the same!

      Thanks for the sweet words on the striped shirt and the constructive criticism.

      Have a happy weekend!


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